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  1. Not sure if this is the right spot for a ps5 question, but i didnt see anything specific for the ps5 version. Having spent thousands of hours on PC and ps4 i was excited to try the ps5 version and grab some more trophies. Plugged in my mouse and keyboard and managed that okay. They were all detected and working as should, then i entered the VAB..... Cant rotate parts, sometimes cant even right click on parts and some of the most basic camera controls are just not there. If i hit launch, they will all work fine. But if i am in the VAB, everything goes to hell. I am essentially forced to also use a controller just to move the camera. Is there an option somewhere thatll make the controls inside the VAB actually work, is this a glitch, or is it maybe my peripherals? If anyone else has any experience on the ps5 version would love to get some input
  2. anyone else finding the crew hatch onthe mk1 command pod has WAYYYYY to big of a click box? Im triyng to gather low orbit eva reports, and constantly while my cursor is over my kerbal, it selects the hatch instead, even if im looking away from it with the cursor touching mostly black space. i have also hit it THROUGH the mk1 command pod, as i was trying to get a crew report, and when i clicked on the back, the crew hatch opened. this is especially frustrating as to close the crew hatch window you have to press O which will also cause you to re enter the ship. its utterly terrible.
  3. dont like the controls for transaltion with rcs lol found it easier to dock by just throttling my engine in the part window to 1% and did it with my engine lol
  4. i know alot of work went into the controls for console, but is there any chance of ever getting mouse n keyboard support? lol
  5. i have not been able to find a cycle, but it you click r3 it resets back to your craft. ive been rather annoyed as i havent been able to figure how to focus on my nodes yet
  6. well i got it after going back around and getting another encounter. very weird i didnt get it the first time
  7. has anyone had any issues with this one? I just noticed it didnt pop, while i even got the gilly fly by trophy. Now i have to double back and hope it pops on another encounter
  8. while i dont fly alot of planes, my guess would be so you can have it constantly pitch up to a certain extent, or something along those lines.
  9. yea i had the trim problem earlier. i couldnt figure out why my craft had phantom forces on it. look down in the corner at the little markers that show rotational forces and look for little pink arrows along the usual ones, if they are there you got the trim set on. just quickly look in the control tab and look for "reset trim"
  10. not sure if there are other ways, but last night i was able to deleted parts by using the cursor and dragging them back to the sidebar and placing it there, as one would on pc
  11. while i havent spent alot of time using the simplified controls, i found it relatively intuitive, and im just gonna say putting the rotation adjustment controls in shades writing in the corner while placing is brilliant. no one wants to have to move the mouse to the little square while trying to place something lol
  12. does anyone know how to do precision nodes? last night while making nodes to and around jool, i found it rather hard to make very small adjustments.
  13. Loving it so far, but have to call it a night. Got the fly by of jool and one of its moons, trophies say 0% earned so i imagine very few have been. still in orbit tho and plan to get all moons and hopfully another planet before heading home lol what do we need to do for view from up here, im guessing we have to have an encounter coming back, but not 100 percent sure edit: ok i lied, i got laythe vall and tylo now lol but thats it. trophies now say .9 percent. either alot of people have been to jool and its few moons, or not many people have the game yet lol
  14. not sure if we have an official thread for impressions, but might as well put them here. I dont have alot of time to play tonight, but wanted to try and build a large ship in sandbox i know can visit a bunch of planets. first impressions in the VAB.. Wow its much better. gonna take some getting used to when compared to pc, but its pretty intuitive and didnt take me long to build my craft at all, although i was building a design from memory. certainly runs well to. Gonna try my first launch in a few minutes.
  15. lol ive got my store open on ps4, my phone and pc.. refreshing the search edit: its on the store but no download button yet.. guess we gotta wait 3 minutes lol edit2: ITS LIVE FOR DOWNLOAD!!! lol
  16. so excited! many thanks for the hard work that went into the new port. ill be staying up late monday night for when it hits the store
  17. im short that view from up here trophy.. ill be forever stuck at 99.. sucks but oh well. if the list is the same, its actually rather easy. most can be done in sandbox. and since you only need to flyby and return to get both trophies for a planet/moon you can get alot in a single launch
  18. it took me quite a number of careers before i started to get bored of stock, and ill still go back to it every once in a while, especially if i think up a new challenge for myself. right now ive been going over first few career launches on normal to find the theoretical max science one can grab and look forward to being able to make short videos once its on ps4, since my laptop is crappy. it certainly wont have the legs the pc version with full mods has, but it has alot more replay value that some major "AAA" titles out there
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