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  1. Thank you for explaining my point for me. I'm not saying we can't also improve the already made planets, but KSP is about, and I'm paraphrasing you, flinging yourself across space. Yes, there needs to be something of note at the end, but it's more about the journey, than the destination. Of course, Eeloo isn't that much of an 'end' goal, which is where these two planets fit, being either the same distance away (and making Eeloo more attractive to go to, like Vall in Jool 5), or even further, pushing designs (hopefully) to their limits. People just dismissing my idea becuase it's 'not enough' don't seem to understand every little helps, and instead of rushing to rewrite an entire game (and holding off on any other sort of update), it'd be far healthier for the game to grow and develop at it's own pace, and for us to go along for the ride.
  2. I'm calling it 'GIMME (some science)'. GIMME stands for Gilly, Ike, Mun, Minmus expedition.
  3. It was more meant as a joke. It's a literal space race because the main obstacle is the vastness of said space. You are literally racing across space. Am I making sense?
  4. I just want more reasons to visit Kerbol. I guess I just like stars.
  5. Basically, visit the other 4 moons in one mission, similar to the Jool 5.
  6. Uggh.... What exactly do some people do in game lol.... Maybe it's not the exploration you want, but it's something.
  7. Huge sized engines. We got the tanks, but nothing to put on the end other than broken Vector clusters.
  8. @Daveroski that sounds like a bug with the mining equipment, tbh.
  9. For those that don't know what a fuel scoop is: https://elite-dangerous.fandom.com/wiki/Fuel_Scoop So, my idea would be to add a similar system to KSP, either as a way to make a refuelling station next to Kerbol, or to fuel a craft passing by Kerbol. This would logically only pick up liquid fuel though, which means it'd only really be useful for nukes, although I'm willing to discuss it scooping up different fuels if people want it to. Thoughts?
  10. It depends on other interactions. How effective are radiators near the sun, for example? If they work fine there, it's a bug on the mining equipment. If they don't, either the radiators themselves are bugged, or need a rework.
  11. I get that people want more to planets than what is currently available, over just a random new object. But you accidentally explained why at the very least GP2 is important. Why would you want that kind of gravity assist? To go long distance? To where? Jool is pretty much the farthest place you'd want to go, Eeloo is worse than either Moho is Dres (Moho is a heat test and has the Mohole, Dres has the Dres canyon). GP2 solves that, by making a new Jool type system to explore. We all know how much people like Jool, right? Just look at the Jool 5 as proof of that. Also makes Eeloo part of something bigger. GP3, well, there's less info about it, but it could be made interesting, as it would be big, so not just another far flung Mun.
  12. So you'd use the mainsail if it wasn't ugly. Also, you make it sound like it's the skipper you want changed, not the vector. Oh, and the rhino has higher Isp in space, so it's clear it's for heavy transport between planets, whereas the vector is for the lower stages in atmosphere. Basically, the only real problem is the twin boar and mammoth bein obsolete, and could be rectified by forcing the vector to be only attached to connection points, and not free placed, into giant clusters, like I suggested.
  13. I'm curious. Exactly what engines don't have a role, and how many of those are due to vector clusters?
  14. So using Duna to aerocapture then putting the asteroid next to Ike is better? Also why am I not surprised KSP players works out the maths on EVERYTHING. Do you not have days off? But anyway, yikes. That's 12 with 14 zeroes if I'm not mistaken (1,200,000,000,000,000 for those that want to see the actual number). By the time you finished, Squad would have released more planets to explore
  15. Well I'm more looking at it as a joke, becuase then the orbits should be reversed, but they won't be. Don't know if someone will go to the effort for such a small payoff, but we shall see.