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  1. The article reads more like an advertisement than anything else. It was light on actual information. I'll file it under wishful thinking with a touch of looking for investment money so they can figure out what seems to be an extremely long list of technologies they need to make it work before they go broke.
  2. How do you manufacture monatomic hydrogen? Is it possible to store H2 then make it on demand? And, would that end up more or less efficient than just using that energy to throw heated H2 out the back?
  3. In west Texas(where I am) the winds were gusting to 35MPH. NWS says 5 - 10MPH winds until thursday. Looks good for tomorrow. edit: Boca Chica, according to NWS, will have 6MPH winds and cloudy tomorrow and 34MPH Wednesday. Will cloudy conditions matter for SN9?
  4. There is only the cost of building the brakes,steering, and suspension to handle the new tire size. The cost of doing it right is too high for most. John Force (NHRA drag racer) once said the only limitation to speed is money. I tend to agree with him on most things in the automotive world. But also consider nearly everything on a vehicle is a compromise. Going full off road makes for a terrible street vehicle.
  5. Clouds. Of course you need mods but, flying through clouds then seeing them from orbit still gives me a grin.
  6. Credibility went out the window, for me, when he was tightening a starter on a Ford truck from underneath like you would a Chevrolet starter. Ford starter bolts are parallel to the crankshaft.
  7. To me it suggests they just changed which shovel they are dishing out the BS with.
  8. no more shock than the recoil that was felt when firing the rifle. Bullets are dangerous because all the force is put into a tiny pointy object focusing the force into a small area, not because of the total force.
  9. It is feasible, But look at it this way, how long can the engine operate in those conditions without a filter? what is the likelihood of failure? Now with a filter, how long can it operate before the filter is clogged and gets sucked into the engine and 100% causes a failure? Then you look at the performance hit to see if it is really worth it. I would guess it is not worth it.
  10. This is my exact feelings about that show. I'll continue to watch it if there are more seasons to come but, I'll likely groan many times while I do.
  11. The BE-4 looks like a plumbers' nightmare.
  12. looks like the worlds largest beer keg.
  13. Having done a very small amount of climbing myself, I know strength is important but endurance is the key.
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