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  1. "if >BMW ahead then >Expect no turn signals" Or something to that effect?
  2. I still don't get it. Solar panels tend to react to shading the same way a water pipe network reacts to a pipe being pinched: even if it happens in just one location, it reduces the flow throughout the entire system. Also, if the old arrays have deteriorated, why not replace them entirely instead of laying new arrays on top of them?
  3. In terms of manned spacecraft, I guess Crew Dragon takes the prize. Depending on what you mean by "recent", it doesn't have that many competitors. Going back more than a decade, I guess the Space Shuttle has it. That thing was definitely advanced, at least in the sense of complexity. That doesn't exclude certain huge drawbacks, though.
  4. Fortunately, the mutation appears not to have changed the structure of the virus in a way that alters the effectiveness of vaccines on it.
  5. I think one of the general rules of thumb of the universe is "anything with the mass of a star becomes a star". That's a slightly modified version of Randall Munroe's rule of electric heaters, coined during a discussion in the How To book on boiling rivers as a means to cross them without getting your feet wet: "any mass congregations of electric heaters, that combined output the same amount of heat as a lake of lava, will eventually become a lake of lava"
  6. End of March 2021? That's almost four months into the future, so ... hang on, gotta check the table ... If a space launch event is said to happen in ... ... it will most likely ... ... more than two years from now ... ... never happen at all. ... 6-24 months from now ... ... be delayed up to two years at a time. ... 1-6 months from now ... ... be delayed by 50 %, relative to the date of the announcement. ... less than 1 month from now ... ... be delayed up to two weeks at a
  7. The total luminosity - power output - of the Sun is almost 4 * 10^26 Watts. That's a lot of power. But averaged over the Sun's volume, it's a mere 0.27 Watts/cubic meter. That's comparable to a compost heap.
  8. Upon rewatching, it looks like the impact was a little harder than I assumed at first. When the rocket touches down, the nose appears to "explode", at least it leaks gas everywhere. Wonder if that's the water hammer effect in the RCS system sending RCS gas out of all available openings, or something more sinister like welds tearing apart?
  9. I love how the two onboard camera views freeze upon "landing", then the main feed takes over the entire screen as if someone at video control wanted to say "umm ... let's focus on the one camera that's still intact". It's also interesting to watch the pad afterwards and see what the exhaust did to the ground next to the concrete. Like a high-pressure washer on soft soil, it dug a trench in literally a second. Wonder if the pad was just a little bit too small to avoid that, or if they would have hit the pad dead on if all three engines were working. But yeah, overall, this has to be s
  10. Itconsistently happens to me as well. On one hand, I have only got the problem with the "Retrograde Quarks" contract. On the other hand, "Retrograde Quarks" contracts appear to be the only ones that generate. Do you have the same issue?
  11. Textbook lithobrake! It looks like the nose cone is still intact. Had there been people aboard, they might not have been entirely salsaed.
  12. Ouch, that was a hard landing. Definitely not nominal.
  13. Given how it's still up there, now on only one engine, it's either nominal or mission control is feeling really ballsy. "No, no, don't self-destruct it. We'll let this play out and see if we can still save it!"
  14. That's up, now it only needs to get back down safely ...
  15. I've entered the thread late and know people will post here every 20 seconds or so. Anybody care to provide a link?
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