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  1. RedKraken

    ULA launch thread

    Destin's Delta IV close-ups (with Tory Bruno)
  2. RedKraken

    ULA launch thread

    delta IV Heavy launch replay :
  3. RedKraken

    ULA launch thread

    sep....parker is on its way.
  4. RedKraken

    ULA launch thread

    star-48 burn coming up
  5. RedKraken

    ULA launch thread

    Those plumes are gigantic.
  6. RedKraken

    ULA launch thread

    3min to parker space probe launch (delta IV)
  7. RedKraken

    Lunar Eclipse right now

    hereis the nasa stream :
  8. Adjusting business socks.
  9. Electron to launch in about 24 hrs. Upper stage test for electron (4 days ago) :
  10. RedKraken

    The Expanse Discussion

    Crikey.....Jeff Bezos just bought The Expanse.
  11. RedKraken

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    For the engine-heads :
  12. Nothing. Meh. We will be able to work it out from launch vision/telemetry. Looking forward to seeing this baby fly.
  13. I'm thinking sea-level methane, ORSC, not as high as raptors FFSC. Less efficient cycle plus much lower chamber pressure conservative engine design. Raptor 2017 is reportedly 330s at sea level is an upper limit so far. (Merlin is 282s ? RD-180 is 311s) For BE-4 ...... 310s at sea level? I wish the Bez would just tell us. Nilof @ NSF ran some numbers thru MPA engine simulator ....reply #14....came up with 315s at SL.
  14. Anyone want to have a guess at the isp ?