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  1. 1. Yeah do that ! 2. 1. would already be great... I'd say just put this on your super long term roadmap perhaps ? 3. This would be absolutely fantabulous. Immersion factor over 9000. 4. That would be nice but I like what we already have. 5. Yup... I never used them even in previous versions... But seeing the KSP 2 trailers with these small agricultural domes stacked on top of "regular" parts I don't really know anymore. 6. This isn't the hard part, I know, but please, can I help ? I've always wanted to have more functionnality for these domes. I often play with MKS or KPBS but their assets are not really designed for interiors and it seems esthetically wrong to just place them inside domes, particularly for MKS. Actually I was about to make some very simple parts that could eventually fit inside these domes, but if there's an opportunity for collaboration, I'm in ! And btw I think greenhouses and habitations are more relevant, ISRU and refineries would more logically be outside, close to the mining drills. Perhaps some small open science labs would be cool too ?
  2. I made a custom patch for planetary domes beta... SHINY ! Full Album Download (requires Planetary Domes Beta for 1.7 (quite obviously)) I suggest you remove the shader on the glass parts if you use it because it's apparently quite glitchy with these parts (textures dissappear at various camera angles)
  3. I made a Textures Unlimited patch for the 1.7 beta version. It gives the dome frame, tunnel frame and airlocks a shiny metallic look, and adds a smooth reflection to all the glass meshes. Also shinifies some of the props (fire extinguishers, oxygen tanks). It's a bit visually glitchy (beware if you download), sometimes part of the glass textures disappear at a certain camera angle, but otherwise I think it looks pretty cool. Some bits are left untouched on purpose (large floor, first aid packs, airlock consoles, lamps...) Full Album Download Link (Dropbox) (Make sure you have Textures Unlimited and Module Manager installed first, then just drop this file anywhere in your GameData folder)
  4. Thanks ! It looks like it works a lot better, the 1.25m tanks work fine, the 2.5m one have got their textures back but I still can't make them shiny, the Appearence slider has no visible effect. Other than that, I don't see a Recolour GUI button on any part, is that a bug or am I supposed to install an extra mod like SSTU to get it ? I guess you could try to use B9 Proc default recoloring, by setting up hue and opacity in the GUI, and just apply a metallic shader to the part with a .cfg patch for Module Manager. I guess there's a 50/50 chance for it to work. There are instructions here on how to write your patch
  5. So it looks like the stock recolor dl from the first post is a bit old... It predates the retexturing of many parts, notably 1.25m and 2.5m fuel tanks and since the texture paths have changed it breaks said parts... Does anyone has an updated config for 1.7 ?
  6. Hey @taniwha I was wondering if you have any plans to make sort of an "expansion" for this mod and the upcoming Breaking Grounds DLC. I think it could be very very nice if building complicated vessels required the player to find and mine some of these new surface features that Squad have teased... Just a suggestion but I'd love to see it made real
  7. Hmmm, tis a shame but I understand. Thank you for replying so quickly ! I was hoping it would just come to deleting a few lines of code but I was kind of guessing that it would be more complicated...
  8. Hi @linuxgurugamer , I love this mod, but unfortunately I can't use it quite as much as I'd want to. The thing is, I was wondering if it would be easy to remove the condition check that prevents you from opening the mod UI and using it when you're not in pre-launch situation ? For instance, I very much like to just put my rockets empty on the launch pad with a launch tower attached and then drive and walk the crew inside, and when I do that I can't open the mod UI anymore. More extreme examples would be reused first stage that you didn't recover but the point is that would be really cool in general for people who like to manage all their KSC ground operations manually. If it's easy to do and won't cause too many bad things to happen, I'd love it in a future update. Thanks !
  9. So, is there currently any version of KJR compatible with this ? I've heard people saying that KJR is not needed in recent versions of the game, presumably because of auto-struting, but auto-struts just don't work like KJR ! I'd love to build big cranes and strongbacks capable of erecting a rocket vertically without using rocket engines, but my past experiences with IR and heavy loads have been absolutely dreadful (the hinges were about as strong as overcooked noodles)... So, how realistic does it seem today with the current state of the mod ? And would I need to make my own recompile of KJR ?
  10. Well if @JadeOfMaar made stock plumes I have no doubt that they're pretty enough to ditch RealPlumes completely so I guess I'll do that for now
  11. That's a bit strange, I have replicated the bug with no trouble at all in a fresh install with only Tundra exploration and dependencies + real plume and real plus stock configs, all installed with CKAN. Steps to reproduce : 1. install both mods with CKAN 2. Take a vessel with the kingfisher engine cluster like the stock Gojira Crew 3. Fly it and take off, then toggle kingfisher's mode to center only, you'll see the plume change its shape but it still appears as if all engines were running I've tried deleting the real plume patches in the TE folder, that gave me just no plume at all, so I've restored them for now.
  12. I have the same problem. What do you mean by reloading the save, going to main menu or just f5+f9 a couple times ? EDIT : reloading the save or the game doesn't seem to do anything Issue already referenced on github. Temporary fix is to visit the observatory before loading the craft with your space telescope.
  13. Here are a few pics of the Gojira starship for you guys to enjoy ! All screenshots are 4k res. You're free to download, use or reupload them as you want Album : @damonvv thanks for making this possible ! Do you have plans to update the textures to shiny stainless steel one day ? Also I still have this bug where the Kingfisher cluster engine still visually appears as if all engines were turning on/off in center-only mode. EDIT : I've tested this in a stock install and everything works fine, the visual bug starts to appear when I install RealPlume. Am I supposed to remove RealPlume configs for this engine then ?
  14. That would be great, some parts make the game a bit too easy currently I have a feeling that the latest update may have broken something on the Kingfisher engine cluster, it's just a visual bug that I'm experiencing, whatever the current mode is all the engines appear as if they were turned on, even on center only mode. You may want to try if it is indeed broken or if it's just my game going a bit nuts... I'll try to replicate it with a fresh game folder
  15. So, I've been trying to write a kOS script to launch and land the full Gidorah system... After many many attempts I got the booster right, landing reliably where I want it. Then I played a bit with the spaceship, flying reentries by hand and then I finally got to writing the spaceship landing script. After many many many attempts, I got it to land right on its pad too. Right, and now after all that tedium, it's time for fun ! Oh, but the booster landing script doesn't work reliably anymore for no reason at all... Great ! Anyways, this mod is great fun, keep it going that way and thanks ! If I may just suggest something, you should maybe make the gidorah appear part a bit further in the tech tree and in different nodes, that would feel more balanced in career mode (but it's no big deal, players can always do a MM config patch on their side)