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  1. Sorry for the delay One of my RAM died and I had a few problems with my PC. Now I will be translating one mod per day if possible
  2. Spanish Translation is here https://github.com/DMagic1/KSP_Science_Relay/pull/1
  3. I know RO just released to 1.2.2, but if you are going for a 1.3 and need translators, I can help with the Spanish translation Just let me know
  4. I'm from Perú, but to be honest from all the games I played and videos on Youtube I regularly watch. There's really no difference between Spain and South América. lol Yeah, I've been a bit busy lately but nothing to serious, I will translate your mods as soon as possible.
  5. Here it is, Spanish version: https://github.com/JPLRepo/JSIAdvTransparentPods/pull/17
  6. @Papa_Joe here it is : https://github.com/codepoetpbowden/ConnectedLivingSpace/compare/master...Deltathiago98:patch-1
  7. How funny it is, RO just updates to 1.2.2 and KSP 1.3 goes out lol
  8. This is my Spanish Translation, I tried to be as compact as posible, but Spanish have long words... https://github.com/radistmorse/KSPPreciseManeuver/pull/10
  9. Hi, I will be very happy to help with the Spanish part, let me check and tomorrow in the afternoon I should have a translation ready
  10. Hi, I opened a post if anybody wants help with the Spanish translation!!! I will be updating the post every time I translate a mod, but I will only translate a mod if the Mod Author give me permission
  11. I will put my brain to work right now to check and verify if the translation is the most "neutral" possible.
  12. I really love this community and I really want to give back to it!
  13. Hi to all the community, I would love to help any mod author to translate their mod in to Spanish. I'm a native Spanish speaker, so don't have any doubts about the accuracy of my translation & interpretation. And if you want a mod you like to be translated, just ask the Mod Author to reply to this Topic . So far I have translated these: -Precise Maneuver: -Astrogator (Just a few minor corrections) : CLS Connected Living Spaces: JSI Advanced Transparent Pods: Science Relay:
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