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  1. @paul23 people here mentioned range of tools you can use, but you still complain. Be creative and use available tools. If something is lategame in your career game, then you must deal with it and work around it.
  2. Jool 5 mission is done. It went smooth-ish, but we learn every day imgur album
  3. Place a waypoint (I'm using Waypoint manager) at an 'arrival point' a few meters away, and target that.
  4. Look at lat and lon boxes when you selecting your target. You can edit the numbers, leaving first two digits after dot is usually enough to arrive near a target, and then set it to recompute a route. Btw, the little teleports are there due to inner workings of KSP.
  5. EVA a Kerbal and Repaint that container from outside.
  6. Find the mod or mod combination which is the cause of errors and test it on stock install (stock, that mod(s) + tweakscale). There is probably some patch clashing with tweakscale. This will help @Lisias with debugging.
  7. I know, that REKT core is rectangular, but it made me smile
  8. Then you need a lot of hab time as I wrote. It's doable, but it needs some experimenting to properly mix basic hab modules and hab multipliers to get the maximum effect.
  9. You can achieve "infinite" home and hab time if there is more than 50 years of hab time per Kerbal (1 year in case of pilots and scouts). But I suggest Deep Freeze mod for long voyages. You can freeze all Kerbals but one (or all, if you have a drone core on a ship), so they will not consume resources and their home and hab time is freezed too.
  10. I found, that a break from modding is giving me more time to play. I'm on route to Eeloo in my stock game and Eve and Jool 5 mission after that. Then it's time to try JNSQ
  11. Pilots and scouts have lower hab limit over which they can stay in a vessel indefinitely.
  12. The best way is to attach a part to a ship, move Kerbals, reattach the part and repeat until you are at the desired place. Every Kerbal has a 1t limit and they add it together. You need only one of them to attach parts. The others are only helpers.
  13. The base part is in the Control category, two updates for the stock tech tree are in Unmanned Tech and Automation categories and the third updated (for CTT) is in the Artificial Intelligence category. The updates reduce unmanned penalty. The part placement in the tech tree was changed after introducing the part upgrades. What you see in the Unmanned Tech is the first upgrade.
  14. That's the problem here. Parts are internaly connected in a tree structure (parent - child), so circles are not possible. There are of course some exceptions in form of fuel lines and struts, but other parts must stick to the parent-child rule.