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  1. Ever since the last update I can use maneuver nodes on the navball even landing on minmus. But once I take off or do some other mission at minmus it just dissapears. I do have relays in high orbit over kerbin and minmus but navball still doesn't show the nodes. For instance my latest missions one was a satalite which I did then I used it to latch onto a lost kerbin's ship part and as soon as I did that the maneuver node stopped showing up on the navball. Worked fine up to that point. My relays are the top teir ones all my buildings are top tier. This is on survival. Am I missing the point on how relays work or is it something else?
  2. I've used your mod for quite a while but once I figured a way to fly your Joint Experiments Module up to my station I can't believe how op it is... with just 2 lv 2 science kerbals I'm getting like 200 science a day. I can't imagine how much I'd get if I put in a 3rd or even take them on a mission to lvl them up even higher...
  3. No it's got more than enough power. I have the drills going and the isru and I did check back after I did each node on another ship/mission I had to go build a 6 kerbal base on the mun. but everytime I went back there was no ore and the fuel tanks were still the same as if nothing happened. I even waited one min without using warp to see if it still did that and it did.
  4. I'm wondering why my mining ship can't mine unless it's selected. I had captured an astroid and took me a long time to get it to orbit kerbin. Well I decided to make a mining station to refuel ships at but for some reason unless I'm actually using the ship it doesn't mine anything at all. It just stays where it was left off at. I was wondering if there was a fix or mod for this problem?
  5. Well the reason I'm asking is cause for some odd reason I can't activate warp drive with those big ring things and when I looked up the problem online it told me that launching those ships from kerbin has some kind of stock bug so you have to launch them from space. I thought those rings were to build those ships from space? Or at least somehow launch them from it.
  6. How do you get the stardock into orbit and build a ship in it?
  7. The landing struts in this version are very very touchy... I had a kerbal just walk into one on the mun and it exploded throwing the kerbal far away from the ship... In this version it's better to land on the engines themselves than to use landing struts as the engines can take more impact than the struts. I mean if a kerbal just walking into a strut can make it explode and engines themselves can handle more than what is meant to be for landing then there's something wrong.
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