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  1. Arni01

    [1.5.x] Community Tech Tree (Nov 5)

    Nertea doesn't support CKAN, but the CKAN folks do, so that's why you can find it there. Any problems or questions related to CKAN should be asked from the developers of CKAN, not Nertea. Sorry, if I misunderstood your question.
  2. It depends on what is suitable for your needs. Compare the stats of those two, for example Mk1 Lander can is lighter and has more monopropellant, but has less survivability (max temp and crash tolerance) and weaker reaction wheels. The difference between those parts aren't big, so you may also choose based on aesthetics, if it's hard to decide. Good luck with your Mun mission!
  3. Arni01

    The Ctrl+V thread!

    rendezvous Wasn't sure how rendezvous was typed, so I had to copy it from translator few hours ago.
  4. Arni01

    Easy game/platform for modding?

    I should have thought more before making this thread.
  5. Arni01

    Easy game/platform for modding?

    After thinking for a while, I think I should just try modding KSP for several reasons. I want to learn Unity and KSP is my favorite game. And I also know what kind of mod I would want to create to it. I have to find out how hard modding KSP is.
  6. Arni01

    Easy game/platform for modding?

    And it doesn't matter what kind of game it is. I just want to create my first mod, and after that create another mod in a game, that I like. Of course different game is different to mod, but I don't think that the difference is too big. Thank you for the answers!
  7. Arni01

    Easy game/platform for modding?

    I could try Terraria, because I own that game. I wasn't sure where to put this thread, so I placed it here, because it wasn't only about modding in KSP. Edit: I try modding KSP, but also find out how it is like to mod Terraria.
  8. What would be an easy game to start modding for beginners? I haven't created mods before (except in Minecraft, but it was too hard). Is KSP or Space Engineers easy to mod for example? Or should I ask what is the easiest platform to mod (Java and Unity for example)? Do I need to learn coding no matter the platform?
  9. Arni01

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    I visited Eve after a long time.
  10. Arni01

    Docking tips, tricks, and tutorials?

    When you're close to the other ship, you can also try switching to locked camera view to better perceive what direction to translate. Remember to select your docking port and click "control from here".
  11. Arni01

    Do you use mechjeb anymore?

    I don't use mechjeb anymore, because I have learned to fly without it, with help of Kerbal Engineer and Docking Port Alignment Indicator.
  12. Arni01

    worst planet

    Eve, because high gravity combined with high atmospheric pressure makes taking off too hard. I've lost 2 kerbals there.
  13. Arni01

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I rescued Valentina, Bill and Bob from the Mun.
  14. Arni01

    Your first screenshot The oldest screenshot I can find from my hard drive. I didn't take much screenshots back then, so it's not very big surprise, if that picture really is my first. Probably i've taken some accidental screenshots before that, but deleted them. I used that screenshot as my avatar (I had cropped the interface away) for a long time, before I recently made new one.