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  1. Who da fudge looks at She-ra and thinks, "I need this woman in my life". Watch siblings sassing She-ra to understand. It's a bad show.
  2. The little green men seems more like a dad joke. I'll grant you, it doesn't take itself too seriously, but that doesn't mean adults can't be silly too, in fact, we need that more than anyone else.
  3. None. It just won't peak their interest, compared to other game adds. If you actually look at most game adds now, they are so hyperactive to try and get kids interested. It reminds me of the Nostalgia Critic review of Spy Kids 3-D, "I'm 3-D, I'm 3-D, I'm 3-D!". It's both hilarious, and saddening at the same time. Whatever happened to sitting down for a few hours to watching intriguing episodes of the land of talking trains, for example. Now everything is so bouncy and bright, I feel like I'm going to throw up. Anyway.... KSP 2 is for us older folk, and that isn't going to change any time soon.
  4. Ok, further clarification. I'm talking about stock KSP (+DLC), with no cheats.
  5. I'm not saying someone shouldn't be allowed to do something, just that it shouldn't be trivial. If anyone could easily do return missions involving Eve, what would make it different from any other planet?
  6. Crazy thought, but would an atmosphere like Eve contain Helium 3?
  7. If it's something obvious that I've missed, I apologize. However, what I'm looking for, is how do you know how much Delta v you have consumed? Stock, preferably. It's for measuring efficiency, you see.
  8. We are talking about interstellar travel here, something that many people already consider in the realm of fantasy. Big problems require big solutions, and the fact we can still point to the real world and go 'look, this is meant to represent that', is an achievement in itself. My only real worry, is if these new engines make a planet like Eve, easy to get off of. As Matt Lowne has said, Eve is the boss mode of KSP 1. To take away that boss mode in KSP 2, would make the game feel too easy. Regardless of the tech we have, KSP should always have something to challenge us.
  9. I've been thinking about the tech tree myself a little: I think a lot will depend on when interstellar travel is supposed to happen. If you can start it around mid game, then you'll have access to simpler interstellar engines, and as you get to later game, more advanced engines unlock. The alternative would be, if interstellar is late game, that there would, as you said, be different paths for interstellar travel, and you pick which path based on the advantages/disadvantages of that engine type, but maybe also on the access to different resources. It all depends on how the devs view progression. Is it multiple choices or one thing is inherently better than the other?
  10. What I'm curious about, with the new sizes, is what fuel type they'll be. Becuase given we are getting new engine types, that will likely require new fuel types, and that these larger ships appear to be launched from a space dock, I think launching from a normal launch pad will still be very similar to KSP 1, which is a shame. I'd love to haul a massive load into orbit from the KSC.
  11. See. Already we have someone up for the challenge, and with an idea how to do it. Nothing's impossible in KSP, unless it's hard coded.
  12. Challenge accepted. Well, not by me, but someone will try it, trust me. Especially if it's a small object like Gilly. Never underestimate a KSP player.
  13. And suddenly, it all clicked. In KSP 1, you couldn't change the orbit of a body in the solar system, even something as small as Gilly. However, for Rask and Rusk to work, they need to be able to change each others orbits, so they force themselves to rotate around each other. A 'simple' privilege system would do the trick, like a dev mode. In Dev mode, you can affect orbits of everything, but in normal mode (our mode), you can't. You'd have to somehow have both run simultaneously of course, which might have an impact on performance, and you'd have to find a way to stop players accessing Dev mode (apart from say, mods, to create you systems or tweak old ones), but, it would work.
  14. Thinking about it, the stars orbiting a black hole could be really cool. It'd probably be a pain to code a black hole, but it'd definitely be something unique to visit.
  15. It isn't an intended feature, and you can only really do it if you are aiming to do it. The velocity difference between going to a planet, and escaping Kerbol, is vast. In the new game though, it's an intended feature, and you will be aiming to escape Kerbol anyway, so if you miss the star you are aiming for, boom, you're in the void. You miss a planet in KSP 1, All that happens is that you orbit Kerbol.
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