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  1. @Loren Pechtel Ok, we can argue over how complex algorithms I'm using in my work. The point is, that I don't know much about time complexity of different algorithms and their types. It's probably better to move this conversation into private messages to not spam here to much
  2. Thanks for info. I'll look into into some day to learn more. I'm not using algorithms in my daily work, therefore I need to catch up and do some research Option three will raise other issues and I don't want invest to much time in it, if I don't know, what will be with this mod in the future.
  3. Definitelly. It changed quite a bit every exploration by a rover. Do you want to visit all anomalies on the Mun? No problem. Do you want to visit Muns poles? No prob... well, poles are a little bit rough area, but it's doable
  4. Glad to hear this. I have a rover on a way around Kerbin and in combination with the new ScanSat it's perfect anomalies hunter. ScanSat have option to add waypoints by clicking on its map and BV can navigate to a waypoint. Only limit is the maximum distance for path finder utilities. It's around 350 kilometers. I didn't looked into this part of the code yet, because it's not a big deal, to make few hops between a start and a destination.
  5. I'm using also MKS (in reality, full USI mod suite), therefore I add some hab parts to have enough for planned trip (hab multipliers are key parts). Sometimes it's a close call
  6. As far as I can tell, everything is working. Thanks for you work.
  7. WBI S.A.F.E.R. snuged into service bay:
  8. It wasn't meant to rush a fix. Just to clarify things for others, who are using your mod
  9. Regarding the new background, it's displayed in every window with the default KSP skin.
  10. @JPLRepo It seem's, that I found a bug. I had found bodies and one research pending, but after update there is only Sun, Kerbin and Mun in the Observatory (hard setting). Even if I find them again or change isResearched and researchState in a persistent file in the ResearchBodies scenario, it's reset back to false and zero respectively. Log: EDIT: I tested it in a clean install with just a few mods like Kerbal Engineer to quickly find Minmus and tried to track a body. Minmus was successfuly found and research points added, but there isn't entry in the Observatory to start research.
  11. It's probably a typo in the version file on AVC site, but I'm asking to be sure.
  12. AVC shows, that version 1.9.5 is available. Is some fix following or can I ignore it?
  13. The thrust-to-weight ratio of a rocket, or rocket-propelled vehicle, is an indicator of its acceleration expressed in multiples of gravitational acceleration g. Minmus has lower gravity then Kerbin, therefore a ship will have bigger TWR around Minmus, because it's value is expressed in multiples of gravitational acceleration of a local body..
  14. Unofficial release Change list: Only for KSP 1.3 Fix for a rover burried in the ground Wild Blue Industries reactors support Download: Version for KSP 1.3 All previous releases and full change log are here: I started a new career in KSP 1.3. This means, that I'm stopping support of my version of BV for KSP 1.2.2 and from now on there will be only new versions for 1.3. If I find something that I need to fix (or you reported it ). There is the last unofficial prerelease version of BV for 1.2.2 which has fixed rover height over terrain. You can use it without worries.
  15. Depending on your difficulty settings, you can have partial control of probes, if signal is lost (Settings - Game Difficulty - Advanced - CommNet Options - Require Signal for Control must be unchecked). This means, that you can use SAS and it's functions (Hold, Prograde, Retrograde etc.) and throttle to full power. If you have probe core, which can hold retrograde or if you orient it before signal lost to the right direction, you can circularize.