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  1. Man the long wait... so worth it.. at the same time was happy to contribute in this... and also see my agency in there somewhere...
  2. Np BTW, IS the mod released for 1.3.1? because my friends are doing a war series with eras and such and it would be really helpful to add this mod as well.
  3. Well it's Firespitter for the bomber cockpit and the bomb bays and the wings are from B9 procedural wings and the tail section... well it's procedural parts but i have replaced a texture to match the rest of the bomber and thats about it and a decail mod for the symbols and stuff. Sorry for the late reply
  4. Does it have to be like your own designed fighter or can it be a real fighter jet replica or something? same with tanks..
  5. You should add the king of all Derp Guns in WW2 The KV-2 turret stalin's glorious 152mm Derp turret XD I mean seriously.
  6. Till today there are so many KSP versions. I'm here just thinking does anyone still plays KSP 1.0.5? If someone do plays that KSP version somewhere in the world except me, are there any Dark Multiplayer servers up to date for KSP 1.0.5? I thought it would be nice if I could play Dark Multiplayer for the first time. It would be nice if somebody could make a server and do something about it. I don't really have much to say so... yeah thats all i got to say.
  7. So I need help on how do you really use a water launch system part in firespitter. The reason i'm using a water launch system is because i have a really massive boat to launch, so the problem is the boat is almost impossible to take it by wheels to the water or something else like that.then i found in firespitter mod the Water Launch System i tried to make launch in the water but when i did, In the hangar i set it to launch in the "Beach" then i launched it.After that i was in the water but my boat fully isn't load yet so when it just fully loaded, The game froze then my boat automatically teloported to the runway and exploded! so can someone help me here? plz
  8. Hey,But still i copied the files into the addons but when i open and try to File>Export there isn't any like KSP mu. like that can you please help
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