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  1. Back in my day light green rep existed
  2. Sorry for not responding last month and I don't know if my response really matters anymore. I will have to read this entire thread because I am genuinely interested in this. Haven't been on the forum for a while and I'm honestly surprised this challenge is still going 6 years after it was created. edit: holy it’s been a while with all the new stuff having done this challenge back on 1.0.5. I still have that save sitting in my old laptop. I wonder if I should boot it up...
  3. got a new computer with an actual GPU. I have now proceeded to torture it with RSS/RO with the high resolution RSSVE clouds. I’m happy to say my frames are now on the up
  4. Was away from most of December, and as a result I only just completed final assembly of that Duna mission of mine https://imgur.com/a/idUT6Pe
  5. 1) ah well, time to dig up some stuff 2) I play 1.7.3. I have a habit of not downloading latest versions if the current version suits me. RSS habit. My RSS save was brought with me from 1.0.4 to 1.3.1 and I don’t want to break it.
  6. Is it based on the X-37B? Meanwhile I made an infographic of assembly flights
  7. Dove 2 (Ares A4) launches on its way to refuel the Ares Duna mission stack. Dove 3 (Ares A5) waits its launch window in the background. Ten Dove refuelling flights in total are required to refuel the Ares stack, with eight refuelling the central core, and two follow-on flights refuelling the stack's external tanks. The Dove is a tanker for orbital spacecraft. It comprises of a 2.5m tank with a shielded docking port, along with avionics. It utilises a bus from the Messenger CSM for orbital manoeuvring. It is launched by the LV-3-4 Pigeon with four additional solid rocket boosters.
  8. I tried to launch a craft into LEO in RSS/RO, and I loaded my rocket too heavy- so it was unable to reach orbit. I was playing RP-1... Other than that it's probably my 0.90.0 Jool 5 attempt, which I attempted as a single launch mission before the entire thing went to bits because not enough struts
  9. I learnt how to supersample images in KSP, and then proceeded to use hullcam mounted on a rover to get some decent shots. Artemis 2A and 2B on the pad. It's a double launch Mün mission. Artermis 1 failed because I ran out of d/v and aborted the landing using a münar flyby to get me back safely. Parts are all stock other than the cameras, and the launch pads. I might get KJR again because my space station is very wobbly, especially after I docked two shuttles onto it. EDIT: Here is Artemis 1 as it conducts a flyby of the Mün on its way back to Kerbin.
  10. Did one more thing today- Docked a shuttle to my small space station. Also delivered a new module.
  11. Sometime in 2014, watched videos. Looked good. Bought 0.25 alpha. Played a lot. Now play more RSS/RO than stock
  12. I launched another space shuttle in my 1.7.3 save. The way I launch them is like how Dynosaur was planned to be launched
  13. However, it is known this Rolls-Royce Trent 900 Jet Turbine could possibly explode.
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