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  1. hey pork jet can you revamp the rapier engine to look like the one in "porkjets rapier" mod!


    I would love it if you did it.

    Pls do it for the fans!


    1. Porkjet



    2. TopHeavy11


      In my mind it would fit much better with the "current" ascetics of the game. Compared to the new look of aero-plane and space-plane parts, for the moment, it just looks cut off and awkward.

  2. uh.. could the texture of the heat sinks become stock? or maby even th whole mod!
  3. It is awsome but i barely notice anythin because my co'mputer is so strong but hey i like the new mk2 inline cockpit, thanks 3D modelers!
  4. Hey can you maby make a mk2 nosecone for the newer mk 2 inline cockpit?


    1. TopHeavy11


      You need the Mk2 Expansion mod. Making that stock, however, isn't a bad idea. :)

  5. If you make a mk2 nosecone for the inline mk2 cockpit you could add crew or fuel maby even a docking port. :D

  6. Hey could you gys add a mk2 nosecone for the newly modeld mk2 inline cockpit

  7. I am infoming that when the smallest landingear retracts that ther is a bit of wheel cliping through the cover. Please fix it

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