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  1. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    When you click on a vessel in the kerbalism monitor, click on the cfg tab. Once you click on that you'll see a list of notification tabs (like signal, batteries etc..) with a 'green tick' on the right column, click on the one you don't want to get alerts for.
  2. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    The next time you reply here click on the 'Notify me of replies' tab, bottom left.
  3. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Thanks for the help though! Should be able to gather science around KSC, as far as I can remember. And another thing, you won't get to gather science above biome 'X' or high over biome'X'. Just high over Earth, low over Earth etc etc...
  4. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    You'd don't get total science points instantly, depending on the size of the data the science points go up gradually.
  5. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9 I created a cfg file for ya.Drop into the Kerbalism folder (use Module Manager 2.8.1). Kerbalism 1.3.1 cfg file
  6. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Thanks, good to know.
  7. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Thanks @lordcirth
  8. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    @lordcirth does the patch work? And if so where is it placed in the Game Data folder?
  9. This was the only solution I found (below), but my imaging program doesn't recognize the file format
  10. [KSP 1.3.1] OPM_Galileo [1.2.5] [14 Feb 2018]

    Installed the OPM with @Poodmund OPM-Visual Overhaul I'm getting no clouds, is this a known bug? Edit: I fixed it.
  11. Thank you for your advice and your time. That sorted out the KSC glitch, any advice on the Titan problem? I'm in no hurry, busy working like everyone else.
  12. Thanks @OhioBob so I did it correct first time, I am however having that problem with Titian been black and KSC is shaded. Output Log Modlist KSP: 1.3.1 (Win64) - Unity: 5.4.0p4 - OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit DistantObjectEnhancement - 1.9.1 Kopernicus - Kronometer - KSP-AVC Plugin - ModularFlightIntegrator - 1.2.4 PlanetShine - RealSolarSystem - 12.0 Sigma Dimensions-v0.9.6 SSRSS - Sigma LoadingScreens Titan??
  13. I'm not sure what files are the configs. There are DLL files in the Plugin folder and the button PNG file & Bundle file.
  14. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Around the 240km mark. EDIT: I'm playing in RSS.
  15. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    So I had my first solar storm to hit Earth. I have a space station orbiting Earth and once the warning came I moved the crew into a shelter. After the storm had passed I've noticed the crew have 1% Stress & 1% Radiation. Is this normal?