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  1. Oops. Apparently so. I never even tried the snap option since "force roll" from mechjeb's smart A.S.S. gave me all the precision I need for docking in orbit. But it obviously doesn't replace it for ground operations. I'll try and test it some more later.
  2. Hey, @RoverDude! Firstly a big whole-hearted thank you for all your hard work and secondly I'd like to ask why exactly construction ports don't mate with their regular counterparts? There doesn't seem to be a good game-balance reason for them not too, not to mention (and I'm surprised more people aren't complaining about it) it is very confusing since they look FREAKING IDENTICAL. I almost ruined a couple perfectly good (and rather expensive) missions because I didn't realize at the time that regular and construction docking ports won't interlock. Also, space stations. Let's say I want to add new module to my space station at some point in the future thus I leave a construction port at the end. But in the meantime I can't use it to dock anything. And no, switching all my vessels to construction ports doesn't exactly solve the problem since I still can't dock anything that has shielded/inline/mk2 clamp-o-tron. Frustrated I decided to look at the part.cfg's of regular and construction docking ports. I decided to try simply copy-pasting "ModuleDockingNode" part from regular port to construction one like so: Without much hope I launched my game. To my surprise not only did my game not crash, but IT ACTUALLY FREAKING WORKED! Everything that should dock docks. Everything that should weld welds. Everything that shouldn't - doesn't. No crashes, no error messages. Turns out you can add as many "ModuleDockingNode" blocks as you like to a single part without causing any apparent problems (so I immediately abused this fact to turn "3.75m docking adapter ring" from KW Rocketry into an actual adapter ring as opposed to absurdly heavy size2 docking port. Good times.) Anyway... With all that in mind, my question is: unless I'm missing some important detail, can this pretty please be added to the next release? Thanks.