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  1. I did move all of the save files into a folder earlier but it didn't change anything. As far as I remember I had just saved my game and clicked on communications relay and it just crashed .. Not really anything uncommon for me I had probably 15 crash files saved which seem to be gone now .. I also did backup my game a while back but the backup files seem to be missing as well.. Is thee any way to get my ships back or must I start a new save?
  2. @sal_vager do you mean my ship files in the save folder? Because I don't see one there I only see the one in the ksp folder.
  3. So I was playing some KSP and all of a sudden it crashed. Nothing out of the ordinary really, it happens from time to time. But when i loaded up the game this time and hit resume saved, it showed no save files. I went into the save folder and all my saves were still there but they wouldn't show up in game. I tried restarting the game multiple times, restarting my computer, and I backed up my files on steam and uninstalled the game, then reinstalled it. I tried restoring a previous version of KSP through steam, although I probably did it incorrectly, and i saved my files in another folder on my computer in case something would happen to them. i tried copy pasting them back into the save folder in KSP as shown below but again, nothing. How can i fix this?