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  1. Putting it here because it's less "which docking port should i use so it doesn't break", but more "Which docking port would you prefer for such purpose?" Let's start out with mine: I am trying to make a propellent depot, and as of now I can only put 1 docking port on it. That being said, I still have to debate between the Junior Docking port and the standard size docking port. In that light, would you go with a junior size dock or standard size dock?
  2. But not crew transport. Okay. That's all I need to know -- need to decide on some solar panels/placement for my crew transport.
  3. So nothing else? Basically the only refoldable solar panels are those on Space Stations? (earlier example: the Zarya module and Saylut)
  4. Question: Are there any solar panel systems that is re-foldable? Or are they all technically refoldable, just bad idea to do so? To my recollection, the only refoldable solar panels are those on Zarya... and may be one or 2 of the Salyut. Had Soyuz ever fold its solar panels? What about any satellates/solar powered probes?
  5. Nah, I am good. For me it's a selfish reason: To see which mod I should include in my release-to-public craft without alienating too many players that maybe interested.
  6. Those are just most popular, not what this community think "yup, you should have it"
  7. It's been a while since I visit the official forum, so I want to check: With the 1.12 being the last KSP1, have we so far come to a situation where there is a few part mods community members will likely use? (Restock doesn't count, but restock+ do, for example, due to adding new parts)
  8. Just want to make sure the new parts are of follow: the Medium solar panels, (4 of them) the 1.25m Engine plate firework dispenser (2 of them) docking ports (5 of them) are revamped Really want to minimize the refactoring of old crafts
  9. In case anyone wonder: Yes, the Starshot can be used to destroy orbital facilities
  10. What mods are there that provide 1.25m or 1.875m lab (Aside from BD)
  11. During reentry, my plane can flip upward if the angle is bigger than 30. Now I do not want to reduce the wings near the front (which makes take off difficult), so I want to adjust the weight, such as fuel distribution or consumption priority. The question then is: How much mass-distribution actually contribute to flipping?
  12. Knowing this is definitely subjective, May I ask when would you pick one over another?
  13. I see. The reason I asked is whether you want to mine ore because the tutorial start with that (it's just a suggestion, not the only reason to build a base), or because you really want a refinery. As stated previously, thanks to how the MPL Lab works, Any Lunar science points can be boosted by having a lab on the surface, and thus most of the Munar labs are lab focused If you really want to look at how ISRU/Refinery is delivered, you can look at Raptor9's IV-1B, or (self-plugged) my MEK. Both are non modular, and thus uses a straightly lander designs. Alternatively, if you are fine with just a lab or crew cab, you can look at Raptor9's LV-1U/1H (Apollo based) and LV-3B (Constellation based)
  14. Also, all these are talking without regards for Breaking ground DLC. If you do, you can build some cranes and then stack them, join by one of the many docking ports. Also, "Base" in this game doesn't imply refinery. For all the game care, a MPL-Lab, with some electricity generator, such that it generate additional science, is sufficent for either the game or players (like me) to consider it . (Read: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Mobile_Processing_Lab_MPL-LG-2) Basically, there is a 10% bonus when the lab is on a surface, 25% bonus for processing experiments in the same SOI that they were taken, TBF, even just having the hitchhiker can to store all the stuff (and Kerbals) is enough to be consider as a Base. So the question is: Why do you want a base? Then build from there. Aside form tutorials, feel free to explore KerbalX.com to see what kind of base is available. Some can be as simple as lab on a landing stage. Other is a mobile base with everything. Another is just a for looks city built of many Hitchhiker can. Then of course we have numerous replicas of the planned lunar base (so those are likely to be lab based) There is. In Vanilla game, that will be the Mk3 Cargo Bays, Mk3 cargo ramp; They are stored in "Payload" section. They are also much higher tech in career. And as I mentioned, there are hungers, rotors etc from Breaking Ground DLC. For Example, my Apollo clone use a unfold and drop for the Lunar rover, while my Chang'e 3 Clone use an elevator-ramp mechanis, My recomendation is to play some Sandbox to familarize yourself with the game
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