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  1. What works for me with VS 2019: My project build as Debug and mod's pdb file copied along with dll into test version of KSP Dll from Sarbian Unity debugger attached to the port 55555 Then I start ksp_x64.exe and as soon as the main menu (and my mod) is loaded, the breakpoints are registered
  2. @steve_v Next BV version will have a little change based on your issue. Usage of batteries will be switched off during system chek and user will be notified about it when there isn't enough of power to recharge a rover.
  3. The problem is, that the rover has not enough power to drive AND recharge batteries, so a hidden check stopped it during move phase. I agree, that the message can be more specific. I'll do something about it.
  4. @steve_v I found, why it stopped. You have the option Use batteries enabled, but there isn't enough power to recharge them. If you look at messages, there is a message, that rover stopped and a reason why. If you switch that option off, than you rover is good to go. Regarding that exception, that must be an interaction with some other mod. If you find it, I'll (try to) fix it.
  5. @steve_v I can test it myself, if you upload the craft and save files.
  6. I can identify the function where it crashes, but I need more information. If you manage to replicate it in a clean install, then it will be easier.
  7. First of all, you don't need the patch zzzz_local/BonVoyage_Rovemate.cfg anymore, because RoveMate is patched by BonVoyage. About the exception. If there isn't another active BonVoyage module on your rover, then only way how to find what's going on is to try it in a clean installation. If it works, then add mods to find out if there is some incompatibility. You probably know the drill Btw, you can have more parts with BonVoyage module on one vessel, but you need them to shutdown and leave online only one of them. My philosophy is: "Let users be responsible for what they do".
  8. Is it possible, that you have more parts with BV module on the rover? If yes, shutdown all but one. If no, than I need to see, what's going on.
  9. Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. Can you elaborate it?
  10. The best way is to make a copy of your game just for the test, install BV and then try it. You will see if it's working or not.
  11. Versions 1.1+ are build against libraries shipped with KSP 1.9.1, but there is a possibility, that it will be working in KSP 1.8.1. Be brave and test it
  12. I suppose, that this function is in the PartModule. Use KSPEvent instead. For example: [KSPEvent(guiActive = true, guiName = "#LOC_BV_ContextMenu_Panel", category = "Bon Voyage", requireFullControl = true)] public void BVControlPanel() { BonVoyage.Instance.ToggleControlWindow(); }
  13. If you have a craft, which stil drifts (or rotates) in KSP 1.10.x even with my Parking brake, send it my way. I tested it and all looked well.
  14. It's a little quality of life mod, that I'm using all the time too.
  15. @Clamp-o-Tron @danielboro I will not change my mind in this case, because you can easily edit latitude and longitude of a target and targeting a vessel is only one of four targeting modes. That's not enough to change it for all of them and I'm against to much exceptions, because they complicate the maintenance.