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  1. currently im stocked up with ideas of challenges like speedruns and what not so ill surely take a gander at what you've got!
  2. last i remember this mod was incompatible with some texture packs in the newer versions of ksp. I dont want to back track into older buggier versions just to have a texture replacer pack work. does anyone have a list of what packs work with the current 1.11.0 build of the mod?
  3. i was thinking like either so far in the future that we are nearing heat death, or you just want pristine conditions for life or energy gathering or both or whatever a super advanced civilization would want
  4. I sent a probe to Jool without remembering that Jool was on the other side of the system when i launched it. I promptly realized that the 'Jool Encounter' I had setup was due in 8 years in game-time.
  5. so imagine in the very far future, either we or another civilization decided to capture the entire output of the sun with a Dyson sphere. very cool. but what if you wanted to build your own star? I'm not talking like building a reactor on earth and creating a "mini-star", but rather i mean like collecting the gasses from gas giants and pooling them together onto a gravitational core like a dead planet till you had enough material that it would start the natural process of fusion? OF COURSE I know it is possible and probably not at all necessary for any purpose realistically, but I can imagine in the far future some super powerful species decides to build its own solar real-estate in the middle of interstellar space. just some shower-thoughts I had
  6. in my opinion, at least they included a well photoshopped image
  7. not really no. but considering how i haven't been doing proper laundry with those kinds of washers in a while, I've not been given the unfortunate feeling of a misplaced sock. considering all my socks are also the same color i have like 20 pairs of the same color so ill never run out of them hey hey we're the monkees!
  8. Hi! I'm happyplayer321 and I've been a solidified kerbal-naught since early 2014. I've only just realized there's a forum I could've been a part of but i joined back in 2016 forgetting to actually take part in it so 2021.. I hope you all will welcome me into your epic space tribe haha
  9. probably somewhere in the code. somebody could do some data mining and find out the extinct information then
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