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Found 2 results

  1. Convert a NEW stock career-mode into the NASA Space Program! Version overhaul update for KSP 1.3 DOWNLOAD HERE Original Content is released under Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 This mod uses the some dependent parts packs along with custom content to transform your stock career mode into the NASA space program. Some stock parts which don't "fit" well with the nasa-theme are removed (the stayputnik, for example) and almost all of the dependent mod parts are renamed, re-arranged on the tech tree, or modified in some other way. Rockets tanks are grouped by name for easy reference. VAB ships are also included for the major crew pods. Adds custom flags. Also, a placeholder IVA is added to crewed parts which currently lack one (the "hitchhiker storage" IVA is used as the placeholder). Boosters and Capsules are named using original, but related, names to their nasa counterparts. Requires: Additional Progression Contracts ModuleManager TRAILS Plus Contract Configurator Optional: Kerbal Planetary base System This mod uses a modulemanager patch to handle parts - it doesn't delete or modify any of your existing files. Incompatible: Any mods that contain extra parts. Sorry. Credits : This mod contains, with permission, parts developed (forked or were abandoned) by Beale, Ledenko, CobaltWolf, and SnowWhite, all under Creative Commons. A few were unfinished beta parts which I completed myself. Also includes some icons from Community Tech Tree This mod uses modulemanager patches to handle parts - it doesn't automatically delete or modify any of your existing files. What you get: A bunch of new parts, which combined with the dependency parts allow you to construct NASA vehicles and launchers including Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Orion, CST-100, STS, Explorer1, Ranger, Redstone, Atlas, Titan II, Titan III, Saturn I, Saturn V, Ares I, SLS A generous amount of new contracts, based around specific program missions. Completely new tech tree, redesigned from scratch. Pruning parts out of the dependent mods that don't "fit" with the overall theme of the NASA space program. Heavy editing of parts in the dependent mods to fit in the modified progression tree, and for balance purposes. Craft files for most major systems, including subassembly parts for boosters. Installation Instructions: Unzip the contents of "gamedata" into your "gamedata" like most other mods. If you wish, copy the craft files from the ships and subassemblies folders into your save. Gameplay Tips: Turn on advanced tweakables, and use autostrut for some of the larger boosters! The Saturn/Sarnus boosters in particular will wobble like wet spaghetti without this! Try not to "get ahead" of the objectives you get contracts for. (Wait to do an orbital EVA until you get the contract for it in the Castores program) Not required, but it makes the game more interesting. Known Issues: A few of the included booster .craft are slightly overpowered, which is almost unavoidable in a KSP mod of this sort.
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