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  1. Yes. Switch it on in the settings. Small "S" in the upper right corner of the main window.
  2. I will look into this. It can handle rovers, ships (this needs a little rework) and kerbals, so why not planes?
  3. Do you have a pilot as a driver by any chance? They are insane and has a bonus depending on their stars. If you mouse over the speed when setting path, then you can see the base speed and different bonuses and reductions.
  4. If you have electricity cheat on, then all checks are bypassed. I'm aware, that there are compatibility issues with other mods right now. I just needed a break to sort RL things. Please, be patient, I'm still here and an update is still planned
  5. Thank you for mentioning it. I will recompile it, because I didn't catch this problem.
  6. I can't help you, if you are using Realism Overhaul.
  7. This is from the first versions. Wheels have maximum power consumption, so it was established by the original author of this mod, that you need 35% of that maximum to operate a rover. You can disable some wheels to lower the requerement. BV counts only powered wheels. The drawback is, that your rover will have lower speed. I take it as quid pro quo. You have autopilot, which moves your rover behind scenes, but you need some power to operate it.
  8. @New HorizonsThe latest BV version needs compatibility check. I'm not sure, if all supported mods are still supported. It seems, that support for Kerbalism will be overhauled, because there are other issues. Can you add it to github issues? I can't tell, if it's possible, but I will look into it. https://github.com/jarosm/KSP-BonVoyage/issues As usual, life has tendency to mess with my plans. I'm still here with plans to maintain and update.
  9. You can edit the lat and lon values after selecting the target before you send a rover on its way. Just delete a few numbers after decimal point. There isn't a way to tell, if a target spot will be occupied by another vessel, when a rover is moving, so it's up to you to provide correct coordinates.
  10. The position and altitude is set when a rover moves, so you can switch to it anytime. After it arrives to the destination, then it's safe to change it's altitude in the save file, because it will not be overwritten.
  11. Height offset adds up to the terrain height, so that set altitude is correct. BV takes only latitude and longitude from a waypoint, but I will check it regardless, just to be sure
  12. I'll check it. It's possible, that something changed, because that wasn't an issue when I was using ScanSat waypoints. Check value of height offset in BonVoyage settings
  13. If you are trying it when Kerbals leaves vehicle, then you must reload controllers or do a scene change to register changes. Controllers are registered only for Kerbals on EVA when scene changes or when you request reload from the main BV window (R button near settings button).
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