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  1. @skygunner58203 I think there was some discussion of parasite craft in the previous BDA thread, but I couldn't find it all quick-like. You can also try following this one: 7.2. may have been fixed in the meantime. But it might not be.
  2. Sorry, genuinely missed your question. Currently bigger projectiles are not supported by BDA. Bullet hit raycast is done from transform center to transform center between physics ticks, laser is a simple raycast. You may be able to get a somewhat similar effect with proximity detonation of explosive rounds (I think oMillenium is one example). There is a chance proximity detonation may be broken, though.
  3. Guns work just fine in space. They don't really do orbital mechanics, but the math is close enough. Mouse aim, however, is a different matter. It is not impossible, but it is reasonably tricky, and it is not implemented. Fixed aim is also not impossible via lead indicators, which are less tricky, but also not implemented. Visual guard mode works just fine and radar slaving should work mostly fine too. A simple demonstration using completely stock Abrams cannons at 6km in LKO. Technically this is the dev version, but there haven't been any relevant changes since last release.
  4. Probably. If we have it in our github issues, we're less likely to forget, though. Sounds like you don't have module manager or physics range extender (or have them horribly outdated). Do you have any big red text when opening the bda toolbar? No, you shouldn't need a radar for loitering. Did you turn the flight computer on? Do you have a weapon manager on the aircraft? Is the default alt set to the altitude you want it to loiter at? Is the default speed set high enough for it to stay airborne?
  5. Countermeasure routines (the code which actually fires the countermeasures) is in weapon manager, region countermeasures. https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/blob/master/BDArmory/Modules/MissileFire.cs#L1749 The decision to fire countermeasures is actually in various places, but most of it is in guard mode updates and RWR pings. https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/blob/master/BDArmory/Modules/MissileFire.cs#L3917 https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/blob/master/BDArmory/Modules/RadarWarningReceiver.cs#L231
  6. No. I really want to say "not yet". I've been wanting this myself for a while, but it is quite a complicated change to do in maintainable way, so we'll just have to see if it happens. :)
  7. It does affect guns. The AI checks if it should start firing guns every firing interval seconds. If it does, it will keep firing them for burst interval seconds, or half the firing interval if the burst interval is zero (<0.5 actually). Yeah, sorry about that. Not sure which wiki you're referring to (there's the ingame one, and the one floating on the internet), but, I guess, they are all outdated. For surface AI, you can right click the part in the VAB, and find a list of what each setting does in the part documentation. For pilot AI... I'll see if I can add that. Regard
  8. BDA 1.3.1 is out - just a couple of bugfixes: FIXES All parts have bulkheadProfiles - should stop bulkhead filter NREs. Rocket pods no longer fire StackOverflows.
  9. @FleshJeb you are technically correct, which, I guess, is the best kind of correct. The function produces only one side of a gaussian distribution (or the absolute value of it), which is misleading given it's name. However, in the `GaussianDirectionDeviation` above it, we're picking a random direction (-180 to 180 degrees), which you can think of as picking a direction from 0 to 180 and then multiplying by -1 50% of the time, and the -1 gives us a nice gaussian distribution again. I'll get it fixed anyway (unless you want to do a pull request yourself?) That said, this p
  10. Add blank decouplers with modular missile guidance. Make sure your firing interval is not too low. The AI will start dropping drones as soon as the drone bay _starts_ opening. So you want it to fire the blank ones first. Play around with the order they are placed in. It's a wonky solution, but the only one I found. If you check the princess it has two blank ones at the back of the bay. Doesn't always work right, but sometimes it does.
  11. In very simple terms - KSP has a system to move the world around the vessel instead of moving the vessel in the world. Not all things in BDA take this into account. This system is disabled when the focused vessel is close to the ground. So if the selected vessel is on the ground, the world will stop moving, and everything will work like you would expect. In less simple terms - detecting collisions at high speed is tricky. Also, floating point number precision is directly related to their magnitude. So KSP has systems to try to circumvent these problems - velocity offloading (called Kraken
  12. Yeah, there are quite a few observer effects, such as bullets moving together with the selected vessel (hard to spot), bullets teleporting "randomly" occasionally and pilots extending forever. An observer aircraft doesn't really stop them from happening, if you want a truly unbiased testing, you'll have to use a landed/splashed observer craft. Note this is because of KSP reasons, not because of BDA reasons, but a workaround should still happen someday. Hopefully with next BDA release, as a probable fix is already in the dev builds.
  13. I've had pretty good results launching drones via the modular missile guidance. Even autopilot AI / guard mode can sort of figure it out. They activate rather reliably, though in this specific implementation the AI does not wait for the cargo bay to fully open, resulting in some of them hitting the door on their way out. Somewhat useful instructions here:
  14. Sure, the Rafale looks quite good, but you can probably make it pretty good: Needs proper ECM tech - add some batteries, I'd recommend at least 2K of electric charge. And add "activate ECM" to the gear action group for all the ECM. Also maybe add another ECM for a total of 3. A bit sluggish on pitch - the center of lift should move forward a bit. A bit overenthusiastic on roll. Maybe disable roll on the middle elevons and tail, and set all the elevons back to 100 authority limit (not the canards though)? And while you're at it, increase steer damping to 6? It only has 2
  15. They don't seem to overheat too badly when on guard mode. I suspect this is due to having many guns, and having useRippleFire on. Since the rules don't allow me to text edit that to false, and I could not find another way to turn it off for GAU-8, it sort of became a non-issue. By the way, @exbyde, do I have to specify which category the entry is for? If yes, then it's unlimited. I added the cockpit solely for looks, there's a proper drone core behind it.
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