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  1. Jestersage

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    I think most of my followers of this thread would have guess its eventual creation due to my Proton clone -- so here it is: my Almaz clone, the Adamas-LCP2Tr4 APOS, is now up: I think after this, I will start to work on completing the Lunar Program before moving to Constellation modules. (Yes, they are in work, just not high priority)
  2. It's from the Chinese movie "Wandering Earth". To my understanding, United Earth scientist basically made Earth into an interstellar spacecraft. Its a prop, but a beautiful prop nonethess. Now, someone should make a mod so a real Wandering Earth can be done. Edit: Yes, it actually caused teh surface uninhabitable. And earthquakes and etc. But hey, at least some people survive.
  3. Jestersage

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    Yet another quick update: this time, it's my "balanced" replica of proton. At the bottom right hand corner of the poster, you will notice my next project, my Almaz-APOS clone. Functionally, it's pretty much finalize, but its looks may or may not be improved. Why do I call it "balanced"? The problem with many proton clone is the use of Vector. Overkill and too expensive. So prior to 1.6, I was using Skiff... but the rebalance screwed up the TWR. After deciding to forgo the nozzle aesthetic , I decide to just go with Kodiak+Cub. The other aesthetic concession I made is the use of Bobcat instead of 4x1.25m thrusters (too low TWR) or use 1x Skipper (Aesthetic concession, but is actually better)
  4. Based on what I know, the SEV and even one of the Altair concept is to have a base pressurized module that can be transfered between different modules for maximum reusability. This is especially true for the Lunar rover variant, where the presurized module is mounted with ATHLETE legs, and can detach from the decent/ascent module and be used as a rover to shuttle between the lander and base (should the lander be landed far away), and then back onto the ascent module for take off. It actually make sense -- like space shuttle maximize reusability. Or how in KSP many made the rover-lander combo.
  5. Jestersage

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    So a quick update in this page: I had uploaded the ErX version of the LyncBon, and based on the upvotes and reddit comment, the ErX is more favored. Along with it is the appearance of my Workhorse 2.5m Rocket, "Ladle ErCC". Despite being based on Zenit/Soyuz-5/RD-170 rockets, I actually utilize the Mastadon in order to lower the price of the rocket (If I really have to follow through with the power comparison to F-1, it should have been the Mainsail...). In any case, Click on my signature to see it. Also, when I realize all capsules can have orientation changes, I updated the orientation of the Dongmeng and Dongmeng-G so the Kerbals are not off by 90 degrees from the traveling direction. I also added the radiators to the Dongmeng-G's Orbital module for added thickness.
  6. So what is your poison? (Teacher's and KVINT in my case... the latter may have spoke to me a bit more... and do not be surprise if I actually start to make something name "Koniaki" )
  7. Yes, it was an early (1.0-1.3) design. A 2-person open flyer at the top of LV-1C/LV-2C habitation use lander. The 1.0-1.2 edition utilize monoprop engine, while 1.3 utilize LFO engine. For reason only known to him he decide to depreciate them.
  8. Isn't the Lunar Escape System the inspiration for ER-V (both the mono prop version and the LFO version)?
  9. Yeah, that's what I meant -- I forgot EOR may also implies assemble a lander for direct landing. And thanks for the answer (the boil off is one of those stock-ksp-does-not-teach stuff)
  10. While I understand why partial LOR is used for Saturn-V, I am wondering why all modern plans seems to go with True LOR instead of EOR. From what I gather, only the Constellation plan using Earth Departure Stage use EOR. The rest, from Energia Lunar (aka energia LOK), to Shuttle-C, to SLS, and even modern Roscosmo utilize a complete LOR, where both Capsule and Lunar lander is sent to Lunar orbit and rendezvous there.
  11. Jestersage

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    After debating between the various design, I decide to release my LyncBon Space capsule, inspired by Russia's Federasiya with lots of liberty taken. I know the standard interpretation will definitely use a straight-1.8m LFO tank, but I decide to make it a bit more powerful, befitting Russia' plan to use it for Lunar operation -- and as usual, overbuilding their stuff a lot:
  12. Jestersage

    So what is Serenity?

    Maybe that's exactly it -- some way to build things, in fact. aka a stock KAS
  13. Jestersage

    So what is Serenity?

    Subreddit, which report it's in the bugchecker:
  14. Jestersage

    So what is Serenity?

    So is this just a seperate branch, or something in line? Please don't gimp the DLC this time, btw. Other than that, shut up and take my money!
  15. That is more Jett Quasar's forte...