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  1. I believe the log you are referring to is for the PC version only, so trophies and achievements will not be included in the release notes. We console (PS4 & Xbox One) players will receive separate release notes once the update is available for our respective platforms.
  2. I'm proud of SQUAD leadership for listening to the KSP community and making the decision to change the console port studio. Thank you for listening to the players and we look forward to the next PS4 & Xbox updates.
  3. I've worked on many enterprise software products and video games back in the late '90s and early '00s; development is difficult and time consuming - I agree. What liquides me off is the lack of communication by Flying Tiger Entertainment (KSP console port studio). SQUAD is doing their best to keep the quality of releases up, but, again, communication is key.
  4. Point well taken.
  5. Thankfully your opinion will be respected here. Alas, the KSP console community feel shunned and ignore. So maybe expressing sarcasm is better than expressing anger/frustration.
  6. Indeed.
  7. Maybe you're right. Some vocal tones do not translate well to written text. My bad if I read it wrong, Zach.
  8. ... The console version status of this game is uncertain. The PC players are getting patches, communication, and updates. We console players are part of this community. So when you say "Yeah, what of it?", please be specific about what you mean...
  9. Any updates on the console (Xbox One, PS4) patches? @UomoCapra
  10. Until we hear from SQUAD and/or FTE regarding the future status of the console releases, we must either remain patient or flood Microsoft or Sony with refund requests. Some of us feel duped, betrayed, conned, or even misled into buying this version of KSP. Venting is a perfectly normal reaction and this is the forum to vent. Technical game development discussions (with proper spelling & grammar) are fun and all, but action is what needs to happen or developers will continue to release poorly developed products. Again, we have two choices on consoles: sit tight or request a refund. Love you all, Floby
  11. Great answers guys. Thank you so much!
  12. Good input. Thank you both!
  13. Excellent response, thanks bewing.
  14. Hey everyone, just curious if it's worth creating a mining base on a planet or moon, and for what purpose? Is the best value to have the ability to refuel away from Kerbin or is there another feature that I am missing? Thanks, Floby
  15. Started Career Mode over again, because the new Xbox One update deleted my saves.