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  1. New release is up! Version 2.3.0 for all versions of KSP from 1.3.1 to 1.8.1 Download from GitHub or Spacedock Full Changelog:
  2. Use the link to the Discord Server on the OP then when in the server click the #info-and-faq channel
  3. Currently the colour is set in the code, so no unless you make a private build.
  4. @Kami_K220 Thanks, that info should help me find the bug That's a test build, you will be better off using the dev build, you will find the link to the server in the discord info and faq channel
  5. @scottadges No idea what's causing that, could you post an issue on GitHub with a log so I don't forget.
  6. Adjustable Mod Panel wont work with Trajectories or Kerbalism due to the way we use a bootloader to load the correct bin file for the specific version of KSP being used, basically we don't have a single dll which AMP can unload or load.Maybe speak to the devs of AMP and see if they can make a workaround for their mod.
  7. @Kami_K220 I've found a bug that might be causing your issue, although I could not replicate the problem you are having it was similar (Pressure control was using O2 and making N2 ??? which aint right ) I'll get onto fixing it @SilverState Probably easier to ask about modding support on the Discord server.
  8. With the amount of mods you have it could be any one of them causing the issue. Your savegame file indicates you have multiple versions of MM installed, Kerbalism requires MM 4.0.2 and only the latest dll should be installed. I Also suggest you clean your caches by running this file in your KSP root directory https://www.dropbox.com/s/5d03tswtfbhtoeh/CleanMM.zip?dl=0 And delete the Kerbalism directory and reinstall.
  9. No, just lazy on my part most process rates have been calculated using 100% efficiency, Only Life Support has had losses calculated into their processes.
  10. That's caused by a bug from a previous version that has manifested itself into saves via vessels built in the VAB at the time the bugged version was being used. Have you tried building a new ship in the VAB with the latest version ?. Note that any vessels saved in the VAB while the bugged version was installed will probably still be bugged when loaded back into the VAB with the latest version. One way to fix a bugged saved VAB vessel is to load in your vessel into the VAB and replace any offending parts, as for those in flight the only way is with a savegame editor. Kerbalisms units have a volume of 1 Litre, masses are dependent on individual resource densities from CRP. Kerbalism is highly configurable via the .cfg files, you could edit the support .cfg for RealFuels or completely rewrite the .cfg's, its up to you. There is basic information in the documentation, see the OP for the link.
  11. @kerbalspeed Does the panel do the same in the VAB/SPH ?
  12. For anyone using that dev build I posted on Discord then beware, as it was built for only a quick test by a couple of the discord users so I had some results to verify I was heading in the right direction regarding the VAB/SPH stuttering bug. I suggest NOT to use it
  13. Basically yes. A Profiler for an entire dll would be good but I don't know off the top of my head how it would be implemented.
  14. Excerpt from CONTRIBUTING.md in the GitHub repo's In your code, wrap the code you want to profile in pairs of MyameSpace.Profiler.Start("MyLabel") and MyameSpace.Profiler.Stop("MyLabel"). In-game, start it by pressing Ctrl-P. It shows each code entry belonging to one label as one line. The columns show: NAME: The Label for the code being profiled. LAST: Code runtime for a call in the last executed frame. AVG: Code runtime averaged over all the calls since start or reset. CALLS: Number of calls in the last executed frame. AVG: Number of calls divided by the number of frames since start or reset. You can reset these counters with the Reset button. You can enable/disable the display of any calls not called in the last frame with the Show zero calls button.