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  1. I scanned the previous BAD-T IV, III, and II threads, and compiled a list of everybody who posted in them, excepting those I already noticed posting in the current thread. I assumed that if you posted in the BAD-T threads, you have an interest in such competitions, and therefore might wish to participate in this one. Some people haven’t logged in in months or years, but many are active. My hope is that if your name is mentioned in this thread, you will receive a notification and decide to join in. The more the merrier! So, I would like to invite the following people to join in this fight: @53miner53, @Adam Kerman, @adamgerd, @Aerolfos, @Alioth81, @alp3r, @Arvolder, @Astrofox, @Azimech, @BahamutoD, @Bananders, @blackheart612, @Bob_Saget54, @Bottle Rocketeer 500, @Brice04, @Combatsmithen, @crashsolo36, @DIMASARM, @DoctorDavinci, @Doke, @Draconiator, @dundun92, @dundun93, @Dwerto, @Eidahlil, @ferram4, @g00bd0g, @Gnoyze, @gridghost, @Ironsights, @JagerVonSmith, @Jeb, The Lonely Kerbonaut, @Joseph Kerman, @KamikazeF0X, @keptin, @Kronos1174, @KSP Bros KS, @luftein, @MarvinCZ, @Matuchkin, @MightyDarkStar, @Murican_Jeb, @NKL, @Noir, @OmegaForce, @OrbitalBuzzsaw, @Orenstix, @pyrosheep, @RedPandaz, @SasquatchM, @Sidestrafe2462, @SpannerMonkey(smce), @sturmhauke, @TangerineSedge, @Temeter, @tetryds, @The Fedora Astronaut, @The Optimist, @theonegalen, @TheSealBrigade, @TheSpaceManiac, @Van Disaster, @Vanamonde, @Vexnium, @Vigelius, @Wjolcz, @Wolf123. If I’ve not mentioned you, I apologize. Going through three threads was a tedious task, as was typing everybody’s name here. If you see this, please join in. I want to hear your lamentations over losing, instead of lamentations over missing the competition. Let’s swamp @SuicidalInsanity with so may submissions that he will be running battles for the next few months! Come and fight with us!
  2. Sweet! Thank you! I have a suggestion. What about inviting every person from previous tournaments to participate in this one, by writing their name (like @this). Some people might miss the tournament thread, but if mentioned by name, they will receive a notification. Everybody from BAD-T 4 and 3 (and even 2 and 1, although I can't find those threads anymore), the somewhat recent Juno Ace Ultimate Free For All, and any other competition you might think of. In fact, if you'd like, I can do it -- I will find the time for that. Basically, I've noticed that BAD-T's participation has been declining throughout the years. So I'd like to do something to advertise it (and DJA) to bring in more people. Maybe I could even make a thread of reddit's /r/KerbalSpaceProgram to interest some new folks. Let me know what you think.
  3. LOL, no. The heaviest part, the engine, is in the front for BAD-T-style propeller-driven planes, and in the rear for jets. It's a whole different ball game. I get my fun from building. But if I'm going to participate, I intend to put in the effort to try to win.
  4. I really want to participate, but I don't have time to build now. The earliest I can start building will be the first week of June. My BAD-T IV craft took me about a month of building and testing (and was time well-spend, I think -- I took second place ). Any chance you can postpone the submission date by a couple of weeks?
  5. @Alioth81, could you share a link to your Reefshark? Also, if there's a fixed version of @SuicidalInsanity's Fishtank, I'd like to have it, too. Thanks.
  6. I proposed something? I don't remember, but you made something cool, so that's great. That Speed Adjusted Steer Limiter looks useful - maybe it'll make my plane not tear itself apart at 300m/s. If I may propose something, please document your changes. In fact, you seem to know a lot about BDA, maybe document the old tweaks as well . I still don't really understand what pitch Ki does, for example.
  7. Same. I can't get the Fishtank to get off the ground. Check FAR stability derivatives. Make sure everything is green.
  8. @SuicidalInsanity, BTW, when you have a Kerbal in focus, you can press 'p', and it'll deploy the parachute. No need to right click (and show the cursor). More movie-like
  9. Could you expand on that a little? The part about it having the highest accuracy, and the part about shooting 20m to the left. I ask because from my observations, 23mm is not accurate. 20mm shoots in a line. 23mm sprays in different directions.
  10. 30mm is deadly, but it has low muzzle velocity and somewhat low rate of fire. It's a close range weapon. 23mm looks good on paper, but I don't think it works out in practice. It seems to be less accurate than other guns (as in, bullets like to fly in different directions). It seems to overheat quickly. And, while you'd think it would do a lot of damage, it's rather average. I think for Tallyhawk, three 20mm's (Hispano) would be the best option. Hispanos are accurate, have better rate of fire and muzzle velocity than most guns, and do very decent damage. Instead of taking 5-6 passes to kill my Lurker with the 15mm's, you would do it in 2-3 passes with the 20mm's.
  11. Very good battle. I did better than I expected. Tallyhawks accelerate faster than me (because two engines) and they turn (pitch) quite a bit faster, too. Their guns are not very powerful, and they're not very accurate (and I'm not either), but speed and turning are already enough to make them deadly. I ran some test fights to see how this fight would turn out. 1v1 because my laptop isn't fast enough for 2v2. Usually, Tallyhawk would out-turn me and land a few shots. Once did not do any damage, because these are only 15mm guns. But 4-5 times would kill my plane. I guess my plane's propensity to collide worked in my favor. BTW, this is the first tie of the tournament. Although I suppose technically @dundun92 won 2/3 fights.
  12. Did anyone notice, none of the Delta's were actually shot down? More like chased into the ground.
  13. Not bad. Although I was really hoping for a 6-0 win. Midair collisions suck. The dummy can be pretty accurate at times, but the .50 cals don't do enough damage. I'm really looking forward to the next fight.
  14. Guys, if you don't hear from me again, it's because the suspense has killed me.
  15. Yeah, that makes sense. Its thrust would be 2x (assuming same engine), but it's surface area, volume, and number of parts (whatever it is that actually produces drag), while larger, would not twice as large.