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Found 8 results

  1. [Licensed with Mozilla Public License 2.0, more information in the License.md file] KerbalFunds: You just need that small amount of Funds/Science for upgrading/building/researching? You can get it easily now, using KerbalFunds! In the uploaded version, you can press L at the KSC to get the menu and press submit to close it. This video isn't the current version, the uploaded one can also add science points. Here is the spacedock page: https://spacedock.info/mod/3326/KerbalFunds Source code repository on GitHub: https://github.com/jdopss/KerbalFunds Changelog: 0.1: initial release 0.2: taskbar support button added, licensing
  2. HyperEdit is the ultimate cheat plugin for KSP. Teleport your ship, refill your tanks, change any orbit, move the planets around, and edit things like speed, gravity, atmospheric pressure, time, and more. v1.5.8, released July 10, 2018 : Works with KSP v1.12, and all versions back to 1.4.1. Kerbaltek is proud to be the official home of HyperEdit. For all official downloads, visit our site: www.Kerbaltek.com/hyperedit Please feel free to contact us here or on our site with any support or other issues you might have. We'll do our best to address everything in time.
  3. After research,Experimention,and scoping Internet... It's been found!!!! In pause do Up,Up,down,down,left,right,left,right... Enjoy every1!!!!
  4. Back in the game. I downloaded a new version, installed mods, and started a new career. And immediately noticed that Jeb can keep the ship in flight as an experienced pilot. I delete the mods that were suspected, go into the game, try it. Jeb can still hold radials, maneuver direction, and so on with 1 star. I remove all the mods in general, I clean the tails from them, I go in - everything is the same. I create a new game, a career, immediately go to the hangar, appear on the launch pad... And Jeb with no experience stars can enjoy all the hold functions. How do I fix this?
  5. Basically I went up to rescue the guy and he can't exit the vessel because it has no hatch. I'm a -long- way from unlocking the claw (and even if I could I would still cheat, or tell the guy giving me the contract to **** off for not giving me all information), and his life support is running out. I already queued up a mod to stop this from happening in the future. How cheat fix?
  6. I am not a cheater... but having watched Scott Manley's 5xG to orbit challenge, my first task on updating to 1.2 was to create a special game just to try a 10xG orbit... I gave up after I couldn't get anything to not explode on the pad over 8xG... (I love the stress creaking sounds though!) So I gave up and went back to my normal game. After losing an orbiting probe on a part rescue mission unexplainedly, and nearly my station, I went back in to check the gravity setting - still on 7.something xG?!?! Surely cheat menu options should be set in a particular save game and stored in that game only?
  7. Background: I am looking to come back fresh to 1.1 having played some 1.0.5 and I think I want to start a new game with all the things that I have learnt rather than try to move my 1.0.5 game with all its orbiting debris to 1.1. However, I do not find the initial phase interesting (e.g. fly a Command Pod + Parachute + Flea + Goo to the shore, collect science. Now repeat for grassland, ocean, highlands, etc, now repeat that all for temperature scans once that is unlocked). Then flying to the Badlands is just plain dull. Question: Is there a way to "cheat" all science experiments from Kerbin biomes? Similarly, once I have landed on Mun/Minmus a few times is there a way to cheat the remaining biomes? I am aware of the Starting Science option when starting a new game, but then I can get all the science twice (once from starting science and once from actually doing the experiments). So an alternative would just to mark those experiments as done, and add the start with a big bunch of science. Or I am open to other suggestions...
  8. The f-12 debug menu gives the option to have un-breakable joints and no crash damage. But even when i do my rocket still breaks up on water and land! Does anyone have an idea why???
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