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  1. Codraroll

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Have you never had that issue before? When it comes to updating, the typical computer is like a six-month old baby who needs to pee. When it wants to, it does, and no force in Heaven or Hell can stop it. Doesn't matter if you're having an important presentation, the deadline is coming up to submit your thesis, or you're about to launch a rocket into space. Nobody can predict when an update will come, but when it comes, you can't stop it.
  2. Codraroll

    ISRO Discussion Thread

    Looks like the tape is used to fasten a sensor cord or something. The engine looks as if it's mounted on a test stand.
  3. Codraroll

    NASA on the moon, info or intox ?

    You're new to the Internet, aren't you?
  4. I can imagine it now, somewhere in the spacecraft there's a bathtub-sized chest filled to the brim with micro SD cards, each carefully labelled with a small letter code, maybe colour coded too. Strapped to its side, a phone book-sized index detailing what is found on each card. Finding the right card for what you want to watch would be like finding a particular piece of LEGO in a chock-full ball pit.
  5. Codraroll

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Why even use a second craft? Couldn't a buoy on a long line with a reel attached to the barge do approximately the same job?
  6. Codraroll

    NASA on the moon, info or intox ?

    Coming to this forum to try to convince people that the moon landing happened is sort of like walking into a pet store to try to convince the staff there that cats exist. You're kicking in very open doors.
  7. Codraroll

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    Rocket launches to the moon isn't exactly something you can do in secret. Even in the early 70's.
  8. Up to 100 %, depending on your definition of "something".
  9. Codraroll

    Who will be next to land people on the Moon?

    Whoever lands next on the Moon, I think it will ultimately be China who makes them go there. If the Chinese economy was to dip, or social unrest began to stir, announcing a Moon landing would be a very useful thing to re-ignite some national pride and faith in the Chinese government. A reminder of national grandeur for the population to rally behind. Unlike the various American players, China actually has a reason to launch a Moon program. Sure, NASA and co. would probably like the PR, but they're in no hurry and the benefits aren't quite justifying the costs. But China would use it to divert attention from really pressing matters, they could feasibly be put in a situation where they "need" to land on the Moon. The US government would probably take it as a challenge, though, and get the private companies stirring to get there first. So they could probably win another Moon race, but they wouldn't be the ones to initiate it.
  10. I guess an 1:i rate is what currently is on the table.
  11. Codraroll

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Given a landing on Venus, a crash is just the quickest way to arrive at the final fate of the craft. It's not like it would be in any better shape a year or so after a soft landing.
  12. Codraroll

    Commercial Space Station Design

    Call it no more than a gut-feeling, but I suspect that going really simple would be the most useful way to start orbital commercial operations. Not building another ISS analogue, but another Salyut analogue. A rather tiny thing, launched in one piece, manned by a crew of 1-2, taking in 1-2 visitors at a time (with a duration of visits of around a week), deorbit after a couple of years. It'd save the hassle of designing for longevity and orbital construction. And limiting the service life of the station from the start would also make the concept very flexible in the long term, as the design could be adjusted significantly according to lessons learned and/or the requirements of the upcoming "season". And if, by chance, bigger launch vehicles become available, the thing could be scaled up some time later in the program's life. Another advantage is that it would build and maintain knowledge on how to construct space stations from scratch, as that would essentially have to be done continuously. As soon as station 1 is launched, you start planning station 2. If Starship becomes available, you design station 3 for that one, using the knowledge gained from operating the first two stations. If there's no Starship, well, you've already got a working concept based on another launcher. The problem, of course, is cost (isn't it always?). But in terms of technical feasibility, starting small and expendable seems like the way to go. Much easier than trying to design the "perfect" long-term station on your first try, while basing the entire program's architecture on a lot of uncertainties whose outcomes will only materialize years in the future.
  13. Codraroll

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The chutes won't deploy if the velocity is zero, though. That means you'd have to do the braking maneuver at a pretty high altitude, and use chutes to carry you the last leg to the ground anyway. And even if the propulsion system worked perfectly, you'd still be screwed if the chutes were faulty, as dropping like a brick from a height of half a kilometer is just as deadly as dropping like a brick from space. Drogue chutes could achieve the same braking without having to lug lots of propellant around.
  14. Codraroll

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    "Next up: Somebody closes a door! Follow the story on all channels!"
  15. Codraroll

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Still, the fact that it, baring any unforeseen disasters, will count is worth getting excited over. It's literally two flights away from entering the exclusive club. I mean, so was probably Buran, but people got pretty excited for that one too.