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  1. While there is no way one can go "perfectly match up" in size and etc to the real life, but is it just me that the CBM tunnels are significantly big compare to the SSVP used by Russian Segment? So say I build a space station. Should the russian segment use the clamp-o-tron jr while the American segment use the clamp-o-tron standard? Or should the American Segment use the SR dock?
  2. Jestersage

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    Guess you are right -- we have different style, and by aesthetic there's no way I can match up yours, nor would it be applicable in this case (since I go for function/part count over looks)
  3. Jestersage

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    Thanks, everyone, for enjoying my crafts. So right now, I am doing another soviet clone, this time the TKS, and I am trying to figure out which configuration to use The one on the left have more delta-V, while the twos on the right have more cargo capacity, and look closer to TKS due to the radiators. Now I am still trying to decide, so if some people can put forth opinion, that will be great! And yes... I at first had debated between using the Mk3 capsules or the KV-3s. Reading up the spec of the original, it is said the VA capsules technically only have 2.7m diameter, as oppose to the 4m diameter of Apollo Capsule. Combine with the looks, I decide to use an iteration that are based on the 1.875m parts, at least for now.
  4. Hey Raptor, would like to ask your opinion: In terms of docking port, when would you use the junior ports, and when should you use the standard ports? Or would it be better to just choose one depends on the looks of one and then have its supporting hardware follow suit?
  5. Jestersage

    Updating Steam-shared craft files

    Install the KerbalX mod then. You have installed KER and a bunch of other mods, right? In fact, why are you here then? Steam have a discussion board.
  6. Jestersage

    Updating Steam-shared craft files

    Use KerbalX
  7. I was thinking of the gigantic array...
  8. Question: How do you determine which Solar panel to use? Specifically, I am looking a your MOL clone, and I am wondering how you decide to go with the smaller 1x6 panel (aside from, of course, the original one does not have solar panels at all). That got me thinking about the size of solar panel I should have used for my designs.
  9. Okay, another question: Is there any benefit of having multiple Experiment Storage Unit on the same non-detachable part? (aka experiment container)
  10. Now, according to wiki, the description is "Orbits that are completely out of the atmosphere (e.g. PE > 70 km around Kerbin) are stable (PE and AP don’t change)." So my question is: how well does it actually mimic a decaying orbit? Would like to have an excuse to fire the thrusters of my space station.
  11. Jestersage

    TKS/FGB and Almaz's engine number

    Yes, I am aware they are different. In terms of the stat that I need to replicate them, I may as well ask them in one thread I wanted to double check because with a cut away, those on the side (should they exist) would also be not shown, but seems like (according to many other pictures, plus what NASA stated) there would be only 2 engines. Not surwe why FalseSteps say there are 4. Thank you. Asked it before 3 months ago. That much I was aware.
  12. During my craft creation, I was looking up on the design, and while there are no way they will be one-to-one replica(don't want to kill people off with a 1000+ part count craft), I realized I forgot one aspect: the number of engines (as in, in terms of KSP, so excluding what we will mimic with RCS) So according to NASA's article, as well as some pictures The TKS have 2 engines, 1 at the "top" and the other at "bottom", based on pictures and description of NASA The Almaz have 2 engines, on diagonal However, according to FalseSteps, the TKS have 4 engines. So which is correct?
  13. Jestersage

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    Thanks. In fact that is exactly what I had in mind. As for JS 航天, the answer is "yes and no". That would have been the best translation from Chinese to English, but 航天 is a term used specifically for spaceflight; in fact, CNSA in Chinese is 國家航天局 (lt: National Spaceflight Agency).
  14. Jestersage

    JS Hangtian Crafts (JS航天)

    So finally my Mir Clone is completed. However, I am still not ready to bring it to KerbalX, not even as the completed-in-one-file -- because while I can make it as a piece, I have not test out how well it would do with my supposed launcher (a Proton clone). But for now, I find my graphic design (which of course, is inspired by Raptor9): As many can tell, my focus is always part counts and functions, and so there will be more rough edges and "exposed" parts. I believe this is acceptable, since there are a lot others who build nicer looking crafts at the expense of part-count-creep. Bonus fun: Anyone that know the real inspiration for its name get a virtual cookie from me
  15. Hey Raptor9, if we need some advice, can we still ask you? (I myself is less "stuck" and more of "too many good combination, don't know which one to pick")