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  1. SNJO

    Good Morning was playing with biplane last night and when I launch the plane it was sitting about a 1 KM above the runway.  What is going. Thanks 


    1. Lisias


      (ok, nectroposting but the information is relevant)

      It's a known problem with the FireSpitter landing gears. Use the stock landing gears to see if it helps.

      If not, you found a old part without a collision mesh (I have two on Impossible Innovations), but until the moment I found none on Firespitter.

  2. Feel free to create a new thread, and I will update the first post with a link to that one.
  3. Fire spitter mod.My engines don't spin but provide trust.I put the mod in gamedata.Any ideas to fix this?

  4. Can you make an version of Firespitter for KSP 1.2? Please

    1. HunHarcos


      theres somekind of updated version on github , i think. I use it, and the only problem with it is that i have some landing gears, not moving lol.

  5. Hey

    I have a message for you check it

  6. It's cool guys. I don't mind people reusing any part of Firespitter, as long as it's within normal modding terms. I put in a no model reuse clause to have a recourse against shady russian sites or commercial entities ripping off the mod wholesale.
  7. If I remember correctly, you need a slash at the end of the texture root folder line
  8. If it still uses FSwheel, the tail skid is secretly a wheel, but with some braking torque always applied (if the throttle is off). It had to use FSwheel since it has no animation, no suspension, and is always deployed. That wasn't an option in the stock wheel code when I made it. It also used the wheel steering module to make you able to turn with it. How's it set up now @RoverDude? (I assume it was disabled due to explodey issues)
  9. I haven't looked at the game for so long that I have no idea how the stock game's modules work any more. Did the issue with ailerons flapping when the CoM starts matching the wing's position get fixed too? Can you set an aileron's function independent of its position on the vessel?
  10. For part makers who want some insight into how some of the models are arranged, you can take a look at this dump of my model folder https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22972712/ksp%20forum/Firespitter%20model%20source.zip. It's a mess, and mostly made for the Unity 4, but if you can wade through it, and assume which file is more relevant based on the date, you can maybe learn how propeller blur discs, wheel setups or wings control surfaces are done. License: Do whatever you want with these files, modify, redistribute etc. Warning: 546MB zip file. No logical system.
  11. I can't say I agree about the reaction wheel approach. It is possible to do proper roll and pitch control in Unity, and the newer FS rotors do it by altering the pitch of the blades as they rotate around. There is wing code running on each blade. (It worked so well that by default I turned off adding real world speed into the math because it caused too much asymmetry of lift in anything but a dual rotor setup.) The older rotors do it by altering the thrustTransform angle instead of moving the thrust average position, but the effect is pretty much the same. Reaction wheels are a cheat, and I have never been a fan. You might notice reaction wheels are off or incredibly weak on the FS cockpits, because it doesn't let you simulate the actual effect of the rotors, or control surfaces and wing setup. Which for me is the whole fun of it. Both the old and the new rotors have functioning hover (or did last time I checked, which is a while ago). Instead of checking the mass etc, which would not give the right result when at an angle or while not vertically stable, it checks the split second changes to vertical speed and compensates as needed. It does however require the engine be powerful enough to get you out of a jam. If it's not powerful enough to lift you at 50% throttle, it's probably not powerful enough to reliably hover your vessel. I haven't played with the fuel flow in a long time, so it's possible there are better solutions now for sure.
  12. Sounds good! For all I know the winglet range adjustments are less important with improved aero. I think I used it a lot because of the input bugs in the roll, where any small amount of roll input would cause full deflection. You have probably noticed that a lot of values are wonky, not just thrust, but prices and max temps etc. Do whatever you need to them.
  13. The drop tanks unfortunately need fuel lines. Getting them to be their own fuel lines, or routing fuel through the wings would have been ideal, but the Squad code I needed to understand was pretty damn confusing. The size and number of blades will cause more lift, but also more drag and weight. Until you reach the max potential power output of the engine, you gain thrust, after that sweet spot, you are just wasting fuel. I can't remember what the deal was with the RPM though, except it probably has a max RPM since lift doesn't work too well in real life when it spins too fast*. *It's complicated. I'm not.
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