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  1. Also, what tool are you using to make the internal Iva colliders ? Especially the one where you drag with a mouse? Did you make those tools your self? If possible, could you share them with the community? I would love to use the tool to help you speed up the mod making (I don't even care if you mention me I just really love this idea and would love to see it work) as well as help integrate this into other mods. I have a fair bit of experience with 3d modeling and some unity experience. I could help make the colliders for things like rpm capsules and some popular mods.
  2. Will this work with a replaced rpm Iva for compatible command pods? Can you possible share with some people how you're doing this ( people like Roverdude and the like) and maybe they can implement it into their mods? If you got in contact with squad I feel there's a good chance this could make it into the stock game.
  3. I meant can I have the .craft files.....
  4. foofie99

    [KSP 1.0.5][Beta 1.0] Kerbal Tubes

    Possibly a mod maker who is very familiar with kerbaltubes code? I was messaging pizzaoverhead earlier about a suggestion I came up with on how to remake freeiva by using kerbaltube ideas. If you want to take a look at it, I can add you to the conversation?
  5. foofie99

    [KSP 1.0.5][Beta 1.0] Kerbal Tubes

    Ah! Got it! Don't know how though XD Also, Are you a kerbaltubes dev?
  6. foofie99

    [KSP 1.0.5][Beta 1.0] Kerbal Tubes

    I feel stupid because ive been playing for a few months lol. Still pretty new, but I was too dumb to use the VAB search bar
  7. Can i have the downloads for the crafts in that first image? This one
  8. foofie99

    [KSP 1.0.5][Beta 1.0] Kerbal Tubes

    Sorry. I figured it out. Pretty sure I'm plain stupid. I had seen Kottabo space program's review of the mod, and looked under the utility tab, but everything was under the structural tab. Sorry about that.
  9. foofie99

    [KSP 1.0.5][Beta 1.0] Kerbal Tubes

    This mod doesnt even work in 1.1 lol. No parts are even added