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  1. I don't have any problem with 'supplies', if the only source for them was when you take off and have to bring along a stockpile. The problem for me comes in when I have to find resources on other planets and try to make usable materials out of them. I don't like the idea of melting ice from an asteroid and now my Kerbonauts have enough food for the rest of the mission. If I lose too much water through recycler inefficiencies, I should have to look for Ice. If I want a food source, I need to find some way to lug along a 5-ton greenhouse. It should matter what the atmospheric composition of a planet is, because that impacts whether I need to bring extra oxygen or whether or not I should bring a filter to collect some from the air of my destination planet. I get that not everyone wants that, and that's OK. I found a mod that works for me.
  2. It's mostly immersion. plus, there are differences in how the resources are created. Greenhouses can create food and oxygen, but not water. If I send a mission to Duna and land on the Ice cap, I can melt it for drinkable water for my mission, meaning that I don't have to pack as much (BTW, is there a device in any of these mods that, when activated in an "ice caps" biome or on an icy asteroid, can turn EC into Waste Water, then to be filtered into Water? We should get one of those). Or air filters that can turn the atmospheres of some planets into breathable oxygen? Also, if someone wants to create a device for a mod that takes Water and EC and turns it into Rocket Fuel and Oxidizer (through electrolysis ), that would be fantastic for planning a mission to Duna that creates all the fuel it needs once it gets there.
  3. I don't know if I had to, but I did it anyway to avoid conflicts. TAC-LS produces waste (waste, wastewater, and CO2) and Kerbalism doesn't. I do kinda wish DangIt! were updated, but the parts breakage wasn't that important to me. Kerbalism's Food/water/oxygen system is covered by TAC-LS, and the communications system is covered by RemoteTech, so keeping Kerbalism would just be redundant. I do kinda wish the Radiation and Quality of Life requirements were available in TAC-LS, but it's not too great a loss.
  4. It would also be great if we could edit the MMU in the VAB. Adding an antenna, extra oxygen tanks, parachutes, extra RCS fuel. We should be able to bring the MMU up as a part in the VAB, and stick things on it just like any other ship. Save it, and that becomes the new MMU for the mission. Of course, there would be a weight limit to stop things from getting ridiculous.
  5. Well, I found a glitch that allowed me to get Valentina home safely. The ship was already in sub-orbital flight, and I had half an hour left in the capsule (for a five hour trip). I sent her on EVA, time jumped an hour and a half, and put her back in the ship. Then, EVA again. Despite having no power from which to recharge the scrubbers in the EVA suit, the two-hour timer was reset. Do that until she's just about to hit atmosphere, and I used the remaining half hour of air in the shuttle to land. I didn't know about the electricity rule, I thought I was fine just bringing enough oxygen. Live and learn! Thanks for the awesome mod, by the way! There's a lot of things in there that should be stock.
  6. Is there any way to tell how toxic the air in the capsule is? I thought that if I kept an eye on the O2 and CO2 levels, i'd be fine. I don't have an air scrubber, but there's more than enough oxygen for the trip that I don't need to recycle what I have. Some kind of meter or gauge would be nice, because there's no way to tell. I just ran an experiment, and yes, she dies exactly two hours after the power went out.
  7. My kerbal keeps dying on her way back from the Mun. The reason given is "air toxicity", but I checked the oxygen and co2 levels, and they're totally normal. I even installed the Jettison mod and dumped all the co2, but she still dies! It always happens a little past the 2-day mark of the mission. I have run out of battery power, if that makes a difference, but I did try it once with the debug menu set to infinite electricity. [edit] ran a test, she survives if she's on EVA, but dies almost as soon as she gets back in the capsule, no matter what the O2/CO2 levels are.
  8. I think I found the answer I was looking for. TAC-LS has the food/water/oxygen separation I was looking for, and it's compatible with the USI mods (I just had to uninstall USI-LS, but that's fine). So my Aeroponics leg of the Thunderdome (My Kerbin-orbiting Space station. I may move it into orbit of another planet once I have everything added to it that I want) now produces Food and Oxygen. Thank you so much for all your help, and thank you for making such amazing mods! I can't wait to start mining!
  9. I know that's how it works now, I just wanted to know if that would be expanded on in future updates.
  10. Are there any plans to separate Food, Water, and Oxygen in USI? Especially with Water, which could be harvested from some biomes (ice caps, etc), where the abstracted "supplies" would not accurately represent. (You don't melt Duna's ice caps and get a hamburger)
  11. Yea, I was looking for something with as many new parts as the USI mods, but I really wish food, water, and oxygen weren't abstracted down to a singular "supply". I know how ridiculous this sounds for KSP, but it's a little immersion breaking. Also, "Valentina is running out of Food" sounds more dire than "Valentina is running out of Supplies" Is there a way for me to do a string replace that swaps out "Supplies" to "Food" without changing any of the gameplay?
  12. Would it be better to uninstall Kolonization and keep the other USI mods? If I just had the parts from USI (with tweaks to input/output resources - making them more like the greenhouses from Kerbalism) but with the mechanics of Kerbalism (no mulch, but Oxygen scrubbers and Food resources), would that work? I would hope that the game would no longer be looking for a Supplies resource to consume - I'd hate for the game to think my Kerbals were starving just because they had food instead of supplies. Though, I suppose I wouldn't be able to do any mining or off-world construction. Didn't expect to hear from both of the mod developers! Thank You! The problem is that I want the best of both worlds - I want the mining and manufacturing, and whole slew of new parts from USI; the Oxygen, Food, Radiation, Quality of Life from Kerbalism. Though at least now I can use both Kerbalism and RemoteTech together. They both have communication range simulators, but I love RemoteTech's flight computer. Sending off a probe with pre-programmed instructions at then watching it fly off and hoping for the best is awesome, and really adds a new dimension to the game.
  13. I've got the Kerbalism mod running, as well as the USI-Kolonization mod. The problem is that Kerbalism modifies the game so that Kerbals require Food and Oxygen as resources to survive, and Kerbals do not produce waste. In the USI-Life Support mod, Kerbals require Supplies, and produce a waste product Mulch. USI greenhouses take Mulch and turn it back into Supplies. I'm looking for a way to modify it into a compromise - Greenhouses produce Food instead of Supplies, and Kerbals still produce Mulch. Were I more confident in my abilities, I'd do a find>replace to turn "Supplies" into "Food" in the USI files, but I really don't want to screw up my savegame.. Any suggestions?
  14. [edit] Nevermind, my question was answered