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  1. Pretty sure ages ago i got Kermen Kerman.
  2. nope still nothing, it seems kerbal maps they use are a bit off as the latitude and longnitude i took from them now say on the map, 60o 26, 35 n and 117o ,2, 14 e anybody know how to convert the latitude and longnitude varibles the first guy gave me into one number, like on kerbal maps
  3. Ill check my settings and get back to you. Ok, it seems it was on Normal, i put it to max anyways since im on a good pc, so that rules of something...
  4. I used this info, but i still cant find it, i have moved the vessel so that it is not at the exact location but looking around it still isn't there, any tips? does it have to do with any settings?
  5. Im using making history, just decided to ask here, what is the LATitude and LONGnitude of the bop kraken, i try every one i could find but it was not at the location, im making a mission based around it and would love it if anybody could help.
  6. any plans on adding an offical update for 1.7.1
  7. Hey so i was wondering if i can do a sorta thing like in real life were the aircraft stops while engines running to build up alot of speed? Sorrry short question XD -kerbalscience
  8. so recently i have been watching some vids and people have made stuff like STOCK PROPELLOR PLANE OR STOCK HELICOPTER And i was wondering how they made the parts moved please comment if you know it would mean so much to me
  9. this Was When I was A noob i know how to get screenshots now
  10. i need help: my game keeps crashing everynow and again and it has never happend it started yesturday anytips
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