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  1. /// <summary> /// Shutdown/Activate BV controller /// </summary> [KSPEvent(guiActive = true, guiActiveEditor = true, guiName = "Shutdown Bon Voyage Controller", category = "Bon Voyage", requireFullControl = true)] public void ToggleBVController() { shutdown = !shutdown; Events["ToggleBVController"].guiName = (!shutdown ? Localizer.Format("#LOC_BV_ContextMenu_Shutdown") : Localizer.Format("#LOC_BV_ContextMenu_Activate")); if (!HighLogic.LoadedSceneIsEditor) { Fields["vesselType"].guiActive = !shutdown; Fields["rotationVector"].guiActive = !shutdown; Events["BVControlPanel"].guiActive = !shutdown; if (shutdown) { if (active) { BVController controller = BonVoyage.Instance.GetControllerOfVessel(vessel); if (controller != null) controller.Deactivate(); } } BonVoyage.Instance.SetShutdownState(vessel.id, shutdown); } else { Fields["vesselType"].guiActiveEditor = !shutdown; } }
  2. Can you link the Sunworks mod here? If you have mostly stock vessel, the also craft file can help.
  3. It can be some change in NFE (there is one issue on github I need to check) or combination of mods. I have a lot of work, so BV is a little bit neglected, but KSP 2 does not seem to be ready anytime soon, so it's time to do a revision.
  4. They were on the night side of the Moon. Manned rover has a penalty when driving during night due to low visibility. Try to switch off rotation or change rotation vector. https://github.com/jarosm/KSP-BonVoyage/wiki/Settings#disable-rotation https://github.com/jarosm/KSP-BonVoyage/wiki/Settings#rotation-vector-advanced-tweakable
  5. https://github.com/jarosm/KSP-BonVoyage/wiki/Settings#rotation-vector-advanced-tweakable You can change rotation vector if a rover is rotated wrongly, because the up vector does not mean wheels down. I can be mistaken, but wasn't there a fix some time ago, so the root part is not changed after dock/undock anymore? The root part is easy to find and is used to find height of the rover above terrain also. I had issue with "Control from here", that it kept resetting. The 1000 meters between centers of grid tiles (hexagonal grid centered on current position) is not in the docs. It is hidden value that is used to limit pathfinding time.
  6. Any reason, why make it based on control part? Getting root part and set it's orientation is the easiest way, to be honest. There is 1000m step when finding a path. If target is closer, then pathfinding ends and route is planned. If you choose target closer then 1000 meters, then pathfinding ends without a single step, so there is no route to be planned.
  7. Maybe. I think, that there was some issue with compatibility before, so I cannot promise anything.
  8. New KSP version? Again? BV has only one valid version of KSP, but generally it will work for all 1.12.x version. Regardless, rebuild is on its way.
  9. That limit is 0.25 m/s. The parking brake is switched off when a vessel is flying. It can be that there is some jump during scene load and vessel has flying state for a short period of time. This was added, because people forget to dissengage the barke and started a flight. It needs to be manually selected. It sets brakes on and brakes sets it off when they are released, but it's not set on by brakes. I think, that it wasn't assignable to action group from start.
  10. It counts every online motor. You can shut some of them off (you need at least two active) or as you did, throttle KF compatible wheels down. Karbonite generator isn't supported. To be precise, untested.
  11. There are checks for power dependent on consumption of active wheels (wheels with motor on), sufficient count of wheels (atleast three operable wheels touching ground) and if your target point is on land (rovers) or sea (ships). Also pathfinding checks accessibility of that point. You can't travel to another continent for example. There is the 10 second time limit to find a path to not block the game. You must choose a closer point sometimes, because of that. BV tries to move the rover a few meters above the terrain (you can change it in settings) every time it moves it, but you must be sure, that there isn't another vessel or building in that place when you switch to it. Also some rover designs tends to clip to the terrain, because BV considers a root part for determining correct height above terrain. So if you have a long rover, it can clip to some hill even if the root part is out of danger zone. One hint. If you are targeting another vessel, you can change latitude and longitude manually after a selection. Just edit the numbers for lat and long. It's usually enough to shave off decimal digits from these numbers to have enough room between the two vessels upon arrival.
  12. As always, nobody reads a manual (there is the link to the wiki page in OP)
  13. No. Craft in midflight is in a different state then a landed rover which is standing still. There are a lot of situations to solve. For example, what happens, if you switch to it during automatic travel? I see possibility of crash landing.
  14. BonVoyage update (as promised) 1.4.1 Changes Rebuild for KSP 1.12.3 Fixes Added support for NFE + System Heat You can find it on usual places - github and spacedock
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