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  1. Oops. Apparently so. I never even tried the snap option since "force roll" from mechjeb's smart A.S.S. gave me all the precision I need for docking in orbit. But it obviously doesn't replace it for ground operations. I'll try and test it some more later.
  2. Hey, @RoverDude! Firstly a big whole-hearted thank you for all your hard work and secondly I'd like to ask why exactly construction ports don't mate with their regular counterparts? There doesn't seem to be a good game-balance reason for them not too, not to mention (and I'm surprised more people aren't complaining about it) it is very confusing since they look FREAKING IDENTICAL. I almost ruined a couple perfectly good (and rather expensive) missions because I didn't realize at the time that regular and construction docking ports won't interlock. Also, space stations. Let's say
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