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  1. Yes, but both of us care about looks. (Okay, in comparison to you, a bit less)
  2. I see. In my case, My decision to use the Jr Port is due to the Mk1 capsule, as I want to make sure it carries 4 instead of just 3 Kerbalnauts.
  3. Thanks for clarifying the issue. On a sidenote, how do you decide how to build the Apollo Capsule? Specific, compare to the dime-a-dozen MH Apollos, I notice you actually stick with the X200-8 tank+2.5m Service Bay, and use a Standard Size Port, instead of using the Conical service bay for the Parachutes. (Asking because I am debating whether to change my Orion Clone to use Standard Port too)
  4. Yes, except the Duna landers are MEM based, as do the structure panels.
  5. Question: I noticed that you are still using Twitch for the Duna craft instead of Cubs. Aside from the gimbal issue, is there other reasons you choose not to use Cubs? (Just curious)
  6. Jestersage

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    Update: So after spending sometime lazing around, I finally completed my Altair clone, the "Herguer". It is launched on the Ares V clone, the Fogin SaCC. Check OP for links. RL Explaination: Took a while to figure out how to name my rockets EDIT: I am debating whether to retain the usage of the Jr Port, or if I should move all the ports to Standard for Crafts except a few. The reason I used Jr port originally is that, as Apollo Replicas (both the small service module and MEM) used Jr port, I figure I should use Jr Ports. Something tells me it may not be a popular idea.
  7. Jestersage

    Settings for lander legs

    They are on the bottom of the tank... Just not on the bottom and side of the tank in order to put them inside the engine shourd.
  8. Jestersage

    Settings for lander legs

    Okay, I finally found out why I was bouncing around: My CoM was too high. The craft in question is this one: So what I did is to swap the Adapter Fuel tank with another 1.8m fuel tank (440 if I am not mistaken). Works like a charm: And as everyone guess... yes, it's a Lunar Gemini replica.
  9. Question: How do you decide which legs to use? Most importantly, what did you do to make sure they are not bouncing around? (I was trying to test some landers, and I have bouncy castle)
  10. Jestersage

    Settings for lander legs

    So this LT-1 is consider too weak for 15-ton?
  11. Jestersage

    Settings for lander legs

    Oh. I was using a LT-1 landing legs then.
  12. Jestersage

    Settings for lander legs

    Okay, I don't get it -- why do you need screenshot? Legs mount radial, 4 way symetery ala Apollo, deploy, point down, the landing side clear the vessel -- done. Change settings in VAB as needed. I mean, apollo's leg is the same as altair, just bigger with different settings account for different mass...
  13. Jestersage

    Settings for lander legs

    So the mass of my lander is at 15.7T; targeting mun; from a AP-PE orbit of 50k-6k, I start to land at PE (basically tutorial landing). Still adjusting the legs... but still get Good old bouncy castle.
  14. Jestersage

    Settings for lander legs

    But isn't there a ballpark? Like 1,1 is for Kerbin, so Mun maybe 1/6 or 1/4 that kind, etc?
  15. Can someone provide a tutorial for the settings of lander legs, namely, how to set them so that they function well for landing? All my mun lander feel like bouncy castles (1.4.3 btw)