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  1. It's intended. The route is found and stored in the controller beforehand, so there is no need for the autopilot a working connection later. And thanks for trying it
  2. Weird thing is, that I check for a null vessel reference and there is still one generated sometimes. As usual, not in my test instance, so I can't replicate it.
  3. maja

    [1.5.1, 1.4.5, 1.3.1] RemoteTech v1.9.0 [2018-10-29]

    Hi @TaxiService, I have a question regarding the API. How do I recognize, that a probe has a working connection to a CommandCenter or the KSC and therefore is operable? From the return value of API.HasAnyConnection function?
  4. @4x4cheesecake There is a new prerelease. I hope, that I identified the code, which generates that nullref. I don't know why it is generated, but catching it will help. There must be something not fully initialized during a scene change. Also, I halved move down cycle (this means quicker transition to a flight scene) and raised the altitude limit for the up movement.
  5. That option wasn't there, when I started contributing to BV.
  6. The new version fixes the altitude problems. I admit, it's a variation of the World Stabilizer code Reprogramming without reloading? Do you mean changing lat and lon in a savefile?
  7. @4x4cheesecake thanks, I'll look into it, if there is something. The fps drop has the connection to a rover moving up and down when it's coming off rails. I can reduce the count of steps of the cycle. Current value may be too pessimistic.
  8. @Zosma Procyon There is a little bit of safety margin (I'll test it, if it's enough), but if your base is bigger, then this could happen. You can edit the longitude and latitude to move the target away from the base. BV can't test, if there is some unloaded vessel in the way.
  9. Nothing in particular, just to test, if it's working as inteded (for example your rover you tried needs the rotation vector set to down) and to improve your gameplay Yes, it was possible to drive without a connection, but when this mod was created, there wasn't any CommNet. Only RemoteTech.
  10. Is here someone, who wants to test the new changes? Rotation vector tweak, rotation disabling and need of full control of probes, if you are using CommNet? I can make a prerelease. I plan to add battery usage and RemoteTech support to the next release, but I'll be off for a few days, so don't expect release before middle or end of the next week. We are still in the overhaul phase (you can check progress on github, there's an issue for it), that's the reason for an update once a week (two weeks). Edit: You can get it on github
  11. It does work without reorienting the root part (usually a pod), unless something changed in MJ lately.
  12. In the Ascent Guidance window are two fields, where you can enter degrees of rotation after a launch and at the start of a gravity turn. Enter into both of them 90 degrees and your craft will not turn.
  13. You can even have buttons in both toolbars simultanously. ToolbarWrapper is just the interface for a button in Blizzy's Toolbar (there is also a check, if toolbar is available).
  14. @blackrack Just a warning, that if you use the Toolbar Controller, it will be a hard dependence alongside with the Click Through Blocker. Another option is to add only ToolbarWrapper and implement a button placement yourself.