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  1. WOW this is what I needed! I haven't had time to play KSP in a while, so it will have to wait before I give it a test run... Does this mean the DA swept-wing hinges will now actually have a purpose? If so, then :DDDDDDDDDDDD
  2. heatConductivity = 10000 heatDissipation = 1000
  3. So I\'ve been playing with these a LOT recently and I am pretty confident I got them to be pretty balanced right now, here are my settings for the scramjet only (I made the ramjet similar, but with better thresholds etc. so it is a bit like the stock engines)... // --- standard part parameters --- mass = 1.5 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.001 minimum_drag = 0.001 angularDrag = .1 crashTolerance = 20 maxTemp = 12500 // --- Atmospheric Engine --- // --- Intake Types 0 = Square 1 = Circular (for area calculation) IntakeShape = 1 intakeSize = 2 intakeSuctionPower = .1 maxIntakePower = 2000 // -- Definition of Airflow performance curves. Lower curve is defined by lower threshold to optimal. Longer spread between values defines a subtle curve. Where closer values will have much faster fall off. Upper curve is between optimal and maximum airflows. optimalAirflow = .1 lowerAirflowLimit = 0 upperAirFlowLimit = 50 //-- Stall threshold determines the point (thrust power) at which the engine can no longer sustain function stallThreshold = 500 // How quickly the engine spools up and down (lerp by time) engineAccelerationSpeed = 0.001 engineDecelerationSpeed = 0.0001 intakeResponseSpeed = .001 // Maximum Engine output maximumEnginePower = 1000 maximumExhaustSpeed = 5000 // -- Standard Engine Parameters heatProduction = 2000 fuelConsumption = 1 Essentially it only works above 40,000 and then it rockets you to 2500 m/s slowly over time. Do note that it DOES give you a quick liftoff squirt, but it immediately chokes up. It\'s a bit rough and still unbalanced, but it\'s some progress. I am considering giving it a MUCH bigger intake area so it really gets going only at super high altitudes and chokes up much quicker at lower ones, as well as some more intake response and a much higher stall number (so it only really activates at PEAK thrust). Oh and do note that with ANY atmospheric engine, it WILL consume fuel based on the throttle you give it regardless of whether it is actually producing thrust or not. This is synonymous to the scramjet dumping fuel into the chamber but being wasted since it\'s not being combusted. Again, I had to lift it up all the way to 40km before it took off and at that point, while keeping the plane at a pitch of 0 (parallel to ground), I eventually got its apoapsis up to maybe 120km before the engine shut down. EDIT: It actually goes to about 800km... But I had to fit two turbojets to get it to its operating altitude and if you go up too shallow, it actually falls back down too quickly.
  4. Let e preface what I am about to say by mentioning I am on .14.0 since stupid ESET does NOT let me patch (I\'ve excepted pretty much every .ece, including the ones in pather_data and still no dice), so that might be why, but I am having issues wit working these quantum singularities... I tried to get some wormholes in orbit and they aren\'t appearing as wormholes. I decouple them and I\'ve even TOUCHED them afterwards and nothing crazy happens. I double checked and the parts are all there (duh... how else would I get it ON a ship =P) and I know for sure I have the DLL in the right folder since I\'ve already had other plugins work no problem AND the wormhole interface computer has a GUI window... I have an interface AND a wormhole (attached to a decoupler like it should be) on the same ship... is that a problem? I\'m also using mechJeb, some assorted NP and TD mods just to get it to orbit... On the launchpad Decoupled, not having any problems being close to it (I see no gravitational attraction...) As you can see, I am inside it and there is NO problem touching it. Second attempt with the ship is still no good... Also note I terminated one of the attempts by ramming the wormhole and both the wormhole and the ship exploded, so there IS a collider present... I already have maybe 2 or three in orbit (plus a million pieces of debris from me ramming things at each other in the process to see if I can get anything to get sucked in...) and you can see the interface not recognizing any. This makes me very sadface.