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  1. Hi, is it possible to get settings from cheat console? Mainly infinite fuel and electricity. If yes, how?
  2. @Yohaskan you can try to turn off motors on some wheels. You need only two motorized wheels. It will lower rover's speed, but it will lower power demands too.
  3. @jaunco325 It's what I thought. One of the wheels clipped to the terrain. BV tries to move a rover up during scene load to get clearance, but it can miss some bumps, if the terrain is uneven. There is probably nothing, I can do with it programatically. But the remedy is easy. Open the save file and edit the altitude of the rover. I added only a few meters and it was enough to get out of that terrain. VESSEL { pid = 3b20fc5cb7a0433ab600e88a28f31ace persistentId = 2039132760 name = Mini Rover lunar ... landedAt = Mun ... alt = 3400.440856645233
  4. Upload it somewhere, where I can download it. If you have a few mods, it's all right too, but I don't want to install too much mods. I just need list of them. Edit: Alternatively, if you know how, you can set your rover's position a little bit higher. I think, that you are clipping a terrain for some reason, but I want to know why, if possible.
  5. Too little information. If you press F3 after explosion, you can see in the window reason why it happened and what exploded. If it's nearly stock game and you have save file before switching to the rover, then I can test it. I always check, that a new version has the same files before updating and overwriting. But it's still better to delete whole folder and set config again.
  6. Thanks. Kerbal Foundries wheels and tracks (KSPWheel module) are supported a long time. I updated the OP and wiki, because this information wasn't there. Found it! Your installation of Kopernicus contains two files, that are not in mine and that are not in the latest release. Kopernicus.Components.dll and Kopernicus.OnDemand.dll.One of them or both are the culprit, because when I deleted them, the exception was gone. I don't know, if they're left there from an older installation or some other mod installed them.
  7. @aluc24 KSP 1.7.3 + DLCs BonVoyage 0.5.0 Kopernicus MFI 1.2.6 OPM 2.2.5 CCTP 1.0.4 Module manager 4.0.2 ...and nothing. All is good. Can someone else test it with this combination of mods and verify it?
  8. I'm not at home, but I found, that Kopernicus needs MFI and has the latest version (1.2.6) bundled. That means, that I tested it already without an error. Did you tried a clean copy of KSP? Steam sometimes leaves old files on disk during updates.
  9. @aluc24 ok, I'll look into it. If I remember correctly, Kopernicus is using stock flight integrator. So it's possible, that MFI does not handle the latest versions of KSP well.
  10. With which mod(s) you have is MFI bundled?
  11. ModuleEnginesFx is used for jets and ModuleEngines for rocket engines. Electric engines from supported mods are using ModuleEnginesFx.
  12. Btw, you can also make amphibious vessels, because you can switch autopilot modes on the fly. Of course, land mode will not be working on water and vice versa.
  13. Yes I recommend for long distances electric engines. Even jets are a little bit hungry, not mentioning rocket engines, because we are talking about ships. Hard limit for speed is 50m/s and there is some influence of mass, thrust and fluid density (I learned a few things about drag during development). So it's easier to move on Laythe and harder on Eve compared to Kerbin.
  14. Raise your glasses and celebrate. Naval operations starts just now! 0.5.0 - Come all you young sailormen, listen to me Changes We are ready to extend our operations to the water Stock jet and rocket motors are supported Support of electric motors from Feline Utility Rovers and USI Exploration Pack mods (and other mods, which has motors based on stock modules) Electric motors are the best ones for extended naval operations MiniAVC removed from the installation, because planned updates are done. If you need notification about new versions, use AVC instead I'm expecting, that you break something in BV the first moment you put your ship in the water, so this is not the final 1.0 release. That will come with KSP 1.8