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  1. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Thunder Aerospace, Remote tech and SETIgreenhouse would conflict with Kerbalism, try removing them.
  2. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Playing Kerbalism 1.28 in KSP 1.22 with RSS and 'unmanned before manned' tech tree installed a few months now, finally got a space station up and running, a plant growing facility will be the next step. There's enough food for 96 days, oxygen for 200 days, water for 200 days.
  3. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    Try here:
  4. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    I had no idea, useful, thanks.
  5. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    1) Standard quality parts have a low life span (details in part info panel). When a part is attached, right click to opt for 'high quality', this makes the part more expensive but it will last longer. 2) I'm playing with unmanned before manned, so I guess so. 3)As far as I know it doesn't work straight out of the box but you can change the signal to false in the cfg file, details a few pages back. I don't use it so can't say for certain how to go about getting it working.
  6. The orbit is 112km, well it is for me.
  7. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    True, I guess trial and error is called for. Lets us know your findings please.
  8. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    I'm speaking from experience and I've seen it mentioned in this thread before. Perhaps it does work now, but in the Kerbalism support folder within the Kerbalism folder there is no support cfg file, so I'm basing my assumption on that. Best bet is to have a look at the support folder in Kerbalism and see which are supported and deduce which aren't from that.
  9. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    RemoteTech isn't compatible.
  10. Do I need to post more info to my post above?
  11. I came across this mod after getting fatigued using RSS, don't get me wrong it's great just time consuming as I work many hours a week. In anyway, I installed the latest mods etc.. but I'm getting the problems that everyone seems to have fixed. I'm no stranger to installing mods and never have any difficulty, but a first time for everything I guess. Using up-to-date mods(except planetshine) KSP: 1.3 (Win64) - Unity: 5.4.0p4 - OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit DistantObjectEnhancement - 1.9.1 <b><color=#CA7B3C>Kopernicus</color></b> - <b><color=#FF80FF>Kronometer</color></b> - KSP-AVC Plugin - ModularFlightIntegrator - 1.2.4 PlanetShine - RealSolarSystem - 12.0 <b><color=#7080FF>Sigma Dimensions</color></b> - 0.9.3 SSRSS - 0.0.3 Picture of Mod Folder Saturn's rings?? Enceladus has the wrong coloring. Titan is black Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Can't wait till this is updated
  13. The apartments are great for the extra living room in Kerbalism.
  14. Is this and Karbonite compatible with RSS?
  15. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    You shouldn't, I'm playing in RSS and had a probe fly-by Mars and had no trouble sending data. What type of antennas have you got on the probes?