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  1. Absolutely, please do. I'd love to see this added to this or another mod.
  2. This is a must have Mod for me to get a satellite network in a synchronous orbit with the satellites equally spaced apart. Thanks for this great tool! The one thing that I couldn’t figure out is how to get at least 1 satellite in a stationary orbit directly over the KCS (or any other spot above any planet or moon). To do that I created a KOS script to create a burn node at the right time and the right dV. Using your mod with the KOS script makes this process very easy. Hope this helps anyone trying to do the same thing.
  3. I really enjoy this mod and I appreciate your work on it. I think the current version is "breaking" remote probe control in KSP version 1.2. I uninstalled all my mods and remote probe control worked. I then added all the mods back 1 at a time and when I added this mod it stopped working. I then deleted AmpYear and it worked again. FYI
  4. Ok, I'm a noob... what do I do with the extra texture sets file? (Current "SSTU-")? I copied the contents to the main KSP Gamedata folder and I also added the contents to the "GameData/SSTU/TextureSets" folder. Neither seemed to do anything.