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  1. Well if @JadeOfMaar made stock plumes I have no doubt that they're pretty enough to ditch RealPlumes completely so I guess I'll do that for now
  2. That's a bit strange, I have replicated the bug with no trouble at all in a fresh install with only Tundra exploration and dependencies + real plume and real plus stock configs, all installed with CKAN. Steps to reproduce : 1. install both mods with CKAN 2. Take a vessel with the kingfisher engine cluster like the stock Gojira Crew 3. Fly it and take off, then toggle kingfisher's mode to center only, you'll see the plume change its shape but it still appears as if all engines were running I've tried deleting the real plume patches in the TE folder, that gave me just no plume at all, so I've restored them for now.
  3. I have the same problem. What do you mean by reloading the save, going to main menu or just f5+f9 a couple times ? EDIT : reloading the save or the game doesn't seem to do anything Issue already referenced on github. Temporary fix is to visit the observatory before loading the craft with your space telescope.
  4. Here are a few pics of the Gojira starship for you guys to enjoy ! All screenshots are 4k res. You're free to download, use or reupload them as you want Album : @damonvv thanks for making this possible ! Do you have plans to update the textures to shiny stainless steel one day ? Also I still have this bug where the Kingfisher cluster engine still visually appears as if all engines were turning on/off in center-only mode. EDIT : I've tested this in a stock install and everything works fine, the visual bug starts to appear when I install RealPlume. Am I supposed to remove RealPlume configs for this engine then ?
  5. That would be great, some parts make the game a bit too easy currently I have a feeling that the latest update may have broken something on the Kingfisher engine cluster, it's just a visual bug that I'm experiencing, whatever the current mode is all the engines appear as if they were turned on, even on center only mode. You may want to try if it is indeed broken or if it's just my game going a bit nuts... I'll try to replicate it with a fresh game folder
  6. So, I've been trying to write a kOS script to launch and land the full Gidorah system... After many many attempts I got the booster right, landing reliably where I want it. Then I played a bit with the spaceship, flying reentries by hand and then I finally got to writing the spaceship landing script. After many many many attempts, I got it to land right on its pad too. Right, and now after all that tedium, it's time for fun ! Oh, but the booster landing script doesn't work reliably anymore for no reason at all... Great ! Anyways, this mod is great fun, keep it going that way and thanks ! If I may just suggest something, you should maybe make the gidorah appear part a bit further in the tech tree and in different nodes, that would feel more balanced in career mode (but it's no big deal, players can always do a MM config patch on their side)
  7. I have an issue where after some time with the game open and a few save/reloads, sometimes the trajectories GUI window refuses to open Has anyone experienced the same problem ?
  8. lBoBl

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Nice ! Can't wait for it
  9. lBoBl

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    So, I've heard rumors about an upcoming overhaul to the whole MKS collection, is there any truth to it or was I just dreaming ?
  10. Oh my, I think I have accidently found the highest point of Tellumo in the past. It was definitely over 13Km high, and the atmosphere was so thin there that I just thought that there has to be a bunch of fun and very difficult things you can do there.
  11. lBoBl

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    I would suggest that you double check that you don't have any auto-struts or regular struts between the parts you're trying to move. And if you have KJR installed but not the fixed version from this thread it will cause this sort of issues and should be removed. Any news on if this fixed build of KJR is going to be available again sometime ?
  12. So, for now, I don't understand... I haven't been able to replicate it in a stock game so far, but I have found some interresting info. In my modded game, the issue only seems to occur when I have a relatively high number of stages (about 10+) on my rocket. I initially thought that it was caused by a part used in my rocket, tried to remove the usual suspects one by one... Until removing the (FASA) launch clamps made the trick. However, I figured that it wasn't caused by the launch clamps themselves when I tried several other test rockets, with or without launch clamps. It seems to be caused by the fact of having too many stages (my clamps and lauch tower and umbilical fuel conduits were on different stages, so when I removed them all I removed quite a few stages). When I build a stupid rocket with many many probe stages and decouplers, the first couple of stages separate just fine without crashing FMRS, and the bug only occurs when I separate stage 5-6 or so. That being said, it happens with total regularity, on the same exact stage (which is exactly the same as all the previous ones). I'll try to investigate some more when I have some spare time to play KSP, which may not be soon (I'm really busy at work these days and working extra hours :/ ). In the meantime, if you have some clues on what may cause the issue, and some interesting leads to investigate, I'd be glad to try anything you can suggest !
  13. Thanks ! But it may just be a conflict with another mod, I was mostly posting here in case it was already a known bug with a simple solution. I'll try to replicate on a stock game with only FMRS, provide you with a much cleaner log, and if I don't encounter the issue in the stock game I'll try to install my mods one by one to see which one is problematic.
  14. I was trying to use this in 1.4.3, and i get an annoying issue When I decouple my first stage the GUI just goes blank and freezes, and I get this message in the log : Full log is here : I don't know if I've done something wrong or if it's just a problem with 1.4.3.
  15. lBoBl

    [WIP 1.3.1] Kube - spaceship parts

    Well I was desperately looking for some cube shaped modular parts to build ginormous spaceships in orbit with a futuristic kind of look. But I have a pretty good idea of what I'd want, and in a few months when my current work will be finished I'll probably build a mod of my own. And congrats for your new mod, it looks awesome !