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  1. I’m going to sound like a sore loser, but I’ll say it anyway. This result is nonsense. I ran this battle 10 times. My plane won 7 out of 10. The Honeybee is a decent plane, but it is not better than the White Collar Criminal. It is not even its equal. WCC outperforms it in just about every way. WCC is faster (much better TWR), has much better pitch rate, and is about as or even more accurate. About the only metric in which the Honeybee is better is roll rate. I uploaded the White Collar Criminal to kerbalx. The Honeybee is also still available. If you think I sound arrog
  2. PD-2 is equipped with two .50 caliber and one 30mm. It's the 30mm that did most of the damage. BTW, most guns in aviator arsenal shoot explosive ammunition. Or, at least, they are labelled as such. Some rounds carry TNT and are explosive, and others do not have TNT but are still explosive. It looks like pretty much everything including the MG 131 13mm and above shoots explosive rounds.
  3. Bonus matches? WCC doesn't run from the law, it kills the law! Unless it gets shot in the root part -- then it does look a bit like it's folding as it breaks apart... Match 11 between IA-42 Skaris and PD-2 Honeybee. At 6:54, a Honeybee hits a Skaris, and then a few seconds later we can see the Skaris' propeller blades freely moving in the wind. That same Skaris can be seen at 8:37. There was also a discussion about pilot sniping. I saw two unusual hits during the Battle Royale. At exactly 5:00, my WCC hits Aero Imperial. Then at 5:09, the Imperial c
  4. I've been waiting for this. Thank you. I think the battle's introductory sentence could have had some jokes about chemicals, criminals, and altitude... Two mid-air collisions are very unlucky, but not totally surprising. The outcomes were not surprising either -- my plane may be agile, but it is also fragile. Also not surprising was how long it took to kill TH-Cs. These things are flying tanks. But they are also fast, which seems to work in my favour -- my plane can stay on their tail. With slower opponents my plane tends to overtake them and sometimes expose its own back.
  5. Yes, some thought so two years ago: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/165670-ww2-bad-t-iii-bdac-ai-dogfight-tournament/page/17/ Scroll down and you'll see some bi- and triplane pictures, and a video of a fight. I would love to see a WWI-themed tournament, and to build some biplanes. But I can also see the difficulties in setting this up. Judging from that discussion two years ago, there are some issues in balancing the weapons, because Aviator Arsenal weapons are too powerful for the period. I would guess balancing the engines' thrust and weight is similar
  6. Spitfire was an inspiration, as was @SuicidalInsanity's IA-23 Caelus II from BAD-T IV (which looks a lot like a Spitfire itself). My GF also said it looked like a dragonfly. I thought about naming it something dragonfly-related, but I felt like I would then have to give it an appropriate paint job. That would have taken extra time, and I decided to focus on building instead. I thought it looked like one of "those white bicycles they put near the road when someone is hit by a car on a bike, but for planes." I'm having doubts too, now. I think there are several
  7. To see how my plane does against some of the other submissions
  8. Hi, guys. I have a pretty bad stuttering problem. It’s barely tolerable when I run 1v1 test matches, but it makes 2v2 testing practically impossible. I’ve been testing against a craft that has it’s max altitude set very low, and I found a symptom which makes me suspect the issue is tied to the landing gear. I do have the MM patch to fix ALG stutter (in the BADTV_Tweaks.cfg). What I observed is when a plane I am focused on descends below a certain altitude, the game becomes smooth as butter. And when the plane rises again, the game starts stuttering. I think this happens at 350 m
  9. Question for @DoctorDavinci: I installed DCK . It seems to conflict with textures supplied by procedural parts, even when the "Current:" texture is set to "Stock". It looks ok in the editor, but comes out all white after launch. Any way to fix this? Thanks.
  10. @DoctorDavinci has a new version of DCK at https://github.com/DoctorDavinci/DCK-Future-Tech, but unfortunately it seems to be all about armour and stealth -- not anything we want for this competition. However, I have not tried it, so I do not know if it can do just colors by themselves. I still have my old KSP 1.3.0 install for BAD-T III. I zipped up the old DCK version we used then. It's at https://gofile.io/?c=1dJsYR.
  11. Hi, everybody. I've been working on a plane as well. Hopefully it'll be done in the next 12 hours or so. Question to @SuicidalInsanity: I'm also trying to come up with a nice paint job, but it's hard. I'm using the B44-S Falcon, and I really do not want yet another orange airplane. Back in BAD-T III, we could use a mod called DCK to change color of the engine (and other) parts. DCK also had armor plates, but those would obviously be illegal. Could I use DCK to change the engine color?
  12. I scanned the previous BAD-T IV, III, and II threads, and compiled a list of everybody who posted in them, excepting those I already noticed posting in the current thread. I assumed that if you posted in the BAD-T threads, you have an interest in such competitions, and therefore might wish to participate in this one. Some people haven’t logged in in months or years, but many are active. My hope is that if your name is mentioned in this thread, you will receive a notification and decide to join in. The more the merrier! So, I would like to invite the following people to join in this f
  13. Sweet! Thank you! I have a suggestion. What about inviting every person from previous tournaments to participate in this one, by writing their name (like @this). Some people might miss the tournament thread, but if mentioned by name, they will receive a notification. Everybody from BAD-T 4 and 3 (and even 2 and 1, although I can't find those threads anymore), the somewhat recent Juno Ace Ultimate Free For All, and any other competition you might think of. In fact, if you'd like, I can do it -- I will find the time for that. Basically, I've noticed that BAD-T's participation has
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