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  1. NoobTool

    Powered Locking Two-Position Hinge Assembly

    Not exactly lightweight, but that's not what I designed it for. The basic concept here could be shrunk down and adapted to work with a single engine mount. In order to achieve 90 degree or greater range of motion using the airbrake as an actuator requires the airbrake to swing through the axis of rotation. @sevenperforce As the previous poster mentioned, I think the docking port issue you're experiencing with your design is due to docking port travel distance. The docking port must travel a minimum distance (1.3 meters I believe) before it becomes active again.
  2. NoobTool

    Manifest Destiny

    So... I got a bit side-tracked. I began working on other projects in KSP while this save was incompatible, and I have since begun taking classes. But there is good news. Firstly, KSP has since been updated to the full release version of the pre-release that this save was started in, meaning that this save is once again compatible with the full release version. I plan to pick it back up and continue. Second, my distraction has borne fruit that I think will be useful in this endeavor. The Wyvern is a helicopter with some capabilities that should prove quite useful at Laythe. I've even worked out a way to get it there (I think). I won't be sending it just yet, as doing so would eat up pretty much the remainder of my budget, and it won't be terribly useful until I have multiple surface outposts on Laythe. Something to look forward to. I've also modified my overall plan for the colony. Though I hadn't expressly said as much in this thread, my original plan was to have assets spread fairly evenly throughout the Jool system. I realized however, that since this program relies heavily on air-breathing SSTO's, Laythe is the most suitable target for colonization. I still plan on 500 kerbals, and I still plan to have at least 1 surface outpost on each of Jool's moons, but Laythe will be the focus of the colonization effort, and will be home to most of the Kerbals living in the Jool system. I'll be picking up where I left off. We have 3 craft headed to Minmus for refueling en route to the Jool system. Once those craft are safely on their way to Jool, we'll continue banging out contracts to hire more kerbals and acquire funds to continue working toward the goal. Wish me luck! Thanks for reading!
  3. Made a video of a torture test for the newest version of the Wyvern. 80 ton slung payload.
  4. What's actuating the clutch in that thing?
  5. Retreating blade stall. When traveling forward, one side of your rotor is rotating in the direction of travel, while the other is "retreating". This causes asymmetric lift between the two sides of your rotor, leading to a tendency to roll.
  6. Thanks! I still have a lot of work to do. I don't think torque is the issue. On the newest version of the Drake they produce ~800kN of lift a piece. The problem is the width of the rotor blades. Increasing pitch causes clearance issues, and increasing clearances throws off the balance. Not to mention, I doubt the bearings would handle the stresses of maneuvering in a forward flight orientation. I'll have to check out that script when I get some better engine designs worked up. Nice work on that geartrain. Was it actually turning a tail rotor in that pic? Engines are what are holding me up. I've been working on different designs, but I'm having trouble finding a design that works well in both hover and forward flight.
  7. I've been trying (and failing) to build a tilt wing/rotor turboprop. I did manage to make a heavy duty bearing that works pretty well. Thanks for reading!
  8. I built a Chinook-alike: She's not quite as easy to fly or as durable as my other copters, but she handles pretty well.
  9. I've updated the Retriever Variant of the Wyvern and uploaded a new passenger variant. I'm hoping a few of you more seasoned helicopter engineers might be willing to put them through their paces and make an assessment. Any advice for improving performance would be very much appreciated. (You can lose the boat. The craft may need re-balancing without it though.)
  10. @EpicSpaceTroll139 That's a shame. I figured it was something like that. Thanks for the info and the speedy reply.
  11. I have a question for the copter gods. I'm sure it has been addressed before (I'm still working my way through this thread).Why does the wheesely not work as a blower motor? I tried replacing my panther blowers with wheeselys' and they don't seem to affect the blower wheel at all. What gives?
  12. NoobTool

    Manifest Destiny

    I have bad news. I've been experiencing computer issues of late. Increasingly frequent blue screen crashes, not just in KSP. I'm afraid it may be a ram issue. This has resulted in one corrupted save (the sandbox save that I use for craft testing) and having to re-install KSP. I had been playing this save on the 1.3 pre-release, but I currently have the current full-release version installed. This save is incompatible. This leaves me with a couple of options. Option 1: opt back in to the pre-release (with fingers crossed) to continue this save; option 2: start a new sandbox save starting with the missions currently in flight. Let me know what you think.
  13. I added a retractable grapple to the Wyvern and promptly devised a torture test: I was hoping to make the grapple dock in both stowed and deployed positions, but there's pretty limited space to work with between the pontoons, so it only docks while stowed for now. The boat weighs 33tons and fits snugly inside the Wyvern's cargo bay. Maybe some of you ace pilots out there could easily snag things with the grapple, but I had a pretty difficult time even with the Vernor based RCS I added. Seems to hold up pretty well. I'm not sure what the plan was after plucking the boat from the water... ...but we'll call it a successful test! Edit: the grapple now docks in both positions.
  14. I recently built my first stock bearing for a small lifter/crane. I was so impressed by how well the mechanism worked that I decided to try my hand at building a helicopter. Thanks for reading!
  15. NoobTool

    Manifest Destiny

    No promises. I'm not sure I have the patience for that.