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  1. Well, Its a KSP_Watch tower bascially and a run down runway on a island.
  2. @Enceos Noice! Time to see if it can stand a nuke.
  3. well, it has changed a bit fair point. But did the kerbals abandon that KSC or built a new one?
  4. Well, looking back at the earlier versions of KSP we can see that there was no KSC at first glance. (Version 0.1) So this "easter egg" might be a hint to the next update. We have 4 easter eggs in town. (including ufo and arches on Mun.)
  5. So i've been flying a plane around kerbin when i found this perticular KSC. a bit away from the normal KSC. I mean, no suprise, its a old KSC from the early versions. A second KSC! Any Backstory/Story to this? because theres another different thingy that resembles the KSC at sea. http://imgur.com/Og1cjU4
  6. Cant i just get a friend who knows about this and he can teach me?
  7. So i've been using BDArmory and North kerbin dynamics for a while now, but when 1.2.2 came out i installed new mods and suddenly i cant fire the nukes. BDArmory stopped showing up on the side of my screen too.. any fix for this?
  8. welp it doesnt work weapon manager doesnt even work bd armory doesnt want to appear using 1.2.2 this is just UGH
  9. The.. Weapon manager? What? Im a noob at modding. i know nothing about mods expect how to install them and build them.
  10. Need help again! so i installed new mods for KSP. Now there is no fire missile button. i installed destruction effects. What now?
  11. Whats ERAU? Never heard of it. (ps if you were born in poland or the UK or germany you would understand)
  12. Okay, ill tell the truth. i set off a nuclear bomb drop test and the test plane exploded along with its crew. i also accidentally destroyed the KSC. And then i attempted to mount some lasers onto a battle ship. Things collided.
  13. Maybe the kerbals have gone from Mars in the Sol/Sun solar system to the kerbol solar system and repopulated on a similiar-to-earth planet which had the capability of getting life on it and the rest discovered a virus on Duna that infected them and they set off a war for Kerbin. But as we know, thats just a theory submerged in one million other theories.
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