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  1. thought about your profile... poor spaceplane.

  2. Not Sure

    Shower thoughts

    I’m actually surprisingly comfortable with the thought that we live in a simulation, it actually gives me comfort. Life, death, the significance of everything as well as the insignificance all are balanced. Maybe the creators of the simulation are human enough to let beings keep their consciousness after they die. Science still works 100% in this theory, humanity develops just as it would, but somehow for me the stress of it all is mostly lifted and I’m much more layed back.
  3. The clouds could have absorbed the noise from the B-1
  4. It’s used for converting ISP to exhaust velocity. What kind of baffled me is how ksp chooses to use these measurements and openly display them to the player but offer no explanation to what they mean.
  5. Not Sure

    How did you pick your username?

    I’m really just Not Sure...
  6. Not Sure

    Sturdy wings.

    Autostrut! The saver of many creations. Autostrut is a system that requires you to enable "advanced tweakables" in the settings and it allows parts to be phantom connected to a common part as well as it's "parent" part it is physically connected to. This allows things to be very rigid without the need of physical struts and it is in the stock game.
  7. Not Sure

    The chemical name for titin and other real long words

    That's why I said maybe typed by hand. I would definitely rather do it with a script if I was the one who had to.
  8. Not Sure

    The chemical name for titin and other real long words

    What’s interesting to think about is how the chemical name for Titin was maybe typed by hand once but all the other occurrences of it have been direct copies. least typed and least memorized word.
  9. Not Sure

    What is the craziest mission you have EVER done?

    My craziest and most stressful mission I have done is an Apollo style Mun mission in a no-reverts no-quicksaves career. Failure was not an option. The amount of testing I had to do in LKO was immense, I developed a kOS program to eliminate all human error from the landing. Testing that script on kerbin was difficult too. In the end the mission was an outstanding success, my heart rate was very high on the rendezvous and docking. (I was playing with monthly budgets and life support too, if a kerbal crashed or was left stranded my career program and the hours I put into it would be over. Oh and there was also that “random launch failure mod” that would add a chance of failure so that escape systems were mandatory. ) Its also kinda crazy how that testing helped a bunch, I found a lot of problems that would otherwise have ended the mission in disaster while doing LKO tests. Those LKO tests had to use the same budget and cost a lot of money, but not as much as the lives would cost.
  10. Not Sure

    Weird Service Bays

    Sometimes it just be like that. no more to say.
  11. Not Sure

    Why is my aircraft flipping.

    This happens often with shuttle designs. Having your col behind your com isn’t enough. They both need to be relatively in the center of the craft, not too far back and not too far forward (forward is uncommon). The reason is because the col shifts forwards when pitching up due to body lift among other things and so when you pitch up, it just wants to keep pitching up and up until it flips.
  12. Not Sure

    Courage and Stupidity

    I had it installed long ago but I don't think my memory of seeing the label was when I had it installed. I just remember having 2 pilots in a plane and hovering over their nametag it showed "gee force tolerance: 7.3" and "gee force tolerance: 8.5" for the other (don't remember exactly values, but I do remember they were different.) Was also in sandbox, so they were fully leveled. I should just boot up ksp and take another look.
  13. Not Sure

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Wow, thats really cool. I remember long ago seeing you on NoNameShips testing your shuttle launch script. You're going full autonomous, and still rockin the shuttle.
  14. This looks absolutely amazing. I don’t play with planet packs because I don’t like change, but I think I’ll have to give this a try. It keeps just enough stuff the same but makes things so much more awe worthy.
  15. Not Sure

    King of the Hill

    No patent hasn’t been made on the hill. After my patent I now legally own parts of all of your hills.