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  1. I can just imagine Dr. Angelo looking like the flash running around the Excursion and refitting it. "Remind you, Dr. Angelo and his crew have done this entire refit in a short span"
  2. I'll admit I've not been reading this for a long time So I've decided i'm going to catchup this summer. And continue reading! Can't wait because I remember how good it is.
  3. I actually use the python idle that comes with the python download, however for advice on your current editor search on the website it came from and yes you can run commands one by one strait from the terminal, also using modules such as tkinter (tried a bit myself) you could code it to do functions when a button on a window is pressed or when a key is pressed. For tkinter I would refer you to the youtuber sentdex, he did quite a good tutorial on tkinter. But yes you should be able to type it one at a time on terminal. And if you save it as .py it will run when you double click.
  4. This thing looks amazing. However I have got a problem. I think it may be with the computer but this is just to check. I am using the python module. I installed using pip. I tried the connection script but it returned an error; I am using windows 8.1 and Norton for antivirus. "the target machine actively refused it" by this I am not sure if it was windows, Norton or ksp. Ksp was open with a vessel on the launch pad.
  5. That would be a great idea for a book: Bob Grills the fearless explorer. The Kerbal who explores explores the artic, The Kerbal who explores the desert, The Kerbal who explores space. Chapter one. Bob Grills and his crew came upon Duna as he suddenly realised there out of food. What does he do? He eats the things he doesn't need to land on Duna such as parachutes heat shields and landing legs. That would be an interesting story. However I can't wait for the next chapter from Kerny. And @Angel-125 neither can I decide how Orion Kerman would get to Jeb because Orion was in
  6. I love that idea! If I did it I would launch into a suborbital trajectory and crash land right on top! How would Angelo do it?
  7. I can't wait for the next one, I wonder how you will deal with Jeb, if everything goes wrong just hop over to be armoury tab just put a a few hellfires on. Just like i deal with debris. Or you could be peaceful. Or perhaps the aliens have captured him. I hope it's peaceful I want Jeb alive also how would you arrive without Jeb suspecting that it is a trick because if it is a plane with a pilot jeb might suspect something. Can bob fly?
  8. This is getting a little off topic but i deleted it then installed it however don't reply I will reinstall now.
  9. I just loaded KSP and it says (Windows Player X 64) I must of messed up the download but all the other mods are working And the log file does say 1.2.1 but the readme txt says 1.3.0
  10. I am running 1.3 I just updated KSP to 1.3 today. But I will double check
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