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  1. There is a mod for this, you know. Not mine! https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/eterno-rest-2000-space-coffin-continued On other news, I finally got some time to start a new career game in 1.8.1 after like 6 months of hiatus. So far I have nothing special to report, but got to space on second flight and might have got orbital, if I did not stage those glorious new boosters to early.
  2. Now I got you. There is no support for rotation in the internal module. Instead you can actually rotate the model of the IVA using this code (This just costed me half of my KSP time today): @INTERNAL[KV3_IVA] { @MODEL { %translation = 0 , 0 , 0 %rotation = 90 , 0 , 0 } } Fine tuning of the values is up to you. I suggest to use an otherwise unmodded KSP, not as what I did...
  3. It is actually possible to do this, if you are not opting for the realistic reason CatastrophicFailure. I did only translation with this code (I stole vom SXT was totally my Invention) , but it should also work for rotation. At least you can play around with this @PART[the name of the part] { @INTERNAL { %offset = 0 , 0 , 0 %rotation = 0 , 90 , 0 } }
  4. With the Races mod, some clutter from Kerbal Konstructs and visual effects from EVE and SVE, this should be possible to replicate in KSP. Perhaps even the driving physics may be better... As what I did today: I tried the KS3P to create some new wallpapers for my PC. I am even considering getting a print of them for my real walls. That's my Duna cruiser. It is a tad bit overengineered and assembled in orbit. The next version could use a little mass reduction, 'cause burns take some time.
  5. Well, tried to stress my computer with that THING. Unfortunatly did not get it to launch. What I did get was pretty amazing fireworks. What is it you are doing to prevent that rocket from RUD on the pad? Other than trying this rocket I did nothing in KSP, but imagined lots of nice designs that I would do, if I had time.
  6. I just started to play with this mod again and first time in career mode. Recently lost a probe over Minimus, hence i have some questions. Is it on purpose, that only the KSC is working as Kerbal Deep Space Network Point? Am I supposed to find the other CommNet Stations by flying over Kerbin and then activate them? Is there a way, I can get past this tedious task? Which points in the settings do I have to tick? Otherwise this mod is great, thanks Ger_Space for maintaining this mod!
  7. Most of the time, when I had issues during loading, there was some MM-patch file, which was root of the problem. I delete most MM-files, I do not use with my set of mods. As for what I did today and yesterday: I updated my set of mods myself after some weeks of no KSP for me.
  8. This is like one of the best stockish F-15 I have seen so far. I really like how the wings blend into the fuselage body. Altough I think the rudders a little bit to high. What mods did you use? The cockpit I am pretty sure is from Airplane Plus. But what else?
  9. Sure More Pictures of Saab Viggen More Pictures of Saab Draken
  10. Something exotic Saab 37 Viggen Or the iconic Saab 35 Draken
  11. Woah, would really like to have a closer look at some of these. Especially the Drake, which is my favourite fighter jet of all times. Would you mind uploading them, or at least the Draken, somewhere?
  12. Last time I tried the door would have stopped my rocket quite rapidly, if I could have launched one in the first place. It seems it needs a node to launch from, which should be a quick patch in Unity. Regarding textures I think they are a little simple indeed, but I have no idea yet how to enhance them. And thanks for helping offer, I might come back to it.
  13. Well, it won't be too hard to make it an actual part you can get to anywhere. I was more thinking of it as a nice static sitting on some ncie places on Kerbin. Making it a whole planetary base mod is not in my mind (yet). First I want to more or less finish this house, than I had a submarine based launchpad in mind, or perhaps reviving this. But first of all I will need a new mouse because mine has a broken wheel and middle mouse button, which both seems quite essential for 3D modelling.
  14. Without beeing an annoying smart-ass, I want to state that the soviets actually had two moon landing programs. The more well known N1-Soyuz based program by Sergei Korolev, which you are referring to. And the other less well known LK 700 - UR-700 (really big Proton) based program by Korolev's rival Chelomei. The later never flew, nor was there any actual hardware build for that. It was planned as a direct ascent mission without any orbital docking. You can read more on it on this blog. I was planning to do that one on my newly started carrer. I already did a munar flyby with a later Chelomei's mission alike "7K-L1 Zond", which was a stripped down Soyuz launched atop a Proton.
  15. Hi there, I am quite new to the community, but not all that new to the game (I started with 23.5). But this is about Add-on Development, so without further ado... To start from the beginning, I am playing with Kerbal Konstructs since the 64-bit version of KSP allows me to play with literally any mod i like. Having new launch sites and so on is quite cool, but i was also missing some other buildings on Kerbin. I know ther is the Kerbal City project and some other like this, but here the design of the buildings is not Kerbal enough in my opinion. So one day, looking something up in Google I stumbled upon this... and I knew exactly, that I want it in KSP. I am planning to recreate this very cool house for Kerbal Konstructs as my first ever mod for KSP (besides tinkering with cfg files and sometimes with textures) I thought it my knowledge in CAD modelling might be helpful, but it seems to make it even more complicated. So here is a first look into my progress. I am not quite satisfied with it yet, but glad to have something anyway. So what do you think, is this something somebody out there wants? A nice Home for Jeb, Bill, Bob or Valentina without any further function. If you want more pictures of this fantastic Kerbal house standing in Australia, look here. This architect did some other cool buildings as well.
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