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  1. Looking forward to the release. Been missing FAR for a looong time. Does anyone know of any mods that offer similar craft-based aero properties that are updated for 1.2.2? I've been itching to do some area-ruling on SSTOs for months.
  2. Great! Thanks so much. Looking forward to trying it out today.
  3. KSP: 1.2.2 KSP 64-bit Windows Problem: I... well, I have no idea. Gameplay seems fine, but while I was in the console to get some electricity to a dead probe, I saw tons of repeated red exceptions. I don't know what they mean, but they must be affecting my game somehow. Mods Installed: Galileo Planet Pack + others Reproduction Steps: Flying my small low-tech SCANSat probe around Ceti, the exception seemed to be constantly refreshing. Like I said, I can't see anything wrong with my gameplay experience... I really don't know what I'm looking at, I'm sorry--I'm just assuming it's bad for my game. Am I wrong? Log: Thanks, everyone!
  4. I'm running 1.2.2 and this mod isn't manifesting in the game at all--no button, no settings, nothing. It's installed right into my gamedata directory like anything else. Any idea what might be going wrong?
  5. @Galileo, all squared away. I think I found the problem... I didn't have the actual FF mod downloaded when I dropped the GPP FF folder into my gamedata. Is the one in your folder just a modifier for the real thing? Either way, I'm getting correct contracts now. TONS of atmospheric survey contracts and part tests, which is a bit odd, but all the contracts are appropriate.
  6. I just built my first GPP install on 1.2.2, and it was a little strange. I felt like only part of the features were there, and there were a few that weren't behaving as expected, especially in regards to contracts. So, I figured that starting a new game from scratch and installing 40 mods was probably where I went wrong. Now, I've started a brand new KSP, followed the OP instructions, and only added Final Frontier from the extra mods folder. Intended to add visual mods later and gameplay mods one at a time. First thing I notice is in the contracts building. With 25k starting funds and level 0 tech tree, they want me to do WHAT for my first four contracts?? All of the planets in the tracking station are correctly named... What could be going wrong? log (I think this is the correct file to share... Please advise if not):
  7. Nothing. Haven't been able to play since last Wednesday! Going from an almost-every-evening rhythm to over a week of real-life-getting-in-the-way is kind of... ermm... jarring. *scratches, twitches, sweats coldly*
  8. Hey, is the latest version of this compatible with 1.2.2? I've checked the releases page and OP only says "1.2.1 compatible", but I'm not seeing anyone else asking on this thread so I feel like I'm missing something.
  9. Hey everyone. Thanks for the good discussions. I haven't been able to run KSP since my test flights last Wednesday--real life has been an enormous nuisance lately! Fortunately, my job allows a certain degree of forum browsing throughout the workday without cutting into productivity... ...But I can't wait to sit down and finish this thing up with all of your good advice.
  10. There was a thread last month where we discussed this at length. And I got to use my Linguistics degree!
  11. This mission would have been more fun to read about if someone a little more humble had done the write-up. Opening lines blaming imgur for "not working" made for a cringeworthy start, but you lost me with the three full paragraphs of why it's SQUAD's fault that this was hard to do. In fact, I'm still not really sure why you wanted the retrograde intercept, or why you considered it a more prudent option than a cheaper and less complicated solution--the complaints and the self-aggrandizing are the only things I got from this post. Would have been more appropriate in my opinion to cut out all the excuses and bragging and touting of minor details and preface this extensive report with a more humble approach: "I'm sure this could have been done with fewer parts if I was a more experienced mission designer, but I had fun doing it this way anyways and learned a lot." You don't have to make up reasons for every little move you make--it's fine if you just wanted to do the retrograde intercept for its own sake. No right way to play KSP, after all. Just... maybe try not to be so high and mighty. Glad you got your probe connected. Hope you had some fun.
  12. ...I consider myself to be a *little* computer savvy, enough that I can manage mods on a KSP install comfortably enough, but the explanation of this plugin feels a little over my head and I'm struggling to figure it out. I tried it several months ago on a modded career save and I never really advanced up the learning curve--I just made a mess of things because I don't have a very firm grasp of command lines or what I was doing with it. Now that I'm building another heavily modded career (Galileo Planet Pack this time!), I foresee the need for parts pruning and that makes me cringe at my upcoming ineptitude. Is there a resource that explains how to utilize this in non-modder language for folks like me?
  13. Can't wait to get off work Can't wait to get off work Can't wait to get off work... Hey, new message from the fiancée... "Don't forget Pedro is coming into town for dinner tonight!" RATS. Yet another evening foiled.
  14. I'm getting a little bored with my 1.2.1 career save, and want to start a new 1.2.2 save built on the Galileo planet pack with accompanying mods to mix up this KSP career. However, I just spent the last two months intensively learning SSTO spaceplanes, and I'm really proud of my newfangled proficiency. Spaceplane folks: What do you think of your Galileo career experience, and how different is it from stock? Will my normal, working SSTO spaceplane designs fall flat in this new mod pack? Will my tried and true design philosophies just need gentle tweaking, or ground-up overhauls? Do SSTO spaceplanes even have a place in this new solar system, or are they made obsolete and inefficient by its unique features and limitations? Will I be able to build intuitively and enjoy the science payouts from my efficient and handsome ships, or will I have to learn an entirely new way of building around entirely different engines and planetary requirements? Thanks!