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  1. I guess I'd like to put this out there as my most hoped-for feature. It's safe to say that once you've got a firm grasp on KSP and you know the Delta-V map better than your hometown, the game loses a lot of it's challenge. It becomes trivial to just build the ship you want, then just put a big enough lifter underneath it. For me, the idea of Realism Overhaul was too much, I still like to play stockalike KSP with stockalike parts. It took on a new lease of life for me when I found a mod (now dead) that increased the scale of all the planets and their orbits by 6.4*. More recently we have the popular JNSQ which scales them by 2.5*. These mods force players to think harder about how they build and fly their ships; for example stock gravity turns no longer work so easily you have to shallow your ascent to make it to orbit. But it's all do-able with stock parts if you plan it out carefully. Essentially, I find scaling mods to be like a NG+ mode. They allowed me to get far more longevity out of KSP than I otherwise would have, and I hope Star Theory will consider this as a feature to include. I don't know how difficult this would be to implement; I imagine it could be added easily, but dealing with the weirdness it'd cause would be a QC & balancing nightmare. Nonetheless it'd be great to have a couple of sliders in the options menu when starting a new game that can scale the size of the planets and system up or down. Put a big red disclaimer next to it that says, 'Not recommended for new players,' if need be.
  2. I for one am chomping at the bit to get into JNSQ, I just don't wanna start without all the features of Breaking Ground. Hmm, might just dive in anyway, and try that hack when the the update's done. It was a rescale mod that pulled me back into KSP before, that one was 6.4 scale, but it turned out a little overkill for me. This looks like the sweet spot.
  3. Sorry if this is threadomancy, but I just wanna say thanks for this mod. Above the dozens of others I'm using, this one has made KSP challenging again. I am the sort of player that likes building stuff and seeing if it works, never been that fussed about the actual flying (I'm the Mechjeb type), and I've never fancied RSS, RO or the like. Your mod hits the balance perfectly; there's no rescaling of part capabilities, stock parts are all that's needed. But I have to work for it. This mod makes careful ship design genuinely rewarding, rather than just slapping on more boosters. For example it has always bothered me that I can just throw together a 1-man rocket and be off to the Mun with no trouble at all, and the whole lander comes home easily. With this mod I spent hours designing an Apollo-analogue mission to get there and back on the tech available. And I wasn't doing it just because I could, but because it was the only way I could see of pulling it off. I can't wait to try for Duna, where I expect I'll be forced down the ISRU route, rather than hopping biomes as I please. So yeah, thanks again.
  4. Just jumped back into KSP, really glad to see this mod is still around. I'm thinking of building a mobile station, kindof like the Hermes in The Martian, with a full suite of these experiements at its core.
  5. Hi there, before anything else I should use my first post on the forums to thank you Roverdude for all your mods. I've been using most of your USI suite for the time I've been playing KSP, and I can't imagine ever playing without them again. Now to chime in on the discussion, I'm also having the same problem with the wheels. For just a moment after loading in they work fine, and I can toggle the wheels with G or action group, even mid animation. Within maybe ten seconds this stops working and will only toggle them once in a while. If I tap g constantly they might switch after 30 seconds or so. The right-click menu for the the wheels hangs on 'deploying' or 'retracting,' changing each time I press G, but never actually executing the switch. The brakes are doing something similar. Sometimes when I hold B I start to slow down, sometimes I don't. This usually ends in explosions. I thought it might be Action Groups Extended, so I uninstalled that and made a new Karibou back at KSC. Same problem. But I think it only starts when I drive off the side of the runway. I'm not using TCA, and Remote Tech is not in signal delay mode so I know that's out. Sorry I haven't got any screenshots, but I hope I've described all the relevant detail.