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  1. I don't know if this is in development at the moment, but i would love to see fairing based get a remodel. I think they are a bit fat, and those grey stripes aren't very easy on the eyes.
  2. The new command pod looks like Ven's. Also, PLEASE fix the Mk1 command pods top so that it actually fits the parachute service module, mk1 nose cone, etc.
  3. Spoilers ahead, don't read unless you want the mission spoiled, or you've played it.
  4. Man, all i want is some smaller parts for satellites. Like a cube sat core, and some smaller RCS, engines, reaction wheels, solar panels. I think this would improve the game overall. I'm always wishing I had smaller parts while building my craft. But the new models/textures look SICK.
  5. Just a quick question. Can I use Ven's Stock Revamp, and Tundra Explorations?
  6. Hey guys. I've been having some trouble with Unity lately. (I'm using Beale's beginner modelling tutorial) Whenever I drag the model and collider OBJs with its textures into Unity, the materials folder does not appear. I don't know if there is a work around it (AKA Beale's way isn't the only way.) But if anyone has a clue as to why it's not working, that would be great.
  8. I found a less accurate but simpler equation: hg = 2v/2. I think it's a bit more at-my-level. xD
  9. This is a bit of a technical question, so there might not be a simple answer. (Or an answer that KSP players know) Does anyone know how to calculate your end apoapsis based on your total DV. For example, if I had 500m/s of DV, and I burnt straight up. How high would my apoapsis be (Ignoring air resistance.) I'm sure there's some equation for this, (Based on DV, gravity, and the Oberth effect) but I'd rather not have to figure it out if someone else knows it, or if there's a simpler answer.
  10. I think i was thinking of another problem with doing that. I'm pretty sure i added canards to an aircraft and offset them to gain enough lift. The only problem was the aircraft (in time warp) would start rolling to the left. For some reason the SAS could not adjust for it. But it only happened in time warp, so it's not really an issue. I guess I've just had bad experiences with it, so i unconsciously never choose it.
  11. I do that sometimes, if the CoM and CoL are off by to much. But i try to find other options before resorting to it, because it can make your craft less aerodynamic.
  12. Thanks for your help, it worked. I don't know which direction the CoM would go, but i didn't test it for more than a minute or so. So I wouldn't know.
  13. I'm having trouble building a jet. for some reason it flips when I apply the elevator. The center of mass and lift are in the same place, and the elevons controlling pitch are set to almost zero(engine gimble is also off). The reason I know it's not the elevator intensity is because when I hold the elevator it starts to turn very slowly, but then speeds up until it ends up flipping, and subsequently stalling. I have built lots of aircraft, and i have had this problem a few times. I have a hunch it has to do with mass, and the wing's surface area. Although i can't be sure. If anyone could help, who's a bit more skilled at aircraft design, that would be great.
  14. I was looking for a fix to this problem for so long, can believe i didn't just look to see if there was a patch "Corrected an error where high speed missiles would sometimes not detonate in the correct location."