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  1. AngrybobH

    When and why did you start modding KSP?

    I modded the game within an hour or two because I couldn't dock and I was becoming frustrated. Docking port alignment tool was the first and I have used it so much I forgot that it wasn't stock. But, that can be said for a lot of the mods I use. Mechjeb was the next one because of dV readout and the SmartA.S.S. UI reminded me of a real flight computer. Then I fell down the mod rabbit hole and installed so many mods that I built a computer to handle it all instead of dropping some of them. Strangely, with the vast library of games I own and have played, KSP and Rimworld are the only games I mod. And I mod them quite severely.
  2. AngrybobH

    Are batteries too light?

    I think this wouldn't be too bad of a job considering most, if not all, adjustments can be made with a MM patch. MM patches are easily modified to suit the end users needs/wants. I would be interested in a community agreed (or roughly agreed) upon balance pass. As for batteries and their weight, I don't know how KSP batteries compare to real ones in actual electrical terms and real density. But, these are the specs of a real lithium ion battery in use on a nissan leaf 403V 24kWh 140Wh/kg 2.5kW/kg 192cells 294kg(648lbs) The newer leaf (2019) has a better battery(supposedly) but nissan hasn't even given the full specs to the EV specialists yet (me). Since KSP uses nerfed values for tanks and engines(RS-25D vs KSPs SSME), I don't know what would be appropriate for the game.
  3. AngrybobH

    JoolTube: 1.7 ton to Minmus and back

    Yeah, me too. Though, I kind of feel like it was chosen for the 1.7.......maybe. cool video. I over build everything so, I'd never discover the lower limits of mass.
  4. AngrybobH

    What's your favorite mods for building stuff?

    I fully agree with everything @Ozymandias_the_Goat wrote. And, to add emphasis, stock station parts redux and KIS/KAS are ALWAYS installed in any KSP game that I start. I'd also include in recommendations universal storage, spaceY, and MKS. Though, MKS changes the game quite a bit, it does have some interesting rover parts and station parts.
  5. On motorcycles/bicycles they call it rake but, yeah, same thing.
  6. Complex space stations are more a function of how much computer you have and mods to provide parts and hold it together. How to get it there and assemble it is a fun (for me) problem to tackle but also depends on the mods you have installed. The most complex station I have built started as a small mun orbit platform for the easy transfer of kerbals and science to and from the surface. It turned into something else because of contracts to expand it were the easiest money at the time annd I was trying to fund a manned(kerbaled?) mission to Jool. This thing is over 400 parts and brings my current computer down to about 10FPS. Still playable but a bit stuttery (is that a word?). This was built from more than 15 launches. It didn't start complex but I build stations to always have expandability in mind. So, my advice is to start small and then add modules until your computer melts or you are satisfied with it.
  7. I did the bicycle wheel test in my high school physics class. While holding a typical 10 speed bicycle wheel by handles on the axle and a classmate giving it a spin there is a very noticeable resistance to changing the orientation of the axle, even when the wheel is turning very slowly. so,
  8. AngrybobH

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I just recently came back to KSP and decided to check out the unofficial continuance of FAR. So, I'm just building airplanes in sandbox mode that have no real purpose. Here's my favorite so far.
  9. I have noticed the exact same behavior with 1.6 stock and slightly modded(6 mods). I would like to note that I did not play 1.5 at all but, I had the same problems in 1.4 and to a lesser degree in 1.3. I have also noticed it is worse when near a runway (any of them) and will get significantly better at a certain altitude(changes but usually about 2000m). Intermittently, dropping below that altitude near a runway reintroduces the z fighting. The dessert runway seems to do this more often (nearly always). Reloading the scene seems to always fix the issue.
  10. AngrybobH

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    This is problem I find almost unacceptable in movies or tv shows mostly because I am a mechanic. That and the fact that modern vehicles, with all their computers, draw a considerable amount of amperage even when off. Most modern vehicles won't have enough power to start after sitting in as little a 4 days. 2 weeks and even '90s cars won't start. Except that there are molds, fungus, and bacteria that can live in diesel. These can easily overwhelm the filter system that filters to 3 microns. Anything above 3 microns that gets into the injectors can damage them permanently because of small parts and insanely high pressures (200MPa). Also diesel engines can run(starting is harder though) on transmission fluid, motor oil, used cooking oil, etc but you have to be careful to check the PH. Too far from neutral can also damage the injectors and HP pump. Depending on storage, you can get water into the fuel from thermal cycling cracking and/or overwhelming seals(gasoline expands and contracts quite a bit). Water accelerates the separation of gasoline and what stays behind is basically lacquer that WILL require new parts to fix and there is water in your fuel already(more than you might think). Think about the problem of cleaning an 8mm ID, non-straight, 2 meter long piece of plastic (or soft metal) that is completely filled with solid dried lacquer without overbending or puncturing the part. Also, a vehicle fuel tank is not a good long term storage solution. It is open to atmosphere with the only interference being the activated charcoal evaporative emission canister, so water vapor is getting in.
  11. AngrybobH

    How will we terraform Titan?

    because of this (from wikipedia) Titan's internal magnetic field is negligible, and perhaps even nonexistent.[25] and the fact that melting all that ice would probably result is the emission of far too many VOCs, Titan looks more like a fuel storage container than something to live on. Plus lots of oxygen and heat with that high of percentage of HCs doesn't sound like a good time unless you like singed eyebrows.
  12. AngrybobH

    What did you do in KSP today?

    My nearly doomed (but saved!) Dres manned pioneer mission finally made it there. Jeb, Bob, and Bill made some footprints, planted a flag, and collected some science. The lander was designed for Duna. I didn't feel like making a new lander for Dres so, I sent this 2 stage thing. It turns out the spare fuel and more efficient engine it has will save the crew from running out of fuel. Laziness sometimes pays off. I then (because I was forced to use vacation days or lose them) obsessed over making a ridiculous SSTO that's basically a flying station. It has 4.6km/s dV, space for 20 crew, 5 years of supplies for a crew of 3, a removable front section with 1.7km/s dV and landing legs, a cargo hold with a returnable science drone, a mass over 200t, and a 200+ part count. Did I mention it was ridiculous? Here it is launching away from the sunset. And the underside. I might call it the "Nurnie" because it's a bit greebly. It flies ok as long as you don't get rough with it (or breath too hard on the controls). Its first test flight went to a 84km orbit and back. Landing was more like falling out of the sky in a (somewhat) controlled manner. But, in the end, it touched down and stopped(the important part) on the runway with all of its' bits intacted.
  13. AngrybobH

    What did you do in KSP today?

    My Mun colony mission has been cancelled after 2 full years of operation. The parts down there are old and out of date and I need crew for an expanded minmus mining mission. So, brought all 31 of the crew home for a quick break (9 days) before I fling them into space again. Here's the last of them docking with the X10-b because the X10 is serving out the rest of its' days as a coral reef east of KSC and the X10-a is being refitted with a left wing and upgraded brakes. The X10-b can land safely but needs a couple of days turn around to reload the barf bags and clean the passenger cabin as re-entry is 'exciting'.
  14. AngrybobH

    The Landing Legs & Gears Is Killing Me!

    I haven't used the stock landing legs since I found the MKS mod. The landing legs in there are awesome but more like using structural parts than landing legs but has an action group you can tie to the gear button. The best feature though is the ground tether(I think KIS needs to be installed for this to work). Toggling the ground tether on locks your vessel to its spot so even when you reload your ship it doesn't fly away. It even works on hills. I think this is the intended purpose of stock legs.
  15. I have to quote this as it's probably the best way to sum it up. Think about humanity as a whole, what percent of the population would be even willing to chance a ride on a rocket? Then, what percentage of them are useful enough to send to space? Then, what percentage to them could qualify physically and mentally to get the job done? If you qualify to go to space enough that someone would be willing to put you in a rocket with a job to do and then you go, you're an astronaut.