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  1. Not Sure

    Courage and Stupidity

    I had it installed long ago but I don't think my memory of seeing the label was when I had it installed. I just remember having 2 pilots in a plane and hovering over their nametag it showed "gee force tolerance: 7.3" and "gee force tolerance: 8.5" for the other (don't remember exactly values, but I do remember they were different.) Was also in sandbox, so they were fully leveled. I should just boot up ksp and take another look.
  2. Not Sure

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Wow, thats really cool. I remember long ago seeing you on NoNameShips testing your shuttle launch script. You're going full autonomous, and still rockin the shuttle.
  3. This looks absolutely amazing. I don’t play with planet packs because I don’t like change, but I think I’ll have to give this a try. It keeps just enough stuff the same but makes things so much more awe worthy.
  4. Not Sure

    King of the Hill

    No patent hasn’t been made on the hill. After my patent I now legally own parts of all of your hills.
  5. Think of it like this, if it was a real rocket, it would be connected through the entire length of your fuel tank section, not just the first. But because of the game mechanics of KSP, it connects only with the first placed. If you want to go with realism, add make the bottom radial fuel tanks (or whichever are the ones flopping about) have autostrut to the heaviest or grandparent part.
  6. Not Sure

    Best mod for clouds? (laptop friendly)

    I’m not sure if it comes with dependencies or not. Now there are a bunch of files in the gamedata that it comes in. Put all of those in your game data and make sure you have Environmental visual enhancements in as well
  7. Not Sure

    recoil when docking / undocking

    They do.. but I don’t think it’s as violent as the OP describes. It’s like a .05kn tap.
  8. It’s in there. Go over it all, it’s only visible in flight in a command seat.
  9. Not Sure

    Best mod for clouds? (laptop friendly)

    Sci-Fi is amazing. It deserves more credit. There was a “best modded screenshot” tournament in the ksp discord and out of 25 people I won with Sci-Fi even against people with AVP. Really good FPS and performance in all situations.
  10. Not Sure

    KOS question

    I believe so, yes. Would have been pretty easy to test it yourself.
  11. Who said it can’t? That’s crazy! Ever hear of a Mach 2+ wind tunnel?
  12. If something burns ALL of its mass when accelerating, (end burn mass is 0g) then does it technically have infinite dV? Is it technically traveling at light speed? negative mass?
  13. Not Sure

    6 hours of creating an space station

    Others have probably said this, but the kraken has been remedied over the past years. (It is more of a unity issue than KSP however) Squad introduced rigid attachment and autostrut. Since those were released I haven’t encountered any shaky ness ever.
  14. Not Sure

    How do I Use the EVA pack?

    I’ve been playing ksp for almost 2000 hours and I never knew about this lol.
  15. Not Sure

    ANOTHER how to load KSP faster (1.4.3)

    I noticed that garbage collection was lessened. Sadly.