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  1. Question: Can I just use MechJeb as KER?
  2. Speaking of stage and a half: The Decoupler actually allows thrust and heat to go through the ring, so you can actually do a real Atlas Analogue and a Lk-1 analogue (In fact I tested a LK-1 myself) in Kerbin orbit, trying to test the N-1 itself) Based on this, you may even be able to do a mobile launch system (which TBH is useless as it tie to the diameter of the decoupler)
  3. A KSP Ultimate edition

    If anything, the fact that not many people buy DLC would encourage ultimate edition. Payday2 is a P2P network game, but as long as the host have the DLC, all player can play the map. So not everyone will get DLC if they just want the new missions. By goign Ultimate edition, and charge as it was before, they can actually increase the price in a sense, since you MUST buy DLC. In effect, Stock+ become Stock. This will also make the "stock only" challenge interesting, as it will include DLC if ultimate edition is pushed out with the standard edition removed.
  4. One of my favorite game is Payday 2, which they eventually baked the DLC into the game. Perhaps TakeTwo should do the same. That way, no one can complain about DLC not being stock.
  5. Realistically, any reaction wheel?

    It was more of trying to figure out whether to install a reaction wheel on the Soyuz clone, since I actually need to add a lot of monoprop onto it. I think I will use the smallest one and then go 10%, keeping it stock.
  6. I know that all spacecraft, including and since Apollo and Soyuz, have gyro wheels. Are they basically the reaction wheel? Or should I just pack more monoprop? (note: I am aware spaceraft mean manything. in here, I actually include both Space Station and Capsule/Shuttles/Spaceplanes)
  7. Apollo 8 mission challenge

    Is DLC counted as modded or not?
  8. Awesome. Can't wait to see the new MOL you will build with the Gemini Capsule. As for me, I decide to exploit the OP-ness of the Cub verniers for VA+Almaz... borrowing your MOL module side TBH. In fact I will probably stick with Soviet (edit: And China) since a) I manage to build an N1, testing it now (can use a bit more monoprop, as they do not have Reaction wheels) b) Everyone built a Saturn V already... in fact you may want to keep some of the 1.3.1 for non-DLC options. You may as well do a Nova DA lander.
  9. TKS/VA space craft nose section

    Fine. let's call the slim narrow end of VA "tail", regardless whether it docks with TKS or not.
  10. TKS/VA space craft nose section

    That is exactly what made it confusing by description instead of just picture. Because the nose is on the left. Seeign Soviet started with "pointy end containing thrusters" with Vostok, When one want to be as accurate as posible it is a bit confusing. So how accurate is this KSP recreation for the VA capsule?
  11. TKS/VA space craft nose section

    Thank you for the response. I am looking at the two nozzle looking like object at the very tip of the above line diagram. Not sure if they are deorbiting engines or RCS nozzles. It is precisely because it's so much easier to make a VA either way that really made me think. In KSP, I managed to make a VA with the puller configuration (nozzle pointing toward wide end) that actually lift the thing off with only 3 Cub nozzles from MH, with 1100 dv at Sea level.
  12. TKS/VA space craft nose section

    I was looking at Specifically, it mentioned: " 2x1 "engines of correction and approaching", "DKS" — at "zenith" (i.e. "top") and "nadir" (i.e."bottom") sides of the ship, thrust 447 kgf (not kN!) each. "Main" engines." and also "Rear" and "front" sides of TKS are confusing. The VA capsule is indeed the rear side of the ship, it starts with its rear side up."Front" part (from orbital pov) is what you can see on this photo, biconical 4m-wide compartment).Wide (4m) side - front, narrow (3 m) side - rear. VA - at the rear. Which can be seen in here:
  13. TKS/VA space craft nose section

    Not helpful. Already did that. Picture seems to be conflicting due to the four nozzle pointing toward wider end, but also read some information about VA being upside down. All diagrams just mentioned "braking engine", "RCS", with no indication of how it actually works.
  14. Place it here as it's more of the craft information. How is the thruster positioned in the VA/TKS' nose section? Does the nozzle aim toward the pointy-side (basically Vostok retro thruster), or does it flare out toward the wide side (I do notice there are nozzle angled outward toward the wide side)?
  15. So just like in reallife, the Voskhod Capsule sitting position is rotated 90 degrees. However, when placed on launchpad, assuming we do not rotate it during construction, it will seems the control would not follow the IVA unless the option (to control ship base on IVA PoV) is enabled? Can someone confirm that is exactly as behaved?