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  1. I'm still having the same issue of the game freezing when I try to build a craft with the orbital shipyard. I had managed to launch it last time by reorienting the shipyard craft and removing a part from the ship I want to build. But the ship had an aerodynamics problem since the root part was a cargo bay, parts inside that cargo bay generated drag when they weren't supposed to (that's a stock bug apparently). So I re-rooted the craft and reverted to a save I had made prior to building it. And the freeze is back again, when I click on build I go to the loading screen and get stuck there f
  2. @FleshJeb was right, it was apparently because the cargo bay was the root part (I was quite sure I changed it but I must have reverted that change at the last minute). When I re-root the craft to the plane's cockpit the issue goes away. Problem solved, thanks guys!
  3. What bothers me the most is that when it's working, it's definitely one of the best planes I've built in 3000 hours of playing KSP... It flies really well and really stable at any speed, it can reenter at any angle like it doesn't even care, and it's so easy to land that it's almost impossible to crash, you can slam it down and it's just fine
  4. Ooooh I didn't know that. The cargo bay was the root part at some point in the build, I think I changed it in the end but it might be related. It was definitely still the root part when I added everything that's inside, so that might be it. I was wondering if perhaps doing some on-site surgery with an engineer might cause the game to recalculate what is shielded and what's not, I'll probably try that later today. Apparently the engine producing a fixed amount of thrust is normal behavior for that engine though, so forget that part I guess. Even when I test the craft out of the SPH an
  5. I'm having a weird bug with drag being produced by parts that are stowed inside a cargo bay. The weird thing about it is how inconsistent it is. I designed my plane in the SPH, when I launch it it takes off, accelerates, goes supersonic and to orbit, no problem. If I revert to launch and try again though, this time the parts inside the cargo bay are producing excessive drag and this time my plane won't even pass the speed of sound. I had the bug once during testing, I sort of dismissed it, put a short fairing on one of the things inside the cargo bay just in case, and proceeded to send th
  6. A quick update about that : I know suspect that when I got that infinite loading screen it might not have been infinite but very very long because things were happening in the background. According to the log file, things started exploding when I launched the craft which is confirmed by what I thought I had heard while stuck in the loading screen (very faint and muffled explosions sounds because I have a mod that muffles sound in space, so no it was not immediately obvious that they were indeed explosions). That is however a bit weird because last time a ship I built spawned inside of the
  7. Well apparently if your ship is too big they can still spawn inside of each other. I managed to work around it by timewarping as soon as the ship spawns to suspend the physics simulation and just wait for the ships to drift apart from each other. However I'm currently trying to deal with another problem that is slightly more annoying. As I am trying to build a particular ship, the game gets stuck on the loading screen indefinitely. I have to terminate the process with task manager and restart the game. At this point the ship appears in the tracking station, however, if I try to control it
  8. Yeah of course platforms like Steam also have many advantages, now you can't loose your games or scratch the disk until it becomes unreadable, and you don't even have to go to the store to get new games. Let's just say that I'm not a fan of Steam's TOS
  9. Well I bought it once on Steam. Then because Steam is a complete nightmare, and because I really liked the game, I bought it on the KSP store. Then I gifted it to two friends who immediately loved it. And if you add all that up it's still pretty cheap when you consider how many hours I've played it It's funny to think that you see steam as something so great that you can't imagine why some people would rather not use it, and I hate Steam so much that I can't even comprehend how people can actually like it. When I grew up we used to go to the store, buy a game like a physical object
  10. Yeah I've had the same error since yesterday
  11. Yeah sorry I didn't mean to sound angry at you, I thank you for pointing me to this thread, but... I'm a bit upset with the KSP team, I mean they could at least give us some kind of ETA I just want to know when I'll be able to download again and I sort of have the Karen-y feeling that I have a right to know given that I have after all bought the game four times. edit: But of course if they do give us Jeb plushies like you mentioned all will be forgiven
  12. After all this time I really hope we do get Jeb plushies
  13. Well early this week was five days ago and now instead of the "We're prepping the launch site" message I just get an error 1020 from CloudFlare...
  14. I have a small question about orbital shipyards How do you determine where the ships that you build with it are going to be spawned? I'm currently about to launch a very big craft in Kerbin Orbit to build future ships from there. I'm unsure where to put the Orbital Shipyard part because I'm afraid that vessels will spawn inside my big space station if I place it wrong...
  15. So the KSP store has been down for a couple of days and I'm stuck with 1.11.0 and now way to download the updates for the game and DLCs. Any ETA on when the store might be back online?
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