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  1. The persistent.sfs is sufficient. Or you can do alt+F5, name it something like "fortified v1", and then share the fortified v1.sfs. Then we can load it using alt+F9. The frigates are also somewhat hidden inside the island for me. Could be that I loaded a science save in a sandbox game, not sure.
  2. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    So it seems that there's a bug in the current version of BDA concerning fairings which (sometimes) makes Dronbast stop firing completely. If that is an option, I'd like to suspend my entry until a fix goes live, @exbyde. Battles where one of the participants just flies around without shooting are probably not that much fun. EDIT: It seems I did not change some of Eurodart's settings according to specification. Video retracted.
  3. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Apparently, I cannot. BDA just floods the console with InvalidCastExceptions and Dronbast refuses to fire on the Eurodart. Investigating.
  4. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    I was running some 1v1 test fights vs Sanngrior, and thought they looked pretty sweet. Who would win a 3v3 is rather inconclusive from the videos, so probably no spoilers. So, since @exbyde is busy, here's some filler content.
  5. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    More wing, less mass. It is really as simple as that. And I don't mean control surfaces, just plain old wings. Your Ripsaw has a wing area of only about 6.4 (judging by the parts I see) for a mass of 15t, which gives you a ratio of 0.43. The Dorito, for comparison, has a wing area of ~14 for a mass of 11.7t, so the ratio is 1.2. This means it could change its trajectory three times as fast while losing the same amount of energy. Or, more likely, take a little bit longer than that but lose less energy too. The Taisch has a wing area of ~14.5 for a mass of 9.4, so the ratio is 1.55, which is the core reason behind its amazing maneuverability. Note all masses are with a full complement of missiles, after firing them, the Ripsaw has a ratio of 0.44, the Taisch would have 1.65, increasing the gap even more. I'd say try to go for a ratio between relative wing area and mass in tons of at least 1 if you're planning on dogfighting. EDIT: Btw, the inverse of this ratio is called wing loading, and you can read more about it on wikipedia . For example an F-16 has a wing area of 27.87 and a mass of 19.2t, which would have a ratio 1.45.
  6. I think you'll like my latest then. Just 20 parts. Only one goalkeeper, which means it's just target practice for the battleships while trying to get into range. I should really incorporate a dodging routine into the AI. https://kerbalx.com/juzeris/Point-defense-boat
  7. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    It was when testing, let's see if it holds up in battle. Those are two tons I hope not to be carrying anymore when dogfighting. Corners were cut where possible. Elsewhere corners were sharpened into backup melee weapons. Yes, the design takes some risks in, well, a lot of aspects. Let's see what comes back to bite it and what does not.
  8. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Don't mind me... https://kerbalx.com/juzeris/Dronbast.craft
  9. The Fencer is currently third on Hero's thread, so you're getting that fight anyway. And I highly encourage just testing the craft yourself. The setup is super easy with vessel mover: You use the spawn craft function to place the craft, cut throttle with X, stage once for each craft and enable brakes (I used to turn them the opposite ways, but stopped bothering, they figure it out). Use vessel switcher (the VS button in BDA window) to assign teams. Open up BDA settings (Alt+B or the gear in BDA window), enter competition distance, and click start competition. Optionally save when the craft are 400-500 meters in the air (because if they are on the ground the medium landing gears like to flip over planes on load). Time warp a bit so the craft get to their assigned locations faster. Observe the battle when it starts.
  10. I kinda had written that entries are closed in the OP, but, eh, does it matter. So without further ado @NotAnAimbot's MBL F-25BN2 Fencer vs @Kukler's SU-39 Ripper-C: By the way, if anybody feels like they are lost on the whole fighter aircraft design thing, I'm sure the other belligerents and I would be willing to provide plenty of tips, just ask.
  11. Yes, most definitely. That's what I meant by "distracted with a barrage of missiles". Also, TIL torpedoes are awesome. Too bad I cannot seem to make the AI fire them. Please ignore the fact I'm flying with the handbrake on. I definitely do not do that when driving. Most certainly.
  12. A few exhibition matches - the challengers are drones, and thus are not eligible for the King of the Hill title. The first one, @NotAnAimbot's MBL F-25BN2 Fencer vs @Abraxis DN-59EX. And the second one, @NotAnAimbot's MBL F-25BN2 Fencer vs @Abraxis DN-65ES. This match came very close to a draw, but half of a plane survived.
  13. The Fencer returns, but does it have what it takes? See now, in @drtricky's F-42 Invader vs @NotAnAimbot's MBL F-25BN2 Fencer I hate to be a stickler for the rules, but in the interest of fairness I'll have to say that the rules require craft to have a Kerbal in a cockpit to participate officially. Though since there are no other entries right now, I can run an exhibition round for each.
  14. Very interesting. I will test that, and if it turns out to be correct, there may be a rematch coming. EDIT: If I understood that correctly, it does not seem to be the case. It's just that the plane has a lot of control surfaces, weak aerodynamic stability, steer factor is too high, steer damping is too low, and it just ambles about. They also took quite a while to get close together enough for competition to start in the first match.
  15. Well, spoilers, but new rule: "If a plane demonstrates crippling control issues during battle, one round will be enough." So @drtricky's F-42 Invader vs @dundun93's F-60 Super Eagle is in: