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  1. Does anyone know which version of Environmental Visual Enhancements works with Parallax and stock KSP 1.11?
  2. WOW! Just had a look at the latest release, you guys have done A LOT of work. Thanks @Sir Mortimer & @N70
  3. It's been a while since I played, so let me get the follow straight. The following mods no longer play nice with Kerbalism. Near Future Electrical (is it just the Electrical or ALL the NF stuff?) Remote Tech. Deep Freeze. Raster Prop Monitor (which I use for the IVA mods like Aset IVA).
  4. Gosh I wouldn't know where to start, I play KSP about an hour a week if I'm lucky. Never used the EL mod, just catching up with this thread lol. While I have your attention, are the Near Future mods no longer compatible with Kerbalism or is it still the one with Cryogenic Engines? Edit: oh the the Kerbal Atomic mod?
  5. Is EL working with Kerbalism now in 1.6.1? Out of interest.
  6. I've been mucking about with @bcink Deep Space Surface Habitat Unit Pack and using @MacLuky CFG file (in a Sandbox save), experimented with it and built a base on Ceti (GPP). I'm still playing a 1.4.3. install. The Ammonia only lasted just over a year, weird Kerbalism says it is perpetual. After 1Y & 175 Days (and two solar storms) the crew have suffered 21% radiation, more experimentation needed.
  7. Why not use the RRS rates for consumption? Rule { name = eating input = Food output = Waste rate = 3.145 // 1.77 Kg per-day interval = 43200.0 // 2 meals per-day degeneration = 0.0083325 // 30 meals, 15 days warning_message = $ON_VESSEL$KERBAL is hungry danger_message = $ON_VESSEL$KERBAL is starving fatal_message = $ON_VESSEL$KERBAL starved to death relax_message = $ON_VESSEL$KERBAL is enjoying some snacks right now } Rule { name = drinking input = Water output = WasteWater rate = 0.605
  8. You sir are top of the Christmas shopping list. Is the latest update compatible with KSP 1.4.3?
  9. Jeez, that's a good question and above my technical skill.
  10. Does anyone if KERBALISM work with Capsule Corp. Exploration ( Moon Village ) ?
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