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  1. hehe granted! "that is the smallest amount of gold I've ever seen! how remarkable!!" I wish news reporters would correctly use the expression "decimated" to indicate 10% damage or casualties (as a side note consider this: there is a higher grade of gold in most cemeteries than there is in many gold mines...)
  2. Granted! But the catch is you have to eat in moderation and exercise regularly for the rest of your healthy life! I also wish for a maser, but this one will be for pointing at my coffee to keep it warm
  3. It's easy enough to comment out (//) specific modded part configs so that the stock parts run, and as a bonus you can latter remove the comment markup and restore the modded bits for 20% more coolth! (coolth is a real word that lazy mining engineers made up when we got sick of saying negative-heat!) You will find the cupola in GameData\VenStockRevamp\Squad\Parts\Command.cfg (it's the 3rd part down). Be sure to comment out every line from @PART to the final closing curly bracket
  4. Granted! But after capturing the cheesecake you discover that it is made of milk from the cow pictured in your avatar (hope it's a girl cow), and suddenly you loose your appetite.. I wish somebody would buy that cow a comb! (I waste way too much time tee-hee-ing every time I see that do! )
  5. Granted! But... Now you also have vertigo and can't bear to be above ground level. In fact, you actually prefer to be sitting than standing because it is even closer to ground level! Luckily for you there are is a local community of pilot forks-with-thumbs who hear of your plight and propose to fly you about with the provision that you wear a blindfold for the duration of any flight. You accept this arrangement, but you will never know if you are actually flying or if those forks are just making engine noises with their mouths and rocking you about, and this question will haunt you to your grave! I wish I had magical beard that would grow or shrink within minutes to any size I wanted!
  6. The Golden Rule: "rules may be posted at any time, except on days ending with the letter Y " - Kraken
  7. @Rafael acevedo When you think about it only the mass of the supplies is relevant for rocket calculations. The volume of NOMS will depend on the types of snacks provided (think chocolate bar vs packet of crisps), and as for mulch... google says "1.0 g/cm3 is accepted as the average density of human feces. Therefore, 27 L of feces weighs around 27 Kg. If you're dealing with sinkers or floaters, it'll change." edit: after some additional searching (pretty sure the government is watching me now!) I found this document which contains actual numbers for real life space mulch! hehe my favourite line is "The bag was kneaded to rupture the inner pouch and mix the germicide with the wastes"t (so the next time Jebediah complains about tedious data collection, remind him how lucky he is!! )
  8. Congratulations! For being the 17,437th post in this thread (including op) you receive a complimentary ban!
  9. new rule suggestion: all entries must be haiku just like this one is
  10. ¡pǝʍollɐ sᴉ ƃuᴉdʎʇ uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ou ʎlǝʇnlosqɐ
  11. Big Rouble in Little China - A former Russian rickroller gets dragged into a centuries-old trololo battle in Chinatown
  12. Banned! for launching a rocket without any mention of "moar-boosters" (ban the user above you)
  13. @SmashingKirby148 Well.. I'm saying what I'm saying, that I "hope to see it working again". Some parts in the latest version are missing, or have duplicate part names and so won't appear in career mode, or generate weird aerodynamic effects. So for now I'm using version 1.9.2 (with some minor fixes) and it is working just fine, but I'm looking forward to being able to use the beautiful new parts without any hick-ups. My first post was meant as a summary, as many people don't seem to really read too deeply back into a forum, or follow github issue threads, or look into the files they've installed as part of a mod (which is all fine btw), so I was just trying to help out. I apologise if I've triggered you in some way.
  14. @SmashingKirby148 hmm.. I don't know what causes your crashes. I've crashed into the VAB plenty of times (hehe) but have not yet had a VAB induced crash-to-desktop in this KSP version, even with Stock Part Revamp running.
  15. Generally speaking I *think* this is not quite working at the moment... In summary: version 1.9.3 was released, looked beautiful (sans spaceX legs unfortunately, and also missing the cutest little heatshield), but was full of new voxelisation problems that broke FAR (in addition to probs from version 1.9.2 carrying over; duplicate part names etc..) version 1.9.4 was released with fixes, but isn't actually available anywhere! hehe at least I can't find it on github or curse (and maybe there were also versioning issues too) version 1.9.5 is intended to be released by @NathanKell (as of 2 days ago) which will roll back the busted bits and make this mod playable until things are fixed up properly I'm looking forward to this mod working again, it is one of my all time favourites
  16. What a great mod! I'm late to the party (as usual!) but I just wanted to say thank you for this awesome tool! Until now I've been alt-tabbing to rename screenshots manually with game dates so that I could later pair them up against a manually written log of events... now with Historian Exp. I can actually focus on flying! Thanks!
  17. Fortunately that for you, that vending machine was loaded (to the gills?!) with fish of all types, and as it crashes to the ground many tuna spill out and land at your feet.. in addition to the thousands of tonnes of prehistoric aquatic monstrosities which also spill out (who put these in here? vending machine made on Gallifrey presumably) and proceed to slide downhill, crushing a small village of independent forks in the process. I really wish I did have an umbrella! (too much rain and sleet here brrr..)
  18. Granted! But... Now with increased dexterity and a steady diet of easy-to-get high-calorie-salad the forks begin to evolve, gaining first sentience then sapience. In time they begin to make their own tools (even smaller forks, can you believe it?!) and develop a complex binary sign language consisting mostly of thumbs up or down. Years from now, and fed up with the balsamic burn, a group of rebel forks highjack Elon’s personal mars lander and escape to freedom! Human scientists and vegetarians of all species make dire predictions of revenge attacks. However, having only bought the non-edible kind of rocket, the forks quickly starve mid flight... I wish (fish?) I knew where that vending machine went...
  19. this is an amazing effort! great job I hope you keep up the effort and reach the goal of 500, and I'm looking forward to reading about it.
  20. "it doesn't need to be optimised, just git a gud computer bro..."