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  1. If you want to help, but don't know how, don't fret! We need a series of ground relay stations, and you can help with that. As the project continues on, I'll tell you how you can help in this way.
  2. You can help if you want, we're really just a group of nerds.
  3. Look for various parts on the internet and give us the link for it.
  4. Good enough for me, just glad to have people who are interested in space on the team.
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    Kennedy Space Center
  6. Most of us are spread across either the US, or Canada, so we can't get the group together before launch. We're planning to have 1 or 2 people assemble the CubeSats, a couple more manage the Kickstarter, and 1 or 2 develop the script for it.
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  9. Hello! You might ask to yourself, "What is this humble post I have come across?" Well, the ISF is a branch of the Kerrbal Fan Group "ISEA" that is planning to launch 7 3U CubeSats into space. You may ask, "But Kerbin, how are you gonna get them up there? Don't rocket launches cost alot?" Well, they sure do! That's why we partnered with Cloud Aerospace, who I assume you all know. Initially for there first flight, they were gonna have a dummy payload, but then we approached them and asked if we use that space, and they said sure! Now, you might why I'm posting this on the forums. I'm doing this, because we need more people. Doesn't matter if you're a engineer or just like space, if you know how to look for parts, or, know how to assemble CubeSats, or, know the basics of PR, you're invited! Just send me a PM if you want to join, and I'll handle the rest. Purpose of Sats The main goal of these satellites is to monitor the Earth's Surface for signs of climate change. In-order for this, we are going to have it put in a sun synchronous orbit around the world. Jobs Available Marketing: PR Head PR Art Engineering: Engineering Head Scripting
  10. I guess you're right, I should keep on writing like I am, but I'm gonna mix in other writing, other than logs.
  11. I'm gonna change the writing style next Chapter Thing. I can't write naturally like that, it just isn't how I normally write.
  12. [2] I grow, therefore I am by 01000001 01001001 /Date: 2054/ /Human Contact: 20 Years Ago/ Current Status: Stable /Begin Log/ Specimens have firmly rooted as grass. The planet as far as my sensors can tell is green, and there are multi-celled organisms in specimen collector. AI Development is not fully complete, meant to install "Patch 1" which was issued 20 years ago, today. Log will stop, and I will download it. I have downloaded the patch, which enabled me to scan more and to develop my AI on itself. My Prime Directive has also been shifted from "Monitor Organisms" to "Grow and Protect Life". This modification is due to program "Null". End Log
  13. I guess you could say that I'm trying to aim more of how Kerbin was populated.
  14. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOEING INC. © 2032 1ST EDITION LIFE PROCESSOR ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Terminal Entries/Sample Specimens [1] Goodbye Earth [2] I grow, therefore I am [1] Goodbye Earth by Dr. Jessica Watkins Begin Log. It's been months since we've discovered single-celled life on the world. We've nicknamed it Kerbin, as it's a direct copy from that Kerbal Space Game. Direct. It has all the continents, all the oceans, all the (2) moons, everything. Even the star system it's in is the same. It's pretty lucky we would find something like this, but we also have to leave it so soon. It's sad, seeing as all this research that we could do right now, go away. At least we have a probe. I have to load up the AI on the probe, then launch it. It'll collect samples and stuff, but it'll also improve it's own AI. All further logs will be from it, and not me. Final date for this log is 2034, no clue when the next one will be. Signing off.