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  1. A few rules questions: 1. Can we use indestructible buildings? With heavier craft, the slightest bump causes VAB to collapse (not used in the attempts below). 2. When is the 45 pitch rule calculated? Can the plane do a loop before landing (like below)? Can it do a cobra right before landing? Aerobatic attempt - 8.46 t x 1.00 km/s = 8.46 points: Low wing loading attempt - 13.69 t x 0.95 km/s = 13.01 points (craft download http://kerbalx.com/juzeris/Bigfrid-Civilian.craft )
  2. I second the rules question, can we have laser turrets? Also, the PLFP is scary, but I'd still like to enter into the stock+BDA category, if we're boosting competition here. http://kerbalx.com/juzeris/Cessna-680.craft
  3. 2700 units of ore. I don't want to fly that rocket again. Here's my craft file, I hope it's similar enough: http://kerbalx.com/juzeris/Untitled-Space-Craft.craft
  4. Gunfrid would like to upgrade to Gunfriddda, now armed with those deadly sticks where radiation comes out of one end, and fire comes out of the other. https://kerbalx.com/juzeris/Gunfridda Let's see if Morgan decides to put countermeasures back on. Also, since this could be considered a pretty major change, and not just a tweak of AI settings, I'm willing to fight all the way up the ladder again. By the way, @goduranus, is the gun range = 2000 rule still in, or is it officially not enforced? (because I totally didn't notice it when making Gunfrid (really really sorry) and set the range to max, but I see Morgan D forgot about it too)
  5. KERBOLDE SUPERSONIC JET - AAA072-1 Gallery: For the connected world of today Abstract Aerodynamics presents a jet to get you there faster. The Kerbolde is sleeker, more stylish, and much more high-tech than what you are flying now. It also features modern features such as protective black paint on leading edges, slender delta wings and USB charge ports for every seat. Cutting edge engine technology offers performance unrivaled by contemporary designs, and while we are uncertain what are its actual performance limits, the restrictions imposed by laws, regulations and manufacturer's warranty will leave you satisfied. Trust us. Price: $22 999 999 Order link: https://kerbalx.com/juzeris/Kerbolde Specifications: Part count: 22; Wingspan: 10 m; Length: 15.2 m; Height: 4.5 m; Weight empty: 12 t Capacity: 8 32 passengers; Crew: 1 pilot and 2 automated drones to serve sandwiches. Recommended cruising parameters: speed - 970 m/s, altitude 15 000 m Average parameters at recommended cruise: fuel consumption: 0.18 kallons/second, pitch: 0 degrees; cruise time: 40 minutes; range: something like 2300 km, if you really save that fuel; example cruise below: Estimated fuel to achieve cruise: 120 kallons Takeoff speed: 60 m/s; Touchdown speed: 35 - 120 m/s Features: Ladder - no; Landing lights - yes; On board espresso machine - no; Pressurized interior - yes; Wing flaps - no; Air brakes - yes. Flight on one engine: yes (at half power, can maintain altitude, but requires angling the plane) Maximum allowed speed: 1 000 m/s (exceeding voids manufacturer's warranty, but our test pilot had something like 1430 m/s and survived) Recommended fuel load on takeoff: 600 kallons or 3 metric tons (another 400 can be loaded into the engine enclosures, but our engineers say superimposing aka clipping loaded fuel tanks is dangerous, scientifically implausible and generally frowned upon. Don't do it.) Variants: Here at Abstract Aerodynamics we believe that everyone who chooses to fly Kerbolde should get the full Kerbolde experience and thus offer only the one true Kerbolde model. Also we tried making it longer, but the truth is it just does not look as good.
  6. Interesting idea with the numbers advantage. Let's try it out. (Also no need for melee planes, you can use bombs! ) http://kerbalx.com/juzeris/Gunfrid Also, is there a leaderboard? I lost track of which is the coolest plane now.
  7. I called it "Tankor", did not think I'd end up making a submission with it . I'll think about retrying it, though I'm more tempted to fly next time. Thanks!
  8. My cunning plan of scooping up the scientists with an open cargo ramp did not quite work out, but perhaps what's left of it will be considered worthy of the alternate leaderboard? 3:06 I am unsure if I qualify for the Backpack bonus, or a Reverse Michael Bay bonus.
  9. I really like that there's nothing about normal landing in the bonuses/penalties. Very Kerbal . With that out of the way, I present a deathtrap plane from HDAY airlines: HDAY 1. Proven to be "technically capable of landing", you can tell it's safe because the nose is painted in safety orange. (How Desperate Are You airlines) Score: 1704+679/10+4*5*1+2/2-70= 1723 (Light aircraft) Also, @Rath, based on your example calculation looks like there's a misplaced parenthesis in the score formula? Max speed+(max distance/10)+((Max passengers*5)*(1+(number of flight attendants/2))+Bonus points
  10. http://kerbalx.com/juzeris/Ioligator-2 Here's a big slow target for you to shoot at. Show us what you've got. I tested it against the sample craft (4v4), and it won. Though, granted, after 15 minutes of shooting, Jeb realized the guns don't actually do anything, and rammed three planes, two of them fatally. The third one was a friend, so, I suppose, all is well that ends well? Also, @panzer1b, is the BDA Browning M2 also 15 points, or is it disallowed?
  11. What about the Kerbin aviator circumnavigation challenge? I tried to find how far back it goes, but I'm not sure
  12. I'm guessing no shipping kerbals in a cargo bay, with or without lawn chairs? Also, probably no staging (e.g. drop tanks), or staged parts are included in cost? Since I, personally, find Mk2 and Mk3 parts to produce disproportionate amounts of drag (especially the adapters), here's an attempt with two 1.25m noodles strutted together. http://kerbalx.com/juzeris/DoubleNoodle Started with 1080 fuel, finished with 19, while having the capacity for 48 passengers (+2 pilots). That would make the ticket cost 17.68333333... .
  13. Aww, and I just updated the Karnazh with 10 guns. Might as well post it for posterity then: http://kerbalx.com/juzeris/Karnazh-S I'm kidding, of course. I'm guessing even with two GAU-8 a lot of the one on one fights will be decided in the initial joust. As far as I understand that is the main reason why a lot of BDA challenges use a 3 vs 3 configuration.
  14. Oh, searching the thread I see it, but I completely missed it, since it's not among the rules in the first post, maybe it'd be good to update it? Pretty sure the craft actually has 13 guns, so it has too many and is not valid.
  15. Well, I'm no less confused for that answer. Pretty sure some of the asked questions contradict each other. Maybe it'd be clearer for the silly clueless me with an example. How many wings does the plane in the image have? 2? 4? 5? 8? 14? 17? 20? 22? Thanks!