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  1. I usually trade rep away for Funds or Science, unless it's really low. But I agree they over-nerfed strategies a bit...
  2. Oh, they do? I didn't even know this was a thing... maybe we could also get a stock warning when our ship begins to heat up?
  3. I must be horrible at the game, because it's taking me forever to get through the tech tree now, compared to 0.90's tree which challenged you for the first ten flights or so...
  4. Yeah, that's my thing. Back off. Just kidding. Congratulations! It took most of us a good year to get here...
  5. Or by participating in the Green Iron Crown rep-fest... The mods started this joke with a user that had negative reputation and people started giving it to him in an attempt to bring him to zero. They also gave rep to random users in the thread, including me. And that's the story of how I probably got 90% of my rep
  6. SQUAD passed out on the couch. After 1.0's release, we should give them some time to rest
  7. The driving force behind space exploration is none other than tourists. Okay, seriously now, does anyone else think that some of the tourism contracts are a bit... overkill? I haven't even pulled off a manned Mun return yet, and tourists are asking for Minmus landings and Duna flybys... Calm down, guys.
  8. That would be pretty cool. Higher cost for university-trained Kerbals. Or maybe even a strategy that allows you to spend funds to level up all your Kerbals? By the way, just wanted to add: I don't think there are other space agencies on Kerbin. Those agencies are just manufacturers that forgot to disable their engines during a test
  9. It would be a great joke if the Boulder had never existed at all. Devs make a series of fake accounts, post "I found the Magic Boulder!" Repeat every few weeks.
  10. Yeah, it looks like forums were down for several minutes?
  11. And not just one but two customers want to walk on the Sun...
  12. You guys are over-thinking this. Nobody ever said you have to open a cheats menu to make 1.0 "playable". If you're fine with the current aero, don't change it. If you don't like it, change it. People are acting like SQUAD intentionally broke the game so that we would have to cheat our way through. Maybe some players like 1.0.2 aero.
  13. Yeah, I don't get the whining. Launches are fun! Rockets feel so much more powerful with camera shake and pad smoke. New gravity turns are more realistic and look cooler. Space is fun! The effect of fairings decoupling is great, who cares how they separate? And resource mining/planet scanning is awesome as well. Landing is fun! Re-entry is finally intense and dangerous, the way it should be! Parachutes behave like they should! 1.0 is pretty cool when you think about it.
  14. Yeah, Surface Samples also give a TON of science. 150 in my case! However, I managed to get Jeb stranded on the Mun. Badly. He's nowhere near the equator... I tried to fly him closer with the remaining fuel in the ship, but couldn't slow down in time so he had to bail out. I flew the rest of the distance with his EVA pack, but now I've got a stranded Jeb at the bottom of a giant pit with no EVA fuel. He's screwed. One rescue mission already failed and cost me 50k funds
  15. And you could always HyperEdit the atmosphere away as well... Great post anyways. Before, we had FAR. Now we have a stock system allowing us to alter the atmosphere, and people are still complaining. I mean, at least nose cones do something now, guys!
  16. They seem to have implemented this into the game. Half my probes are experiencing random rotation... in the middle of space... with SAS turned off...
  17. Is it just me, or do the new Temperature Gauges look pretty ugly? These clean, modern-looking green boxes just don't fit with KSP's UI style. At all... Personally, I think they should add some sort of visible and audible warning near the altimeter when your ship overheats, similar to FTL's warning boxes (for those who didn't get the reference, it's another game). Mousing over the warning will outline overheating parts in red. Once they get to 75% overheat they'll be outlined in a brighter color, even without selecting the warning. What do you guys think?
  18. Dang, I was right about to suggest this! Definitely support. I really want to be able to minimize the "Explore Duna" contracts which I took just to make them go away, until I'm ready to deal with them...
  19. I noticed I have two bars a while back... this is weird. I don't think I'm even that well-known here...
  20. The thing is, though, 25 m/s is still pretty fast. Plot out 25 meters in your head. Imagine something crossing that in a second.
  21. Hmm. I'm kind of with you on this, but still... all rockets have to start somewhere. The atmosphere is the first step to orbit.
  22. Hmm... you could always take the rocket option and plop a jet engine on top But that's cheating, I guess...
  23. I think the critical thing about career mode is playing it wrong. This isn't the player's fault, and SQUAD should fix it... but for the meantime, I think career is a lot more fun if you just don't get distracted by the contracts. It's tempting to take contracts and develop a Capitalist Space Program, but this just results in a loop of constant grinding. In reality, there's little need to do contracts at all - exploring places will grant TONS of funding anyways. Just go with the flow and enjoy the added limits of science and funding
  24. NOTE: Before you guys get mad at me, I am NOT trying to bash the art team. You can tell that lots of time went into making the building models, and I appreciate all the work from SQUAD! But still... Couldn't the Low-Tier Buildings use some improvement? I mean, consider the amazing models that we got from bac9. They had a ton of thought put into them. They were made to look efficient and realistic. They were given a few "Kerbal" touches, but for the most part, it was a fully functioning space center. That was one of the big things about KSP - you were given access to an entire space center with the freedom to do whatever you wanted. And that is why I sincerely hope that everyone at SQUAD has at least read through part of this blog post: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/entries/747-The-Making-Of-New-KSC There's some great stuff in there, guys. So why does it look like the art team didn't even try to continue that style? Again, I'm not bashing them or anything. I just wish that they had followed the style advice in that blog post. Since that post is pretty long, I tried to summarize it. Let's look at the problems with the "new" (really, considering game progression, the old?) KSC... Too much... blue. Seriously, what happened to the old concrete style? It was like that even before the revamp. *lolsokerbal* The KSC should be quirky and enthusiastic. Not held together with literal duct-tape. I mean, with the rioting over the barn, you'd think SQUAD would notice how much their community hates this mindset. With a passion. A slightly over-dramatic passion, but still! Needs more detail. Just a little bit of detail, not too much. But an SPH roof that looks like it was polished clean? Dem upgrades. I think this is more of an Easter Egg, but did anyone else notice that your Tier-2 Tracking Station is just an under-construction Tier 3? THE STYLE. My god, the style. It just doesn't match. You quite literally go from a blue-themed launch site, to a slightly-upgraded launch site, to... a massive concrete spaceport at your disposal. This is the biggest one IMO. Like I said, I'm not a 3D designer. These are all taken from bac9's blog post and my own experiences playing the game. And they're still valid. Please, SQUAD, when 1.1 or 1.2 comes around, give your art team TIME to revamp the KSC. They're all skilled level-5 Artist kerbonauts and none of us are denying it. Just follow the advice this guy gave you and I know the KSC could look like a proper spaceport once again. Note to everyone else... do you guys know where the old bac9 Advice Posts went? They had some great comments but I could only find the one above.
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