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  1. It's definitely faster now. Mine's still pretty slow but considering the old two-minute-long wait... fantastic job, guys! Not sarcastic
  2. Asteroids do, though, right?
  3. I've been thinking about this. Is it just me, or are Mk3 parts kind of biased towards airliner-style crafts? I mean, look at the Mk1 speedy fighter jets. The Mk2 sleek re-entry vehicles. And the Mk3... chubby Kerbair ship.
  4. Christ. Why do you have so many tracked? You're giving the sun a ring system?
  5. ... and I'm stupid c: I was focusing too much on the airplane parts, heh. Awesome anyways! I might download this when it comes out.
  6. I can't really see SQUAD doing a DLC. If anything, we would get KSP 2: Interstellar Edition. Riiiiight?
  7. Can you do the SLS (NASA) parts? It's always annoyed me how their stripes don't match up... Thanks for doing this, by the way
  8. Eh. You guys realize there's no need to move it? You can mine right on the launchpad
  9. Yes, I use it, although it could use improvement. Don't make it less shaky, just make it a bit harder to trigger. Shake looks fantastic during launches, especially combined with the new smoke effects. Rockets finally feel powerful, instead of feeling like large ovens. I don't mind it during burns, since I usually burn in mapview anyways.
  10. Hmm. Interesting concept. Really makes you think about how dying is inevitable and eventually I'll get old and die- Christ, this got depressing fast. ABANDON THREAD! but seriously, I can't stand to think about this stuff. IMMINENT EXISTENTIAL CRISIS
  11. ... or, you know, you could use jet fuel tanks? Bit cheaty, but hey, why not.
  12. Has anyone noticed that several of the animation scenes might be references to KSP's Steam trading cards? A few seconds after 1:56, for example looks familiar
  13. The thing is, though, Kessler Syndrome doesn't apply in KSP. When two parts collide, which is REALLY rare, it'll probably be offscreen and they'll just pass through each other. In the really, REALLY small chance that it happens onscreen, they'll just obliterate each other... no debris cloud.
  14. And arguing that new players can't figure this out doesn't make much sense either. The New Game dialog clearly states: in Career, you have to manage every aspect of your space program. If that's not clear enough that it's harder than Sandbox, I don't know what is.
  15. Yeah, it doesn't feel like they've been nerfed at all. SRBs make superb first stages with the new aerodynamics, and that's the way it should be if you're going for realism!
  16. Oh, yikes. I'm sorry about that, hope you get better soon. On the bright side, at least it's not cancerous, and can be taken out with surgery! Hopefully it'll all go well, and it's a good thing they diagnosed it this fast! Hang in there, man!
  17. Regex, are you squealing with happiness right now?
  18. More on Aerodynamics: Beta - We're already in beta and still no aero improvements. Guess I'd better get used to it! 1.0 - SO THAT HAPPENED
  19. I actually kind of... like this. It makes it feel like the Kerbal is opening and closing the airlock, you know?
  20. They didn't notice the 1.0 update, and their old ship spun out of control. Hopefully the next patch will fix that. For now, though, they can just timewarp to stop the spin.
  21. Necro chain! This mod looks amazing. Anyone know if it works in 1.0?
  22. Just a suggestion: If you're unwilling to go for the real-time discovery and scanning (which I understand 100%, I've used SCANSAT before...) perhaps implement some sort of animation as the planet is scanned? I'd be fine if the map was revealed over several seconds, but the insta-click looks rather unprofessional.
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