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  1. I have a few mods installed, but most are parts ( Near Future, Planetary Base, etc. ). Shouldn't be impacting warp / orbit calculations, but I guess you never know. Tested again with a stock 1.6, and I can reproduce it pretty regularly. I launch from KSC to a direct munar injection, I don't circularize in LKO first, and it seems that triggers it to be significantly pronounced. If I inject from a circular LKO then it's much less pronounced / non-existant.
  2. Been playing 1.6 for about a week now, coming off a long 1.4.5 career save that I finally finished, putting a Kerbal or probe on every body in the system with OPM. I skipped over 1.5.x and jumped straight to 1.6 and I'm loving all of the new features! I have however noticed an issue with 1.6 that seems to be more pronounced than in previous versions. Specifically the timewarp changing orbital parameters pretty severely. I was used to this on very long voyages ( IE, to Jool and beyond ), but now I'm seeing it happing between Kerbin and the Mun. I launched a vessel to the Mun successfully, setup my Mun intercept with Periapsis of 75 km, and timewarped to the SOI. As soon as I hit SOI, my Periapsis is now 646 km, and I don't have enough dV to correct for this error. Is it possible that some of the optimizations that make 1.6 play much smoother have impacted this issue and made it more pronounced? Is anyone else playing 1.6 seeing this behavior happen more frequently?
  3. coredumpster

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Finishing up a late stage career game, still on 1.4.5. I'm playing with Outer Planets, so have some rather distant locations. I have put a Kerbal onto every body in in the inner system out to Sarnus ( except Moho ). I have large exploration ships in every system ( basically mobile stations ). I have a permanent base on Duna, with a permanent station in orbit, and a pair of Duna Cycler transfer tugs to keep up the flow of new Kerbals and supplies. I have sent probe landers to the outer system, and am in the process of completing putting a lander on every moon of the outer system. Just have Thatmo and Nissee left to do around Neidon, and then I'll have visited every body in the system! Thatmo will be interesting, as my lander has a very very low TWR ( 1.03! ). This will be the furthest I've gotten in the game, I usually stop playing after I finish out the tech tree. Looking forward to 1.6, once my key mods are updated!
  4. coredumpster

    The most angry youve gotten in KSP

    On a recent save game, when I had 4 different manned missions headed to other planets running at the same time. Using OPM so some of the destinations had some lengthy travel times and I made heavy use of timewarp. ( Manned mission to Sarnus! ) One of my missions "adjusted" it's trajectory during time warp so that it completely missed the target planet, and by the time I discovered this, it was way too far off to correct with the remaining dV I had on the craft. It managed to do this despite my warping until craft had left Kerbin SOI and I confirmed it had the desired intercept course. Returned focus to the craft when the SOI intercept alarm went off in KAC and discovered I was many millions of KM away from the target instead of entering it's SOI and preparing for capture. Some of my other missions had since arrived successfully and I had completed their landings on the targets, so reverting was not possible without losing all of that other effort. Since this was due to the "feature" where orbits change when entering timewarp, I "fixed" it by burning up the planned amount of deltaV for the capture maneuver node and then "cheated" it into approximately the capture orbit. I really really avoid using the cheat menu as it's... well.. cheaty, but made an exception in this case as I got screwed by the floating point rounding kraken that intermittently impacts orbits under warp.
  5. coredumpster

    36-ton Eve sea level ascent vehicle

    Thanks for this! I finally landed and returned a kerbal from the surface of Eve without using any cheats. ( I did use F5 / F9 a couple times though, as I tuned my ascent ). I stuck this craft on the roof of a Planetary Base Systems main hub building to serve as a large / heavy stable platform for launch. Could not pilot this by hand, especially the first stage. This is definitely a fly by wire ship for me. Dialed the Vector down to 60% gimbal, and set MJ Ascent Guidance curve at 100%, with gravity turn starting at 2500. Made it to a 95km x 94 km orbit with about 700 dV to spare, as I launched from Eve Highlands ( a little over 1k starting altitude ). Rendezvoused with the Eve Cycler ship and now waiting comfortably in orbit for a return window to Kerbin! :D
  6. coredumpster

    What strategies do you us and why?

    In early career I bump the rewards for the 'World Firsts', as I like to explore rapidly vs. grinding on tourist contracts. As others note, after filling out the Tech Tree, converting Science and Rep to Kerbucks. That's pretty much it from a strategy standpoint. I also use the pool to park a vessel for fun once I upgrade the building.
  7. coredumpster

    Explore the Mun

    Transmit a crew report taken from the Mun's SOI. That should complete it for you, sooner than when you return with the experiments you collected.
  8. There's an option in the difficulty settings: "Resource Transfer Respects Crossfeed Rules". If this is enabled, you can't transfer resources between containers that are separated by a heatshield. Apparently kerbals can figure out how to run electrical wiring and monoprop lines that route past heatshields just fine, but cannot figure it out for LFO. IMHO it's stupidly limiting and I simply disable it, at all difficulty levels, as it doesn't add value in terms of realistic difficulty.
  9. I had a surface rescue from the Mun. Derelict craft was on a very steep incline on the side of a big crater. I landed close by, on the rim. EVA'ed to go rescue to stranded Kerbal. As soon as I got into physics range the pod leapt into the air and exploded killing the hapless Kerbal. ( This was in 1.1.3 ).
  10. coredumpster

    1.2 Fuel Lines?

    Decoupler crossfeed is off by default. You have to explicitly turn it on if you want to play around with it and fuel flow priorities.
  11. coredumpster

    1.2 Fuel Lines?

    This, as I found out the hard way lugging my LFO boosters almost all the way to orbit wondering why they hadn't yet cut-off before the main. ( Didn't have KER for 1.2, so was just kerbaling my dV for each stage. ) If you want one-way flow, you need to use the fuel lines. If you want two-way flow, and plan to watch your LFO booster tanks carefully to know when to stage them, use decoupler cross-feed.
  12. coredumpster

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Volume I - Complete

    Excellent addition to the series! Raises some interesting questions/possibilities. I'm less sure of the direction this is heading than before. Very interested to see how the Lang influence is incorporated further into the story.
  13. coredumpster

    When to and when not to use two-stage landers

    An additional consideration, is that a two stage lander left behind with a probe core, solar, thermometer, and an antenna allows you to easily fulfill the 'Science from the surface of ....' contracts. For me, in early career I do one-stage landers that return to Kerbin ( mun / minmus ). Then I do two-stagers on bodies with higher gravity and to leave behind a science-probe. After I advance further in tech tree and available funds, I start building stations in orbit and then leave my re-usable landers docked and use dedicated kerbin return ships. With 1.2 now, how CommNet will factor into that strategy remains to be seen. Might start doing two stagers, where lift-off from surface with both, and leave first stage in orbit with relays, and then smaller Kerbin return craft carrying the crew and science.
  14. coredumpster

    The Elon's Problem Challenge

    How about one-way un-manned pre-supply missions, which is something that Elon alluded to? Use of KIS/KAS to connect ships landed on Duna? Otherwise all-stock parts. Thinking along the lines of a pre-supply mission to land drills/ISRU with KIS/KAS to connect the "fuel base" to the lander would be close to Elon's vision, with otherwise all stock KSP parts?