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  1. it would be a few months as i am not used to blender. i have 5 years experiance in solidworks and 2 in inventor. i use those 2 at school in engineering class. lol i dont know where to start when making stuff for ksp but if i do id do something close to my rocketfanning heart, my beloved delta 2 but theres already great ones out there. including yours. i wish i could download that pack.
  2. im having a problem with this and a few other mods where if i want to add another faring it wont allow the attachment points to work unless i flip the part upside down. idk why it has been doing this. other than that fantastic mod! makes me think about taking time modeling for train simulator 2016 to model some stuff for KSP
  3. i love these parts. best pack available. i am having one problem though. i cant get the SAS to automatically steer the rocket to say a menuver node. did i do something wrong in install. thx