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  1. I had the same issue, tho a excellent mod in it's own right but it did cause a performance issues with my rig. I kept all the files that come in the E.T.O. ZIP and just replaced the E.T.O. folder with the RSSVE and still have a decent looking game.
  2. I use Real Fuels mod, useful to change the load-out of a tank. I find Lack Luster Labs useful for storing food, oxygen etc.. I'm still on KSP 1.2.2 Kerbalism 1.2.8 I deleted the Real Fuel support cfg file in Kerbalism, it made me use Hydrazine for EVA, so I deleted the cfg file and can use Monopropellant on EVA. My Mod List:
  3. That's great, thanks.
  4. Does this work? I'm going to try SSRSS & Kerbalism. The RSS is time consuming.
  5. When you right click on a module in the VAB does it not show the resources & shielding level?
  6. Useful, I did not know this, thanks.
  7. Enjoying this space adventure, keep it up. Just tipped my toes into Kerbalism in RSS so I hope to learn from this thread.
  8. Ha, just had closer look of your screenie (on my phone), relay only kicks in when you can't get a direct connection to your home planet. Say you have two satellites around Mun and one can't connect to Kerbin directly so it will use the second satellite's relay attena.
  9. Did you right click on the low-gain attena (Communotron 16) and what options were you given?
  10. How/where do I install this?
  11. Impressive looking!
  12. Awesome, you saved me a lot of time.
  13. Delete the coulds.cfg file, I guess that should do it.
  14. I installed the mod, but the clouds don't appear.