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  1. @frikon Kopernicus disables itself when you have a wrong version (it's version locked to KSP version), but BV just detects, that Kopernicus is present, and tries to use it's functions.
  2. @SnakyLeVrai If it works, then I don't need a log
  3. Find all BonVoyage modules in the save file and delete a string after "pathEncoded =". It's encoded path of a rover. The exception complains about invalid length of that path string. If you can put your save file somewhere, I look into it. My little break from KSP modding is over, so I'm back in business
  4. @SnakyLeVrai Try to set firstRun in config to 1, open KSP, load a save, save it or change scene to propagate changes and then try it again. There is some rover with wrong path data, which is messing the loading. The firstRun resets all BV modules.
  5. @fatcargo I had a similar issue, when a window was centered regardless of of setting. The problem was, that there was an inner box which overflowed with its dimensions a minimal space between it and the window border, so KSP resized it, but also positioned the window to original it's location. Can this be also your case? I spent literaly two days hunting this error. ESC closing all dialog windows and opening menu dialog is a default behaviour, so I just catch it and react to it to properly reset the state of my opened windows.
  6. @Tonka Crash Thanks for the information. I have a little break from modding until the end of month, so I didn't tested BV in 1.6.x yet.
  7. Look here (Show and Dismiss): You must save a window's position on dismiss and reopen it after a scene switch. When you are switching between vessel, which are in physics distance, then a dialog window stays opened.
  8. Switch to Changelog tab. There are all uploaded versions.
  9. Version 0.13.3 is compatible with KSP 1.4.x. You don't need a version specific for KSP 1.4.5.
  10. There wasn't and isn't such default. Old version (for KSP 1.3.1): double deltaT = currentTime - lastTime; double deltaS = AverageSpeed * deltaT; double bearing = GeoUtils.InitialBearing( vessel.latitude, vessel.longitude, targetLatitude, targetLongitude ); distanceTravelled += deltaS; if (distanceTravelled >= distanceToTarget) { if (!MoveSafe (targetLatitude, targetLongitude)) distanceTravelled -= deltaS; else { distanceTravelled = distanceToTarget; New version (for KSP 1.5.1): double deltaS = AverageSpeed * deltaT; // Distance delta from the last update distanceTravelled += deltaS; if (distanceTravelled >= distanceToTarget) // We reached the target { if (!MoveSafely(targetLatitude, targetLongitude)) distanceTravelled -= deltaS; else { distanceTravelled = distanceToTarget;
  11. @danielboro Edit latitude and longitude manually to move a target, if you fear, that your rover will hit something.
  12. For anyone interested, BV is using A* algorithm for pathfinding. My dveloper expertise does not include pathfinding algorithms, so feel free to propose something better if you know about it.
  13. @B-STRK Yes, I don't support older versions, because It will be utter mess to support them after overhaul. As I wrote in the post just above yours: "That message tells you, that you don't have enough wheels with motors online" You don't need a connection in version for 1.4.x, so if it's only the one thing, which prevents you to use BV, then there is some influence of another mod, and also that version should be compatible with wheels from KerbalFoundries. That compatibility is there for a long time. Just to make things a little bit straight. Current version (for KSP 1.5.x) is a big overhaul (not remix, I was maintainer and coauthor for more than a year), because it will be much easier to extend a future functionality. So nearly everything you see right now is part of older versions, but this will change, because the time to add new features has come.
  14. That message tells you, that you don't have enough wheels with motors online. Enable the motor on another one.
  15. @B-STRK The GUI change made it incompatible with KSP 1.4.x. I'm getting MethodNotFound Exception in KSP 1.4.5. It's probably just the case of compiling against 1.4.5 libraries, but I don't want to have two versions of BV.