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  1. Juno cinematic! It's quick but I think it's pretty good
  2. Aww, darn, I really wanted to use this XD
  3. Download link isn't working for me :C it just does, http://www./download/5erb26n1ab2r2gp/%C3%83%C2%A2%C3%8B%C5%93%C3%82%C2%BC_SpaceX_-_Falcon_9_&_Dragon_2.craft, no actual website :C
  4. Absolutely! As long as the actual booster doesn't go back into the VAB/SPH By the way, very impressive!
  5. Hey, here's some food for thought, how about building a plane to bring over a payload and fuel?
  6. Wow! Thanks for the long response thanks! I didn't know that challenge existed, I'll be sure to mention it I will make sure that 1.25m modules are allowed but I'm not gonna permit any smaller than that I do agree that if you manage to complete this challenge you are most certainly a winner if you complete this, especially if you complete hard mode I do however have to disagree with KIS and stuff as this is intended to be a really tough challenge and mods like those could severely limit the amount of difficulty that this challenge presents Thanks again!
  7. Sweet! Haha no worries, only the first stage needs to be
  8. Sure! I'll take some when I get the chance (11:15 here, gonna sleep)
  10. I've never built a working SSTO I often try but in my 3 years of playing I've never built one. I've only built two stations without hyper edit I either never wanted to or couldn't I just CANT fail a mission in career mode I often find myself using the debug menu if without enough fuel to return home, or using it if I don't get into orbit This isn't a confession, you're just a soviet T_T
  11. That is a far better idea! I'll implement that Whoa! That's really cool!! Absolutely, but remember, it's total mass divided by total cost, so don't make anything too pricey (ooh, as for the SSTO if you can make one in the VAB go for it
  12. It's generally just an honor system, don't be cheeky and launch a z100 battery module, something the size of a hitchiker or something, just a standard size space station module you'd put on your own space station (I'll update the rules ) Thanks! I just put in the scoring system to the challenge desc. excited to see what you come up with!
  13. Nah, use a rocket, much like the Falcon 9 (if you're confused just use the example videos) Cheers!
  14. HELLO ALL This "1 Station 1 Rocket" Idea is essentially the concept of using 1 booster stage that you may not recover by going into the VAB or SPH again. LEADERBOARD: to put a space station into an orbit of any altitude. Station MUST be 3 modules or more, each module must (tbd) contain it's own probe, batteries, it's own way to generate power and must be 1.25m and be a fair size, just... Honor code people, no cheeky .625m Oscar B sized modules. STEPS: - Build a booster stage to get the payload to a point where it can use it's onboard engines to boost it to orbit - Build a fuel truck to refuel the rocket after landing the booster - Build a crane to put the module on the rocket Put the module on the booster however necessary - Pack enough fuel in the modules to assemble a space station using only one rocket ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HARD MODE: 1 Moon base 1 Rocket STEPS: - Same thing as station except put it on the moon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCORING: I will keep a leaderboard of the scores, essentially you will be rated as to the mass of the station and rocket (KGs) minus the cost in funds (station and rocket), just so we have a cheap but large space station. (If you have a better idea plz comment)