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  1. WOW this is what I needed! I haven't had time to play KSP in a while, so it will have to wait before I give it a test run... Does this mean the DA swept-wing hinges will now actually have a purpose? If so, then :DDDDDDDDDDDD
  2. heatConductivity = 10000 heatDissipation = 1000
  3. So I\'ve been playing with these a LOT recently and I am pretty confident I got them to be pretty balanced right now, here are my settings for the scramjet only (I made the ramjet similar, but with better thresholds etc. so it is a bit like the stock engines)... // --- standard part parameters --- mass = 1.5 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.001 minimum_drag = 0.001 angularDrag = .1 crashTolerance = 20 maxTemp = 12500 // --- Atmospheric Engine --- // --- Intake Types 0 = Square 1 = Circular (for area calculation) IntakeShape = 1 intakeSize = 2 intakeSuctionPower = .1 maxIntakePower =
  4. Let e preface what I am about to say by mentioning I am on .14.0 since stupid ESET does NOT let me patch (I\'ve excepted pretty much every .ece, including the ones in pather_data and still no dice), so that might be why, but I am having issues wit working these quantum singularities... I tried to get some wormholes in orbit and they aren\'t appearing as wormholes. I decouple them and I\'ve even TOUCHED them afterwards and nothing crazy happens. I double checked and the parts are all there (duh... how else would I get it ON a ship =P) and I know for sure I have the DLL in the right folder since
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