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  1. What about floating intakes?!?!?! Danny2462 had a video about those. Jet skis, float planes, whatever.
  2. Try multiple passes, dip below the atmo and come back out until you drop in entirely with the least amount of energy
  3. If you have no quick saves / reverts I wouldn’t recommend using kerbalism, as it by itself was very difficult for me. However there is a mod that adds random launch failures, and although it sounds like a bad thing it is quite fun with no reverts as it means you need to add a functional LES to every crewed mission unless you want to face even more extreme risks. I found this to be pretty fun.
  4. Banned for posting 10 minutes before this post.
  5. Watched the whole thing (the interesting bits) a couple months ago! It was an amazing experience, thanks for creating it.
  6. My approach was just to crack my knuckles and make a half automated kOS script. This script automatically throttled the engines properly for a suicide burn and a soft landing, I couldn’t do the massive amount of maths required to guide the rocket automatically. Making the f9 land autonomously is no easy job, I’m sure spacex has poured thousands of man hours into making their script.
  7. Once upon a time in one of my many career saves I needed to deliver repeated payloads weighing up to 70 tons to LKO, and so I designed a fully stock reusable booster and go full spaceX. The single core could lift 30 tons, but to lift the 70 required I needed to go falcon heavy style. I could actually recover all three boosters using SMRS (I think that’s what it’s called? It’s the mod that lets you go back to stage separation to land boosters and benefit) 2 landed back at KSC, one landed one a drone ship using some assistance from a kOS script. The second stage could *kinda* be recovered. It worked! But the whole thing about *repeated* launches got kind of tedious. Well, really tedious. One launch took 20 min just to get to LKO in order to properly land each of the boosters. Then I devised a SSTO to do the job. I gave it huge wings and plenty of rapiers located near the COM so it was actually really well balanced. It could lift 75 tons to orbit EASY! And the whole mission only took about 6 minutes. The only downside was space. I really had to cram some stuff in the MK3 cargo bay in order to get to orbit whereas with the heavy rocket everything was enclosed in a fairing. Oh, and the SSTO had much better returns too, less fuel was burned and the recovered rate was 100% if I landed it on the runway whereas the rocket would have 2 land on the grass and one on a ship very far out. (I’ll try to remember to add pics to this post when I get to my pc so you guys see my designs.)
  8. You cannot see anything new with your superpower because it is too focused on seeing the whole universe, which you were already a part of. I would like my superpower to be the ability to move objects I touch with my mind. Like super strength and telekenesis combined.
  9. Nobody faught, and you needed to pay off loans so you sold the hill to the highest bidder. i bid 8. (you won’t know what I bid 8 of, so you cannot outbid me)
  10. I’ve done some that too a lot longer, but my most BORING mission was flying 50m/s to the South Pole Took about 2 hours with physics warp and when I got there I realized I forgot something and had to revert
  11. I had some leftover fuel at the end of a space plane mission and I needed a flat place to land so I decided to speed at around 1500m/s at 20km to the ice caps but I couldn’t go much faster than 900m/s ASL without ripping to bits
  12. 10/10, never seen you before but your post signature has changed my mind.
  13. Personally I used to use it for the repedetive task of launching rockets but there is a stand-alone mod that only launches rockets with a super efficient gravity turn, so I just use that and haven’t touched mechjeb in a long time. The only times I do autonomous landings is when I write a very efficient kOS script myself.
  14. I had an issue with if for my Moho mission, but the indicator is just an indicator, i just ignored it and did just fine.
  15. Yes, sort of. It requires some very complex mechanics with claws and i hardly understand it, but I’ve seen it done by one person. But there is another way and that requires a standard separate electric prop, but you can re connect it to the craft via a claw. I’ve done something similar to this for a solar powered plane and it was not too hard. Beware about its reliability, they like to spontaneously explode. A bonus about it being able to re connect is being able to quicksave often.
  16. I’m actually surprisingly comfortable with the thought that we live in a simulation, it actually gives me comfort. Life, death, the significance of everything as well as the insignificance all are balanced. Maybe the creators of the simulation are human enough to let beings keep their consciousness after they die. Science still works 100% in this theory, humanity develops just as it would, but somehow for me the stress of it all is mostly lifted and I’m much more layed back.
  17. It’s used for converting ISP to exhaust velocity. What kind of baffled me is how ksp chooses to use these measurements and openly display them to the player but offer no explanation to what they mean.
  18. Autostrut! The saver of many creations. Autostrut is a system that requires you to enable "advanced tweakables" in the settings and it allows parts to be phantom connected to a common part as well as it's "parent" part it is physically connected to. This allows things to be very rigid without the need of physical struts and it is in the stock game.
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