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  1. Jestersage

    Part name changed

    I had not dig into the actual name change. However, the following is confirmed through a quick glance that we have actual "new" parts: // Mk1 Command Pod mk1pod.v2 // HECS probeCoreHex.v2 // OKTO probeCoreOcto.v2 // OKTO2 probeCoreOcto2.v2 // RoveMate roverBody.v2 // Stayputnik probeCoreSphere.v2 // RT-5 "Flea" Solid Fuel Booster // RT-10 "Hammer" Solid Fuel Booster solidBooster.v2 The following is unable to find the duplicate, and thus assume to be drop in replacement (no convertion needed) * HECS2 * QBE * FL-T100 * FL-T200 * FL-T400 * FL-T800 I will dig up the text file name when I am less busy tommorrow.
  2. So basically don't use it as BFS. Got it.
  3. Question: Is this still valid for 1.4.5?
  4. Yeah, didn't see the misalignment. As for the reaction wheel -- Ooh, that could be the reason -- to mimic the 4 reaction wheel of ISS, I placed 4 large reaction wheels right at center strut... Considering how many ISS clones are there, how much reaction wheels is actually needed?
  5. Okay, I am trying to go stock, namely because I want others to be able to share in the glory. I am not seeing the issues... In any case, would it be better to just disable autostructs?
  6. So right now I am working on an ISS clone, and I notice it has quite a bit rubber band after rotation that does not settle. Not sure what may cause it. I am, of course, using the standard size ports for connections, and autostruct everything through grandfather. Not sure if teh autostruct cause the problem or not. If you guys need some pictures, do let me know.
  7. SVR-23 is the "Mk-2 shuttle with 1x Shuttle Liquid Booster beneath, launched like Buran", right? I think it has two problems for you: STS Shuttle inheritly have stability problem in KSP There are not much historical basis for such configuration with a IRL diameter of 3 to 5 meters (technically there is one -- MAKS, which is air launch) What you should do instead is to make it an analogue to the Hermes or LKS shuttle -- make it inline. In fact, I guess that will be my next release (still tinkering with my TKS). I know for a fact that it is capable of reaching a 125k orbit, as I was using your designs before redesigning it to get around such issue.
  8. While there is no way one can go "perfectly match up" in size and etc to the real life, but is it just me that the CBM tunnels are significantly big compare to the SSVP used by Russian Segment? So say I build a space station. Should the russian segment use the clamp-o-tron jr while the American segment use the clamp-o-tron standard? Or should the American Segment use the SR dock?
  9. Jestersage

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    Guess you are right -- we have different style, and by aesthetic there's no way I can match up yours, nor would it be applicable in this case (since I go for function/part count over looks)
  10. Jestersage

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    Thanks, everyone, for enjoying my crafts. So right now, I am doing another soviet clone, this time the TKS, and I am trying to figure out which configuration to use The one on the left have more delta-V, while the twos on the right have more cargo capacity, and look closer to TKS due to the radiators. Now I am still trying to decide, so if some people can put forth opinion, that will be great! And yes... I at first had debated between using the Mk3 capsules or the KV-3s. Reading up the spec of the original, it is said the VA capsules technically only have 2.7m diameter, as oppose to the 4m diameter of Apollo Capsule. Combine with the looks, I decide to use an iteration that are based on the 1.875m parts, at least for now.
  11. Hey Raptor, would like to ask your opinion: In terms of docking port, when would you use the junior ports, and when should you use the standard ports? Or would it be better to just choose one depends on the looks of one and then have its supporting hardware follow suit?
  12. Jestersage

    Updating Steam-shared craft files

    Install the KerbalX mod then. You have installed KER and a bunch of other mods, right? In fact, why are you here then? Steam have a discussion board.
  13. Jestersage

    Updating Steam-shared craft files

    Use KerbalX
  14. I was thinking of the gigantic array...
  15. Question: How do you determine which Solar panel to use? Specifically, I am looking a your MOL clone, and I am wondering how you decide to go with the smaller 1x6 panel (aside from, of course, the original one does not have solar panels at all). That got me thinking about the size of solar panel I should have used for my designs.