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  1. Vall definitely has something special
  2. Spectra\Spectra_scatterer\Planets\Jool\atmo.cfg has configs for all planets. Is this a bug?
  3. I just restored some parameters from the previous Spectra: // Yellow Tint is back :) (remove this file if you don't like this) @Scatterer_atmosphere:AFTER[Spectra] { @Atmo[Kerbin] { @configPoints { @Item,4 { @skyExtinctionMultiplier = 1 @skyExtinctionTint = 1.5 } @Item,5 { @skyExtinctionMultiplier = 1 @skyExtinctionTint = 1.5 } @Item,6 { @postProcessExposure = 0.06 @skyExtinctionTint = 1.5 } } } } Without the patch: With the patch (like in the previous Spectra): Note: this work with Scatterer 0.0336
  4. You removed the yellow tint from the Sun's reflection on Kerbin in the last update. You don't like this now? I still like the yellow tint, even wrote a small patch to restore it
  5. Проверь, включено ли в настройках Advanced Tweakables. Ну или моды шалят.
  6. Hitchhiker pod got multiplier from LS, not MKS.
  7. Install SVE, then remove all except StockVisualEnhancements\SVE_Configs\SVE_CityLights.cfg StockVisualEnhancements\Textures\ StockVisualEnhancements\Textures\ StockVisualEnhancements\Textures\ , you will have City Lights.
  8. Check the presence of "Plugins\001_AnisotropicPartResizer.dll" and "Plugins\PluginData\001_AnisotropicPartResizer\001_AnisotropicPartResizer.glob" in "000_AT_Utils"
  9. Duna was visited to check the possibility of vertical landing in a thin atmosphere. Could I clarify? Why level 2 for RS-250 and RS-375? They have 5 and 6 seats. "at least one unique Kerbonaut landing on each moon" means "no together landing"?
  10. Three rocket spaceplanes with ISRU:
  11. It's very short: "the aero bug was fixed".