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  1. Eeloo Exploration Challenge!

    Why do we need 4 seats for 2 kerbals?
  2. If the craft can weigh 1000 t, it will weigh 1000 t. Only weight distribution between stages can be tuned.
  3. How to calculate Delta V?

    When calculating dV, KER assumes that all engines are turned on. This works in most cases, but sometimes, when a set of different engines is installed, dV significantly depends on the order of switching on the engines. For special cases, it is better to use an Excel table in which various engine switching options will be calculated.
  4. I did it just as an example of the need for limitations No originality, simple brute force.
  5. I think no one wants to start a new career just for the challenge. It consumes too much time. Perhaps, the limitation of the technology level will be better? And what do you think about this restriction: no debris in orbit?
  6. The Ultimate Challenge

    It can be hard to find a good transfer window from Eeloo to Jool. I think, it's better to try Moho second.
  7. With no limitations it looks like this:
  8. The Ultimate Challenge

    No. In any order. Maybe, Eeloo - (Moho - Eve/Gilly - Duna/Ike - Dres) with apocenter around Eeloo - Jool sys. - Kerbin sys.
  9. Starter KSC-Island Challenge Only one pod now
  10. Starter KSC-Island Challenge

    Oh, I missed this rule. I'll find another way to balance the craft when the fuel runs out.
  11. Starter KSC-Island Challenge There were a discussion about planes. This craft has a cabin, engines, wings, a tail and some kind of chassis. I think, it's a plane
  12. Starter KSC-Island Challenge

    Only if you add a booster to them )
  13. Starter KSC-Island Challenge

    If a thing can glide, then it's the plane.
  14. Starter KSC-Island Challenge

    Yes. With one small difference: reaction wheels instead of control surfaces
  15. Starter KSC-Island Challenge

    Just take a closer look at the Start set. It has everything necessary to fulfill the conditions