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  1. *Hypetrain Emergency Brake* Why Unity Engine? All games (ksp 1 included) are laggy when there are to much items in the Unity Engine! (Edit: grammer Mistake, I'm From germany )
  2. hmm okay ive reinstalled KSP now it works..
  3. hi ive got an issue. I cant use KIS/KAS and Kerbalism... has anyone the same problem? The inventory didnt work correctly so KIS/KAS isnt usable
  4. we've an game breaking bug with the DMP mod. After an Clientcrash nothing works. All players becomes the Error; argumentoutofrangeexception - the vessel monitor didnt work.
  5. Wiki mistake; "Press ALT+N in map view or tracking station to show a panel with some data about the radiation environment of the current target body" u've changed it maybe. ALT+B works.
  6. dear squad please add in Steam the funktion that i can play with the latest build (1.2 / 1.2.1 / 1.2.2) its not okay that you guys updating and we can't downgrade to a version which works with the mods the players want.. now i have to wait some days...
  7. okay ive found the bug. It was Realplume and or SmokeScreen. Don't know why but that has helped.
  8. DMP is a Multiplayer mod... every client has there own warp zone and the latest can sync to the others so you can play together. Build a base or Station with other players together...
  9. so ive an problem with DMP. Mostly if i load an ground Base or Lander it laggs flys and crashes... Its very exhausting to load an backup. And again and again... ive record it to show the problem. Has anyone the same bugs. An Workaround or idea how i can fix it? - edit: DMP Stable build v0.2.4.0 please..
  10. yes open the text files on the Server (config folder) row 32 # commNetwork - Enable Comm Network commNetwork=True And row 107 # extraGroundstations - Enable Extra Groundstations extraGroundstations=False
  11. Did anyone know why some mods / mod parts didnt recognized in the DMP? some Parts of KW Rocketry arent possible to whitelist. Any Ideas?
  12. Server ist online, erster Post ist jetzt aktuell. Wer mitspielen will hier posten oder mich in Steam adden gleicher name. MFG Schtiebuu
  13. i know its unfriendly to ask but... what do you think how long do you need for an dev build? I have a lot of time so if u need a tester i have time for that, but my knowledge is sufficient about coding and scripting.
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