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  1. PiezPiedPy

    [1.5.*] MemGraph Updated with Stutter Reduction

    Basically yes. A Profiler for an entire dll would be good but I don't know off the top of my head how it would be implemented.
  2. PiezPiedPy

    [1.5.*] MemGraph Updated with Stutter Reduction

    Excerpt from CONTRIBUTING.md in the GitHub repo's In your code, wrap the code you want to profile in pairs of MyameSpace.Profiler.Start("MyLabel") and MyameSpace.Profiler.Stop("MyLabel"). In-game, start it by pressing Ctrl-P. It shows each code entry belonging to one label as one line. The columns show: NAME: The Label for the code being profiled. LAST: Code runtime for a call in the last executed frame. AVG: Code runtime averaged over all the calls since start or reset. CALLS: Number of calls in the last executed frame. AVG: Number of calls divided by the number of frames since start or reset. You can reset these counters with the Reset button. You can enable/disable the display of any calls not called in the last frame with the Show zero calls button.
  3. PiezPiedPy

    [1.5.*] MemGraph Updated with Stutter Reduction

    @linuxgurugamerA compliment to this great mod for coders is to use the Profiler that is in the Kerbalism and Trajectories GitHub sources. See the Profiler.cs file
  4. What Trajectories and KSP versions are you using ?
  5. New release is up! Version 2.2.2 for all versions of KSP from v1.3.1 to v1.6.x Download from GitHub or Spacedock Full Changelog: For those not aware, the latest version of MM that works with your version of KSP is recommended. np, needed doing
  6. Did you mean: New release is up! Version 2.1.2 for literally every KSP version since 1.3 now supports MM 4.0.2 Download from GitHub or Spacedock
  7. @Xordus You will get a faster response on the Discord server, especially anything regarding the code side of Kerbalism, see below @garoand_ran There is an error in a file that ckan uses to do its thing and has caused a few issues, you can install manually from GitHub, Spacedock or get a dev build with a few extra bug fixes from the server linked in the discord faq channel Discord Invite
  8. @Abrecan what @JebIsDeadBaby said is correct, you will find the files that contain the references in the GameData/Kerbalism/Localization folder. To anyone using VSR and having problems I'm just letting you know that a bug was found and fixed lately that may (and that's a slight may) have also been causing your VSR problems.
  9. I have something for the next release that should if it works ok, allow for a single Trajectories release to work on all versions of KSP. Same thing that is done with the latest releases of Kerbalism
  10. @Waseemq1235 You need this dev build of kOS https://www.dropbox.com/s/ykvqsqlgc8714h3/kOS_develop.zip?dl=0
  11. I've stated multiple times in this thread that Trajectories is compatible with 1.5
  12. PiezPiedPy

    [1.6.x+] Contract Configurator [v1.27.1] [2018-12-28]

    I take it @nightingale has gone awol
  13. @jlcarneiro Yep, Spacedock and GitHub have the latest releases.