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  1. BV doesn't have catch up process to handle a fuel consuption. I assume that will happen when I do planned overhaul, because I want also a naval version of BV.
  2. This is the long-standing issue:
  3. @El Sancho or click that three conected dots in the upper right corner of a post and it will show you the link to the post. Works even on a mobile phone.
  4. @weregamer Yes, it's the most probably a stuck rover. Sometimes the height of the terrain reported by KSP isn't right. You can switch to a moving rover. The height is updated every time the rover moves. This mod may help to lift the rover up.
  5. maja

    Universal Storage II

    Look inside a part config file. There are defined all basic modules. Of course, a MM patch can add another module.
  6. maja

    Universal Storage II

    @Brigadier Isn't this more of a Recovery Controller issue, that there are new parts without appropriate options in the context menu? RC is the mod, which adds something to parts of other mods or the stock game.
  7. Did you check a state of that science in the research center?
  8. I though so, that it's the issue you mean. We are out of topic here and it will be better to discuss this in BV thread. Are there any planet packs, that do not use Kopernicus?
  9. May I know which things in BonVoyage?
  10. I have an idea how to communicate that switch to another scene to the player. I hope, that I remember to implement it when I return from vacation
  11. Did you read "How to" section in the OP?
  12. What do you mean not working? It works in 1.4.x. With some hiccups, because of KSP changes, but works.
  13. This one sounds like the best solution, if the code allows it.