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  1. I have the answer. Turns out it was a Mechjeb issue with Ascent Guidance. Even though I wasn't using that feature, the mod still thought it was active, so it was shutting the engines down to prevent an overheat.
  2. I appreciate the above reply. What do you make of this issue in the video. I just created it, and it's short. Hopefully to the point. What do I need to examine (logs files?) to understand what is happening here.
  3. Hi, I recently installed Realism Overhaul and all its recommended mods, and I wanted to launch and learn about Skylab (this is how I discovered your mod). Unfortunately, it has been one disaster after the next, apart from the real life disasters of actual Skylab. I put together the below video to better demonstrate the problems. Essentially, the big problem is I can't dock the way the game understands it (creating one craft file from the two) There are also some weird texture and lighting problems on the station, which I don't think are related but just wanted to point out. The docking and cre
  4. This is the mod I've been looking for. It was suggested by RO, and I'm surprised I didn't discover it sooner. The only confusion / question I have is why the rockets' tanks can't use Real Fuels. Also, there are some weird issues I'm having with extra parts (fuel tanks) being attached to the rockets upon loading in the VAB. Would you like a video showing these problems, and what addons I'm using? Again, I installed this in conjunction with Realism Overhaul. Thank you for SpaceX!
  5. Hi, I am loving this mod so much. This is exactly what I've needed since Kerbin lost its appeal (unrealistic). However, I'm stuck on one issue regarding "missing parts" for more than a dozen different files in the VAB. Based on their name, I thought they were part of Kerbal-Konstructs, so I reinstalled it. Unfortunately, that didn't work. they are still missing, so I don't know what to do. Could it be from using 1.2.2 with some sneaky mods updating to 1.3? I've tried linking screenshots via tinypic but it doesn't seem to be cooperating. There are about a dozen different crafts, named
  6. Hi, just want to say how much I enjoy using your models for the SLS. I always prefer realism over the Kerbal stuff (been playing way too long). One problem though - I can't seem to get your rockets to use real fuels. I'm using realism overhaul and all related mods. I very much would love to see these rockets have their realistic dry / wet fuel weights as well as their respective burn times for Earth. I hope that can be done too! Thank you so much for the NASA awesomeness.
  7. I'm having the same issue at the launchpad, but I am also using Real Fuels and SMURF in addition to the recommended mods. Would those mods be the reason why my TWR at liftoff is not correct? Ironic, if I assume that my mods are giving it the realistic weight.
  8. I made a video, and I hope it helps clarify the issue. Additionally, I didn't have time to fully test it again to recreate the issue, but I was running into problems using the SpaceY trunk when it was placed under command pods (seen on the top of the rocket in this video). When I have the time, I will make another video if it happens again. I love this mod because it's the closet thing to SpaceX Falcon 9 love.
  9. Ahh, I forgot to mention I did try that. The part works at 7.5m, but as soon as I scale it down to 3.75m (same issue with 5m), it sticks, regardless of using clamps and elevation from the launch pad. Thank you Edit: As cool as these parts are, I have no modding experience and even wonder if I had permission (assuming I figure out how) to re-adjust the values of these parts to be more in-line with their real life equivalents. For instance, the Ratite engines could use a big thrust boost when scaled to 1.25m. They work well enough alone in a symmetrical pattern on the end of a fuel t
  10. I've been having an ongoing long-term issue with one part, the BFR9 "Omega Ratite." Basically, it's sticking to the launch pad area. I went through this thread and feel a little surprised I didn't find any similar issues--I must be the only one? I've tested the other parts, and they seem fine. For instance, to compensate, I will use one of your 3.75m interstage thrust plates and add the Ratite engines separately with better results (and no sticking). Unfortunately, there isn't one available with a 3.75m diameter for 9 Ratites. Would you have any recommendations for a closer approximation to th
  11. In the picture, what is that central glare / reflection being caused by in terms of mods? (obviously it is the sun) I've seen this issue mentioned in other places, without enough information to understand what's causing it. I also have this issue (and it drives me crazy). Game engine limitation with the mods? Any possible workaround? Link to the issue? Thank you for the help. Hopefully not an issue of Scatterer, afaik...
  12. Just to reiterate what my solution was, for the sake of word searches via Google or Bing, to fix the memory leak issue with the latest version of Scatterer while using RSSVE, go back to the previous version of Scatterer, .0256. I don't know how to post a log when I don't have enough time to enable logging before my system locks up. Anyone suggest a way if it would be helpful for diagnostic purposes?
  13. https://spacedock.info/mod/141/scatterer - Version history, it is the previous one (.0256)
  14. i7-6850K, 32GB RAM, NVIDIA 1080 overclocked. With RSSVE and the latest version of Scatterer, I don't last more than 15 seconds due to the memory leak, so I'm confirming what is probably well known. I'll try to get a log posted if that helps. I also can't seem to find the last release either, version 0.2553? Or maybe I just don't know how to look in Github... Anyone have a source? Thank you Found it: https://spacedock.info/mod/141/scatterer
  15. A newb question first, and then a follow up as I continued to experiment and investigate the rotation matter. First, where can I upload my craft file? And then, to update this query, I discovered I attached my wheels incorrectly in radial positions because mirror was not working right. I knew the wheels were going to spin against each other, so I reversed the opposing side, etc. Interestingly, that still didn't work out, so I attached the wheels individually, and reversed the motor control on one of the front wheels, which suddenly made the thing work really well. Except it still tips over for
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